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Formerly Of Grand Funk
Hospitality 2016 pg 1 of 2
ADVANCE CONTACT: Craig Blazier (734) 604-2687
If the day’s schedule dictates that we load in before 9am, a breakfast for five (5) people is necessary. A hot breakfast of a
balanced meal including orange juice and hot coffee & teas with all of the condiments.
DINNER – Directly after sound check: ( 8 people) . Exact time of the meal will be coordinated with Tour Manager depending
on the days schedule.
A catered, healthy, well-balanced, hot meal with beverages to feed ARTIST and his staff. Organic meat, w/ two different steamed
organic vegetables with organic Potato or organic rice, dinner roll, toss salad w/ Organic Romaine lettuce and organic veggies,
Hidden Valley Ranch, Balsamic Vinegar dressing, Blue cheese, Italian and a dessert. This meal should be served with proper
china dishes and silverware. BEVERAGES: Dasani water, 4 chocolate milk, coke, sprite, fresh brewed organic Ice Tea, 6
assorted vitamin waters. This number includes ARTIST’S personnel only – other artists and local crew should be advanced
separately with their appropriate person. Depending on the time frame of the day a dinner buy-out may be necessary.
Meal 2 –After show (8 people)
Most often, depending on the days schedule, this meal is to be set up in the green room 10 minutes before the end of the show.
Baked Organic chicken with Organic Brown Rice & Beans, fresh steamed organic greens, (Kale or Collard ) with Johnny cake,
real organic butter and a dessert. A fresh salad made with Romaine lettuce & Vegetables, salad dressings mentioned above.
BEVERAGES: Coffee, Teas, dasani water, chocolate milk, coke, sprite, fresh brewed Ice Tea.
DRESSING ROOMS –both rooms shall have adequate heating, air conditioning and a minimum of 4-15amp electrical
outlets each. Dressing rooms shall be readily accessible to the stage without crossing any public areas including lobby,
hallways, entryways, or main audience area of the venue. Dressing rooms shall be locked or guarded when not occupied
by the artist and his staff. If they are lockable, one key for each room shall be given to the artist tour manager.
Dressing rooms shall be labeled as follows:
#1 Mark Farner-This room shall have direct, private access to washroom facilities with working toilet, two (2) rolls
of toilet paper, Shower, sink, soap, hot & cold running water & adequate towels. This room shall have seating for 8
#2 Band/Staff- Seating for 6 persons
DRESSING ROOM #1 prior to load-in
1 Case of Poland Springs or Dasani water (Room Temp)
1 Full length mirror
1 Rack for hanging clothes
Seating for 8 persons
Place in dressing room no later than 1-½ hours prior to performance
Hot Water and assorted teas, lemon & honey
10 Bottles Poland Springs or Disani water (Room temp)
1 Small Organic Fresh Ripe Fruit & Organic cheese platter assorted crackers (keep crackers separate from fruit &
1 small fresh organic vegetable tray including cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers
1 bag Organic Rice chips
1 small sealed bag of Organic Raw Almonds
1 small sealed bag of Organic Raw pumpkin seeds
1 small fresh Organic ginger root
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Place in dressing room no later than 1-½ hours prior to performance
Adequate ice for dressing room
Assorted teas with Hot water, Honey & Lemon
Fresh hot coffee with ½ & ½ & assorted sweeteners
1 Small, Fresh Ripe Fruit & cheese platter Assorted crackers (keep separate from fruit & cheese)
1 small fresh organic vegetable tray including cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers
1 Can Planters cashews
1 bag Lay’s plain potato chips
Regular Coke, Sprite & chocolate milk, Assorted vitamin waters- make sure these beverages are cold- Thank you
1 small fresh Organic ginger root
1 six pack Dos Equis Amber
2 Bottles Red wine- Cabernet- room temperature
12 Dark colored hand towels
8 large bath towels (white)
Formerly Of Grand Funk Railroad
Formerly Of Grand Funk HOTELS & GROUND 2016 Purchaser shall provide at his or her sole expense (8) hotel rooms for two (2) nights (the day
before and the day of the performance) for Artist personnel:
Hotel shall be a Four or five Star hotel and should not be under renovation. Hotel shall have a
restaurant/Lounge and preferably 24-hour room service. Hotel shall have wireless Internet
service and be within 15 minutes driving time from venue. Early check in and late check out is
required in most cases.
One (1) non smoking King Suite with a separate bedroom This reservation shall be made under
NOSMO KING, aka Mark & Lesia Farner to insure their Privacy. AND
Seven (7) King singles All room and tax shall be pre paid prior to Artist arrival. Artist’s Tour
Manager shall supply a rooming list
Purchaser shall provide at his or her sole expense insured ground transportation upon Artist’s
arrival between airport and hotel and venue. One local runner is to be assigned exclusively to
Artist’s personnel for assistance in getting to local merchants as required. All drivers and vehicles
should be NON-Smoking.
Adequate ground transportation: 1 (one) 15-passenger van AND 1 (one) Mini cargo van to
accommodate the luggage and gear
One (1) runner with a four-passenger sedan should be stationed at the venue for immediate local
ground transportation needs that may arise for Artist personnel.
Note: All transportation arrangements shall be scheduled in advance with the Artist’s
Management. If ground transportation is not available within thirty (30) minutes of its scheduled
time, Artist rep will hire all necessary ground transportation at the Purchasers expense.
Ground transportation and Non-smoking driver(s) shall be on call at Artist’s discretion for the
duration of Artist’s stay. Name and contact numbers including cell numbers to be provided to
artist Tour Manager.
ADVANCE CONTACT: Craig Blazier (734) 604-­‐2687
Formerly Of Grand Funk Railroad
Back line must be in good working order & accompanied by qualified Technician(s)
at band load-in, band sound-check and performance. Any substitutions on back
line list below must be approved by Artist's representative seven days prior to
Artist's performance.
No sharing of performance risers.
Mark's Guitar Requirements:
TWO (2) Fender 65 re-issue Deluxe Reverb guitar amps
ONE (1) Fender 65 re-issue Twin Reverb amplifier.
For large or outdoor venues, we may substitute all Fender 65 reissue Twin Reverb
amplifiers. We will discuss during the advance.
ONE (1) SWR or Hartke 1x15 closed back speaker cabinet w/ speaker cable (1/4" jack
on cabinet input or proper adapter / cable to 1⁄4' male jack – one of the Fender amps will
drive this cabinet).
ONE (2) Shure SLX or, Sennheiser ew172G2 Wireless Instrument Receiver. with TWO
(2) body pack transmitters. (right angle jack on transmitter cable at guitar output).
THREE (3) Guitar Stands (no guitar boats, please).
TWO (2) ClearSonicA2-4 or ControlAcoustics VDS2X4 Plexiglas amp shields. Or, if
unavailable: TWO (2) clear Plexiglas pieces 30” L X 25”H X 3/8” > 1/4” thick - placed in
front of guitar amps.
Mark's Keyboard Requirements - stage left position:
OPERATIONAL. We will use this drive to load software.
If a Korg O1W-FD is unavailable:
ONE (1) Nord Electro 5D 73 SW or Nord Stage 2 SW73 keyboard (“waterfall” keys -Not
weighted) may be substituted.
ONE (1) polarity switchable sustain pedal.
ONE (1) off/on switch pedal.
ONE (1) Quik-lok QL-746 heavy duty single-tier keyboard stand.
Mark's Percussion Requirements - stage left position:
ONE (1) set of Timbales- (1-14” & 1-15”).
ONE (1)14” Power Crash cymbal on boom cymbal stand.
ONE (1) LP Ridge Rider Cowbell with timbale stand mounting hardware.
Bass Requirements:
! 1st Choice: ONE (1) Ampeg SVT CL bass head with TWO (2) SVT 115 Cabinets.
2nd choice: ONE (1) Eden Navigator bass head with (2) EDEN 1x15 cabinets.
ONE (1) Shure SLX, or Sennheiser ew172G2 Instrument Wireless System.
ONE (1) Tambourine.
Keyboard Requirements - stage right position:
TWO (2) Triton Pro or Triton Studio 76-key keyboards Please include fresh internal
backup batteries for these keyboards.
ONE (1) Volume Pedal.
ONE (1) Sustain Pedal.
Keyboard Requirements - stage right position continued:
ONE (1) Quik-lok double-tier keyboard stand. Percussion Requirements - stage right
ONE (1) pair of Matador or LP Wood Congas with stand.
ONE (1) Tambourine.
Hubert's Drum Kit Requirements:
1ST CHOICE: YAMAHA Recording Custom Series. COLORS: Wood Grain, Red, Black,
or Blue.
2ND CHOICE: TAMA Star Classic Performer. COLORS: Silver, Black, Green, or Purple
3RD CHOICE: MAPEX Black Panther. COLORS: Saturn Sterling, Ocean Blue Sparkle.
ONE (1) 24X17 Kick Drum.
ONE (1) 13X13 Rack Tom.
ONE (1) 16X16 Floor Tom w/ legs.
ONE (1) 18X16 Floor Tom w/ legs.
ONE (1) 14X8 Metal Snare Drum.
ONE (1)14X8 Wood Snare Drum.
DRUM HEADS: (All new heads on drums prior to sound check)
KICK DRUM - Remo Power Stroke. Note: NO logos or drum company names on kick
drum head Please make sure the front kick drum head is black, with a 3” hole off center.
ALL TOMS - Remo Coated heads.
SNARES - Remo- Coated Emperor (With Black Dot Bottom Head). CYMBALS: 1st
ONE (1) pair 14” Rock High Hats (TWO bottoms).
ONE (1) 18” HHX Stage Crash.
ONE (1) 15” AAX X-Treme Chinese.
ONE (1) 16” Metal Crash.
ONE (1) 20” HHX Evolution Ride.
ONE (1) 19” HHX X-Polsion Crash.
ONE (1) pair 14” Rock HI Hat (TWO bottoms).
ONE (1) 18” 4HHX Stage Crash.
ONE (1) 17” HHX (Medium) Crash.
ONE (1) 22” AAA (Medium) Ride.
ONE (1) 14” AAX China.
ONE (1) 20” Artisan Crash.
ONE (1) 16” AA Thin Crash.
ONE (1) Round Roc and Soc throne. (no Tractor seats or backs)
SEVEN (7) Heavy duty boom cymbal stands.
TWO (2) Heavy duty snare stands.
ONE (1) Pearl Eliminator kick pedal.
ONE (1) Heavy duty Hi Hat stand w/2 legs – (we are bringing a double kick pedal).
TWO (2) Thick Rock Ridge Cowbells .
TWO (2) Clear Sonic 5-panel (66” tall) drum shields.
ONE (1) Atlas MS25 Mic Stand (black) with telescoping boom and 12” (black) goose
neck. OR, ONE (1) K&M Tall Tripod mic stand with telescoping Boom and 12” (black)
goose neck.
TWO (2) 20 lb. Sand bags.
ONE (1) Butt kicker mounted on throne with matching power amp.
Jage Jackson Stage Manager / Backline Advance 216-401-0553 mobile
Formerly Of Grand Funk Railroad
This lighting plan is provided as a guide to the lighting company to provide our show with a
lighting system of reasonable size and quality. The stage will have 5 primary fixed focus areas:
DSC – Mark / Guitar and Vocal. USC riser _ Drums and Vocal. SR riser – Keyboards
and Vocal. SR of Center - Bass and Vocal. SL Riser Mark / Keyboard, percussion,
and Vocal.
LD Services Required: Produce a lighting plan that meets descriptive criteria and
then implement the plan (focus and cue the lighting for the show.
LIGHTING SYSTEM- Flexible according to the venue and capacity.
Two forty foot truss’ suspended lightening system with 90-120K of lighting. Minimum 24
Channel Lighting Console.DOWNSTAGE TRUSS:Thirty 1000-watt medium par 64’s.
Ten 1000- watt Lekos on downstage truss for 5 no-color specials. Two 9-light Mole-fay units for
audience lighting.UPSTAGE TRUSS:Sixty 1000-watt Narrow par 64’s.
Four 1000-watt ACL’s.
Two 1000-watt ACL’s placed upstage center behind drum riser.A 15 feet x 40 feet upstage backdrop preferably black or white.If White drop: sufficient instruments to wash color and /or provide
pattern projection on rear drop.
If you are using LED, the quantity of fixtures needed to provide the color flexibility required may
be reduced . We realize this is “non-specific” but, here is where the L.D. Can be creative.
2- 1.2K-long-throw spotlights with four color correction gels each. The spot positions should be
at 45 degree angle above stage level.
Spotlights are to be in good condition with light output that is balanced and uniform. Spotlights
should be 60-140 feet from front of stage with at least one centered on main stage.
Mark moves quickly across the mid and downstage areas during the course of the show as well as
performing at the USL keyboard position. While he is moving,use both spots – one in a color and
the other in white to provide some contrast. Please instruct the spot operators to use their faders
when bring their light up and fading off. During “American Band” and “Shining On” lead vocals
will be shared by another musician in the band and spots will need to be split. We will discuss this
during prior to sound check.
A belt-pack and headset communication system will be required at the following
locations:Lighting Console, Spotlight positions, House Audio and Monitor console.
2 Lighting Technicians to assist with lighting focus and discuss programming for Artist’s
performance.(lighting should be up and running prior to Artist load-in)
1 EXPERIENCED Lighting console operator to program for artist performance.
AT SHOW CALL: 1 EXPERIENCED Lighting console operator.2 EXPERIENCED follow-spot
operators.1 Lighting system Technician.
Please note the following:• Lamp types may be altered to suit the rigging height (lower height
may need wide beam lamps in the front truss).• The gel colors may be slighty different to suit the
brand/inventory you have in stock. Gel should be clean and not faded.
• Rigging should be done by ESTA certified staff or responsible rigging professional.• Lighting
company is to be fully insured.
The most important issue to our show is the quality of people you provide. The level of experience
and positive attitude of your show electrician and light director / board operator is to be of the
highest possible caliber.We request that the lighting director be familiar with Mark Farner’s music
for cueing the spots and board operation. We want lighting to accent the music dynamics but no
too much “bump and flash”.
Blackouts with a quick restore is preferred at the end of each song.Use a Bastard Amber tint in the
follow spots at all times instead of white when using Arc Lamps.
Most importantly: use the dimmers.Full on at all times does not accent the dynamics of the show
as much as riding the faders to complement the “feel” of the music...Thank you. Please contact us
with any questions or concerns.
Stefan Graf: (734) 644-2804
Craig Blazier (734) 604-2687
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