product information
product information
02. 2013
Head Box DS
Technical data
D/A converter & headphone amplifier
Line-level input/output
1 pair RCA/phono sockets each
Burr Brown 1792
24Bit/192kHz Delta Sigma-D/A-Wandler
Supported audio format
PCM (LPCM). No support for multi channel formats like
Dolby® AC-3 or DTSTM
Audiophile grade headphone amp & 24bit D/A conversion
3 digital inputs: Asynchronous USB 2.0, S/PDIF, Toslink
Special USB-2.0 driver für 24/192 (24/96 with USB1.1)
Ultra low-noise semiconductors from Burr-Brown
Optical input
44,1kHz, 48kHz, 88,2kHz 96kHz
SMD technology for short signal paths
Power output
350mW/30 ohms, 60mW/300 ohms
Headphone connection
> 30 ohms
Analogue output (RCA) for use as D/A converter
112dB (A weighted) at full output
Analogue input (RCA)
Frequency response
20Hz - 20kHz/-0,5dB
Headphone socket (6,3mm jack plug)
Outboard power supply included
Metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and
electromagnetic interference
Faceplate silver or black
Sampling rates
USB 2.0 (MiniB) input
44,1kHz, 48kHz, 88,2kHz, 96kHz, 176,4kHz 192kHz
Coaxial input
44,1kHz, 48kHz, 88,2kHz, 96kHz, 176,4kHz 192kHz
Headphone jack
3-pole 1/4 ‘‘ (6,3mm Ø)
Outboard power supply
18V/1.000mA DC suitable for your country's mains supply
Power consumption
500mA DC / < 1 watt standby
Dimensions W x H x D
103 x 72 x 144 (150) mm (D with sockets)
990g without power supply
Superior D/A conversion & outstanding headphone sound for digital and analogue sources combined in one box!
Similar to Phono-Box DS, Head-Box DS is a completely new construction, not compromising in sound quality. Using High-End components from BurrBrown, including second best DAC chip on the market „1792“ and SMD assembly, we are able to guarantee astonishing high-fidelity. Internal D/A
conversion offers additional RCA line output that can be used with any hifi-system as cost-effective sound upgrade for existing digital sound sources.
Playback for any headphone offers realistic sound-staging on all volume levels for 3 digital and 1 analogue sound source. Head Box DS also provides
a high-quality front display, that gives full information on current status. Luxury aluminium faceplate is available in silver or black finish.
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Digitale Inputs
RCA Stereo (I/O)
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Date 20.02.2013
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