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SEIFERT Flow Rate Monitor
Water Turbine Flow Rate Monitor
The fail-safe water turbine flow rate
monitor is used to monitor the cooling
water flow when operating an ISOVOLT
X-ray tube with coolant from the tap water
The flow rate monitor is factory set and
ready for installation.
Technical Data
Supply voltage
Switched voltage
Water flow rate
disconnect at
reconnect at
230 V +/- 10%
230 V , 125 VA
4 l / min
approx. 4.5 l / min
Delivery Scope
Water turbine flow rate monitor
consisting of:
- flow rate monitor RRI 10, incl.
- plug-on electronics ESK 1
- hose nozzles
at the in- and output side
- 5 m cable, completely mounted
with M16 plug, mounting
brackets, screws and dowels
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