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Industrial Communication REDEFINED
Customer Requirements
INTRON-D plus – Networked
Today‘s market for industrial communication and emergency
warning systems demands flexible solutions. The system design
must allow for ease of integration and adaptability into existing
infrastructures and system environments.
In addition, the system must support common interfaces and
network technologies whilst meeting the most stringent of
regulatory standards.
The INTRON-D plus can be effectively integrated into many
common network environments allowing for data and speech
communication to be transmitted via standard Ethernet and IP
technology. The system’s flexible design and understanding of
various network architectures allows for the interconnection of up
to 250 distributed INTRON-D plus systems.
Public address &
general alarm
With the INTRON-D plus, INDUSTRONIC has taken the renowned
INTRON-D system to the next level by using state-of-the-art
technology to meet current and future requirements.
The new high-performance INTRON-D plus protects a corporation’s
most critical assets, its people, machines, and the environment
by delivering an effective, prioritized and customized flow of
communication. Tried and tested technology together with
networking protocols ensure reliable industrial communication,
from a small but critical to a large and complex system network.
Public address
In other words, whether your organization utilizes fiber, Ethernet or
copper connections or any combination thereof, the INTRON-D plus
system can provide for a robust, reliable and customizable campuswide communication and emergency warning solution whilst
utilizing your existing network backbone.
INTRON-D plus – Customizable
The open and modular design of the INTRON-D plus allows for
customized solutions meeting all the requirements of a modern
industrial communication and emergency warning system.
INDUSTRONIC‘s communication and emergency warning system
is a leader in the industry due to its wide range of functions and
flexible fields of application and configuration options. The modular
concept of the INTRON-D plus allows for a system design meeting
or exceeding the current applicable international requirements
including but not limited to EN 54-16, EN 60849, SOLAS, and
NORSOK. Notified bodies and accredited laboratories have certified
the compliance to applicable standards and regulations. Existing
INTRON-D systems can be upgraded to the new INTRON-D plus
platform. INDUSTRONIC systems ensure investment protection
through long product life cycles and expandability.
Simultaneous non-blocking conversations
65,000 programmable addresses
1,000 selectable group calls
1,000 speaker groups
200 priority levels
Multi zone capable
Multiple alarm tones
Pre-recorded messaging
Visual alarm indications
Activation of relays (magnetic door locks etc.)
Alignment with HSE scenarios
This level of customization allows you to implement versatile,
complex communication and warning structures in line with your
occupational health, safety and environment protocols.
INTRON-D plus – Easy-to-use
Config Manager, INDUSTRONIC's cutting-edge configuration
software tool, allows you to set up complex communication and
network scenarios with ease and accuracy. A full database of
INTRON-D plus components and functions are available via an
intuitive graphical user interface.
This web based management tool allows you to centrally monitor
and configure the overall functionality of the system in a convenient
Status indicators for CPU, interface cards, call stations, etc.
Display active events, for example error messages
Download status and error reports
Download log files for customers and service personnel
Download and upload configuration files developed in the
Config Manager
Upload software and firmware upgrades
INTRON-D plus – Reliable
The industrial sector is especially demanding when it comes to
the readiness and reliability of a communication and emergency
warning system. The modular design concept of the INTRON-D plus
system facilitates the implementation of client and industry based
redundancy requirements for the following components:
With comprehensive “as you type” system checks and integrated
configuration checks, the Config Manager allows the user to create
a verified configuration file. Whether you have one single system
or a system network with up to 250 systems, you only need one
configuration file.
For oversight and management of your INTRON-D plus system or
network, INDUSTRONIC has developed a new system integrated
web server.
In addition, the INTRON-D plus supports full system redundancy
(A/B systems) as specified by either customer or regulatory
As many national and international regulations mandate the
monitoring of key components, INDUSTRONIC has made
comprehensive monitoring of digital components a standard
function of the INTRON-D plus. Examples of key digital components
Power supplies
Audio processors
Exchange control boards
Intercom stations
Network connections
Line cards
Intercom stations incl. microphones
Interfaces to external systems
Power supplies
Speaker circuits
Parameters for monitoring can be configured directly for each
INTRON-D plus or centrally for a network of systems. Deviations
discovered as a result of the monitoring can be delivered in various
methods. Most frequently, these deviations are emailed to service
and operating personnel and an instantaneous alert is triggered if
programmed on a call station.
For the integration into existing network management systems
(NMS), a SNMP interface can be provided. For INTRON-D plus
data transmission on an IP network, existing network redundancy
infrastructure can be utilized. The INTRON-D plus also offers direct
connection capability via optical fiber or copper for back-up or
stand-alone connectivity. Whether you use your existing network
architecture or a system-to-system direct connection, should any
of these connections fail, all local INTRON-D plus functions are still
INTRON-D plus – Versatile
The INTRON-D plus allows you to have the functions and capabilities
of three separate systems - intercom, public address and general
alarm - in one:
INTRON-D plus – Integrated
State-of-the-art communication and emergency warning systems
must be capable of being integrated into existing and parallel
industrial system environments.
The INTRON-D plus has available interfaces for:
Fire alarm systems
Emergency shutdown systems (ESD)
Fire & gas alarm systems
Manual call points
Universal analog / digital inputs and outputs
Integrated software interfaces, configured using the Config
Manager, are available for:
Modbus TCP, enabling the transfer of status information to
external Modbus based systems
VoIP (SIP interface), allowing for the interconnection of IP
telephone systems for direct voice communication and
function activation between a PABX and the INTRON-D plus
The INTRON-D plus system monitoring can be programmed
to include all interfaces. The information transmitted by these
interfaces can be utilized to drive customized warning and alarm
scenarios within the INTRON-D plus framework.
INTRON-D plus – Centralized Intelligence
A series of networked INTRON-D plus systems operates on a
centralized architecture providing real-time alarm & warning
control and activation throughout the network. System wide status
information is locally processed and centrally available for analysis
and reaction. The constant monitoring and evaluation of connected
components and interfaces combined with the centralized
intelligence gives an organization the utmost in fast and reliable
warning and alarm control, whether utilizing pre-programmed
automated scenarios or relying on manual activation or overrides.
Intercom system for fast and secure process communication
Public address (PA) system for the announcement of information
across the industrial plant
Public address and general alarm system (PA/GA) to annunciate
alarms and warnings for the protection of people, machines,
and the environment
The modular design of hardware and the wide range of functions
joined with the integration of all system features result in a versatile
communication system that can be tailored to your individual
Half- and full-duplex capable
Point-to-point connections
Multi party and page party
Emergency priority call override
Call request and selective call control
Public Address (PA)
Group calls
All calls / system wide page
Selectable group calls
Automatically activated group calls and all calls based on
preprogrammed scenarios
Direct group and all calls from existing PABX via telephone
Public Address & General Alarm (PA/GA)
Emergency warning
Individual and complex scenarios (e.g. alarm triggering
resulting from SIP and MODBUS interface inputs)
Manual and automatically activated warning scenarios
Integration of external systems (e.g. fire & gas, emergency
INTRON-D plus – Benefits
Whether you have a stand-alone system or a multitude of networked
systems, the centrally available data and system control provides for
all your needs from one access point. From here you can employ up
to 200 priority levels, 1,000 individually selectable and configurable
call groups and 65,000 programmable addresses. All communication
and control functions can be linked to each other.
You already have a predictable communication and control behavior
when configuring your INTRON-D plus.
The modular design concept allows the system to use off-theshelf principles to customize both hardware and software suiting
the needs of operations as well as the requirements of regulatory
This also facilitates various redundancy principles and provides for
future expansion needs thus protecting an organization’s capital
investment without having to replace already vested components.
Utilizing standard interfaces and protocols allows for easy and
efficient integration of external systems. Ancillary systems can be
replaced or upgraded without costly impact on the INTRON-D plus.
The reverse is also true, the INTRON-D plus can be integrated into an
existing advanced Ethernet / IP data network without proprietary
hardware or software.
As different as the requirements may be for a network, as flexible are
the solutions with the INTRON-D plus. Whether you are dealing with
an existing data network or direct interconnection via fiber / copper,
or the use of a star, ring, or hybrid network topology, the flexibility of
the INTRON-D plus delivers a true and tested solution.
Industrial Communication REDEFINED.
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