RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder
RICOH TotalFlow
Raises efficiency
and profitability
Helps you automate steps
in short digital print runs to
drive your throughput and
increase your business.
Struggle to manage the
increasing number of short
run orders coming into the shop
for production so that they
can fully utilise their
existing digital print assets?
Need a solution to optimise
cut sheet and continuous
feed across multiple
applications and from multiple
input sources such as web
to print, MIS, or prepress
automation workflows?
Welcome to the reality of short runs
Whether you’re an in-plants, franchise, service
bureaux or commercial printer, you need to be
able to utilise your existing digital print assets
to the best financial advantage.
Printers of all kinds are struggling to keep
pace with the sharp rise in one-off and
short run jobs. The sheer volume can
overwhelm both staff and existing
workflow systems.
You need a way to optimise cut sheet and
continuous feed across multiple applications,
and from multiple input sources such as
web to print, MIS or prepress automation
Automating your incoming orders will lead to:
Efficient and speedy organisation
of orders from multiple sources
being produced on job criteria
Reduced setup time for binding
and finishing steps
Mixed application jobs add to the problem
because they may involve roll-fed and cut
sheet printers from different vendors and
laborious setups for printing and binding.
2 - TotalFlow BatchBuilder. Raises efficiency and profitability
Increase ability to produce more
digital work for greater profitability
50 Business cards
300 Text books (A4)
10 Technical manual
1000 Business cards
75 Text books (A4)
2 Photo books (A4)
50 Business cards Order 1
1000 Business cards Order 2
80 Business cards Order 500
Batch 2
Cut sheet queue
2 Photo books (A4) Order 2
4 Photo books (A4) Order 500
80 Business cards
75 Text books (A4)
4 Photo books (A4)
Batch 1
Cut sheet queue
Batch 3
Continuous feed queue
300 Text books (A4) Order 1
75 Text books (A4) Order 2
Batch 4
Continuous feed queue
10 Technical manual Order 1
RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder organises orders
and batches jobs for you
Save time, increase throughput
Creates efficient short run
digital workflow by grouping
incoming jobs into batches
Provides vendor-neutral
support for cut sheet and
continuous feed devices
Includes a browser-based
user interface that enables
a manual job submission as
well as workflow monitoring
and management
Enables you to edit orders
and job properties and to
create custom attributes,
such as imposition
requirements, needed
by finishing devices
Provides instant views of jobs
that meet specific properties,
and by using the filter/batch
views, you make decisions on
volume metrics and create
scheduling scenarios
Sends alerts for XML
inconsistencies and
other errors
Roll management capabilities
RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder is an easy to install, vendor-neutral software that organises
incoming orders from multiple sources and produces them efficiently based on job criteria.
You can set up rules to filter or ‘batch’ jobs using over 100 attributes such as document size,
paper size, finishing styles, deadlines, customer name and more. You can create filters using
full automation or semi-automation. Through batching you can save time, increase throughput,
improve printer utilisation and reduce set up time for binding and finishing steps.
Simplify job ticketing and scheduling
Order-generating systems like MIS, W2P portals, homegrown platforms and prepress systems can
communicate information to RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder using XML or JDF. This boosts efficiency
from the start by addressing a common integration gap. Or you can use it with PDF by submitting
jobs into hot folders.
When you use third party mapping software, RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder applies job ticket
mapping to automate the scheduling process. As jobs arrive, the software maps job ticket
information from XML and then maps it out again in XML or JDF as device specific job ticket data.
Our professional services can provide this or you can use the third-party software we recommend.
Manage batches your way
RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder gives you complete control of how and when jobs are produced, so
you can be flexible to meet changing customer needs and stay on top of deadlines. It’s up to you
whether to route batches manually, automatically or semi-automatically, and to define the output
device-specific criteria.
Manage orders for tracking and shipping purposes
After the jobs in an order are split and printed in different batches, you need to bring the jobs back
together, track them and collect them for shipping. RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder uses batch tickets
to indicate jobs and their associated orders. Operators can easily check on the status of an order
and see in which batches the elements are located.
Take action right away
Knowing immediately when there’s a problem can save time, help you meet service level
agreements and minimise the fall-out from errors. RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder send alerts for
XML inconsistencies, input/output errors, batch errors and mapped network drive errors. You can
view the notifications on the job, order and alert tabs of the user interface.
3 - TotalFlow BatchBuilder. Raises efficiency and profitability
RICOH is a global digital technology specialist, a service-oriented company providing end-to-end solutions through
expertise in areas such as professional services, software solutions and production printing. RICOH helps businesses
be more productive and profitable.
RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder at a glance
Windows XP
32 Bit
64 Bit
.Net Framework version 4.0 or higher,
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10
or higher
Windows 7 (SP1)
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10
or higher
Windows 8
Pro Enterprise
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10
or higher
Windows Server 2008 (SP2)
Standard Enterprise
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10
or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10
or higher
Windows Server 2012
CPU: dual core processor 2.4 GHz or higher
Main memory: 3 GB RAM for 32 bit; 4 GB RAM for 64 bit
Hard Disk
250 GB of available space is recommended for the initial installation; depending on usage, up to 500 GB and more is
recommended. An SSD-type hard disk is recommended for better performance.
1,280x1,024 pixels or higher
Web Browser
Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer 10 or later (does not run on Windows XP), Mozilla Firefox 19 or later,
Google Chrome 21 or later, Safari 5 or later
Base Product
RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder: XML Input/Mapping
Orders/Job Management
Batch Management
Triggers and Alerts
Manual Job Submission
PDF + Hot Folder
Custom Fields
PDF Viewer
Five Outputs Included
Optional Features
Automation Feature
XML/JDF Output
Process Directory File List
Restricted Use Backup
Unlimited Outputs
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4 - TotalFlow BatchBuilder. Raises efficiency and profitability
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