Biometric Employee Punch Clock™ with

Biometric Employee Punch Clock™ with
Biometric Employee Punch Clock™ with Microsoft SQL
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Installation Considerations
Before installing the software you need to consider if this installation is right for
you. A network installation is recommended if you need:
1. Access to the reports from another computer in the network.
2. Set up multiple check in/out stations within the company.
3. Secure for information so nobody can manipulate the computer clock, except
the appropriate person.
4. If you are planning to export your data to another in-house system or create
custom reports or applications (like a web report).
In all these scenarios, the best way to perform the installation is in two separate
machines: One holding the database (Server), and the other one holding the
Punch Clock (Client).
Installation Steps
The process to perform the installation has the following steps:
1. Install SQL Server 2000 in the Server Machine.
2. Create the Database that will hold the information.
3. Install the database connectivity on the Client Machine.
4. Install the Biometric Employee Punch Clock 2.0, and perform the
connection to the database.
All of these steps are described in detail in the next section.
Install Microsoft SQL Server
1. Execute the installation file, and choose “SQL Server 2000 Components.”
2. On the welcome screen, click “Next.”
3. Select “Local Computer,” and click “Next.”
4. Choose “Create a new instance of SQL Server,” and click “Next.”
5. Now select “Server and Client Tools,” and click “Next.”
6. Check “Default” if you don’t want to install a named instance; otherwise, uncheck
it, and type an instance name and clock “Next.”
7. Choose “Default” as a setup type.
8. In the firsts options, select “Use the same account for each service,” and in
“Server Settings,” choose “Use the local system account.”
9. In authentication mode, select “Mixed Mode,” and type your administrator
password for the “sa” login.
Database Creation
We are going to create the database that will be used by Biometric Employee Punch
1 On the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server, click on “Enterprise
2 Expand the “Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Group, (local)” nodes.
3 Right click on the “Database” node, and choose “New database.”
4 Type a database name and click “Ok.”
5 Now you have created the Database.
Installing Client Connectivity
Note: If you are installing the Server database and punch station in a single
machine, please continue to the next step. The connectivity is already installed.
Run the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 installation file again in the client machine.
In the “Installation Definition” dialog install, choose “Client Tools Only.”
The Setup Application should look like this:
Now we need to configure Biometric Punch Clock 2.0 to use the database
you just created. Install and run the program. In the first step of the Wizard
(Database Configuration), do the following:
a. On the Database settings, select Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database.
b. In the host field, type the name of the machine where you installed Microsoft
SQL Server 2000 for a local installation, type “(local)”.
c. The defaults for the username and password, are, Username: “sa”, Password:
After the connection has been established correctly, you should see this
Select “Yes”. This will create all the necessary tables to run the application.
Note: You should have table creator privileges to perform this operation
Proceed from here with the on-screen instructions.
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