Goodmans GHP04BT User's Manual

Goodmans GHP04BT User's Manual
Model: GHP04BT
1 Welcome
2 Your Bluetooth headphones
2.1 In the box
2.2 Front View
2.3 Rear View
3 Power On/ Off, pairing and charging
3.1 Charging
3.2 Turning your headphones on and pairing
3.3 Making a call
3.4 Answering and ending a call
3.5 Playing music
3.6 Line in
4 Maintenance
5 Troubleshooting
6 Technical Specification
7 Customer Support
1. Welcome
Thank you for choosing this Goodmans product. We’ve been making
electronics for the British people for 70 years. Each of our products
has been carefully designed to be great at what it does and this one is
no exception. We hope you enjoy your new Bluetooth headphone.
2. Your Bluetooth Headphones
2.1 In the box
Carefully remove your bluetooth headphones from the packaging.
Inside the box you will find:
・ Bluetooth headphones
・ USB Cable
・ Line in cable
・ Quick Start Guide
・ Guarantee Booklet
If any of these items are missing, contact customer support.
2.2 Front view
Button. Press to play the next song or increase the volume.
Button. Press to play or pause playback.
Button. Press to play the previous song or decrease the volume.
Button. Press to answer or end phone calls.
Button. Press to turn on or turn off your headphone.
2.3 Rear view
Micro USB socket for charging.
Microphone for talking.
Line in socket for wired audio input.
3. Power On/ Off Pairing and Charging
3.1 Charging
This product has a built in rechargeable battery. The battery is not fully charged as supplied.
1. Insert the micro USB cable into the headphones and the other end into a computer or
compatible adaptor.
Charge the headphones for at least 4 hours on first use, and 2-3 hours there after.
2. During charging, the LED indicator will show red. When the battery is completely
charged, the red LED indicator will turn off.
3.2 Turning your headphones on and pairing
1. To turn your headphones on and pair for the first time, press and hold the
for up to 10 seconds, until the red and blue light flash quickly.
Thereafter, press and hold the button, for up to 5 seconds to turn the headphones
2. Use the bluetooth menu on your phone to find the bluetooth headphones.
'GHP04BT' should appear in the list of available devices.
3. Select 'GHP04BT. Once your headphones and mobile phone is paired, the
headphones will beep twice and the blue LED will start flashing slowly. If your mobile
phone asks you to enter a passkey, enter '0000'.
4. To turn your headphones off, press and hold the
the led indicator light goes out.
button for up to 5 seconds, until
5. If you are using the line in cable, music will automatically play through the
headphones. You do not need to turn the headphones on.
6. If the headphones are not paired within 3 minutes, they will automatically switch off.
Low Battery:
If the battery power drops below 3.3v, the red light on the headphones will flash twice
every 10 seconds and the headphones will beep twice.
3.3 Making a call
1. Use your mobile phone to dial the number. Calls are switched to Bluetooth mode
automatically (some phones may require you to switch manually).
2. To redial the last number, press the
3.4 Answering and ending a call
1. When a call comes in, press the
button to answer the call.
2. If you have already answered the call, res the button to transfer the call to your
mobile phone. Press the button again to switch the active call back to switch back.
3. To reject an incoming call, hold the
4. To end a call press
5. To change the volume whilst in a call, hold the
Hold the
button to increase the volume.
button to decrease the volume.
3.5 Playing music
1. To play the next song, press the
button once
2. To play the previous song, press the
button once
3. To play or pause playback, press the
button once.
4. Press the
button to decrease the volume. Press the
button to increase the
5. Press to end a call. After ending the call, the music will resume playing
3.6 Line in
If you wish to use the headphones with a non-Bluetooth device, or the battery is
empty, you can plug a 3.5mm audio jack into the Line in socket to use the Bluetooth
headphones as wired headphones.
4. Maintenance
■ Using the headphones with non-original accessories may cause performance
degradation, personal injury, electrical short circuit and voiding of the warranty.
■ Disassembling the product may damage it and void your warranty.
■ Do not keep the headphones in a dusty environment.
■ Use a clean, soft, dry cloth to clean your headphones.
■ Keep the headphones out of reach of children.
■ Do not use the headphones in conditions of extreme temperatures.
Battery maintenance
Using the headphones properly will extend the life of rechargeable battery.
The rechargeable battery can be used at temperatures between 10 and 45 °C.
The full battery capacity can be used at room temperatures.
In outdoor conditions, battery capacity may be lower.
If you do not use the headphones for an extended period, please charge the
battery at least once every two months.
5. Troubleshooting
What to do
Can not turn the headset on.
Charge the headphones and try turning on again.
No sound.
Put the mobile phone nearer your headset.
Slight pause / Sound drops out.
Other wireless signals like WiFi can interfere
with Bluetooth. Try moving to a different area.
No sound for a second or two
Low power, charge your headset.
Cannot operate your headphones
or cannot turn them off.
Connect your headset with power supply;
to reboot your headphones.
No sound in one ear when used
as a wired headset.
Ensure the plug is completely inserted.
Cannot find GHP04BT on the list of
Bluetooth devices.
Clear your Bluetooth devices list from your
mobile phone and try again.
6. Technical Specification
Bluetooth headphones
Model no.
2.402 GHz ~ 2.480 GHz ISM Band
79 channels 1Mhz BW
Up to 10 metres
Audio frequency response
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Standby time
Up to 250 hours (fully charged)
Signal-to-Noise ratio
80 dB
Red & blue dual color LED
Bluetooth version
Devices supported
PC, USB Bluetooth dongle, cell phone, mobile
internet devices (iPad, etc.) that support HFP,
HSP, A2DP, AVRCP Bluetooth
Lithiam-ion Polymer Battery 3.7 V 250 mAh
Audio output power (max.)
2 x 10 mW
Operating time on battery
8 hours (fully charged)
7. Customer Support
Our customer service team is available for technical or
guarantee support. Visit
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