HBPd2X Beltpack
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HBP-2X Beltpack
The HBP-2X is a rugged and ergonomically designed 2-channel
digital partyline beltpack that can have access to any two of up
to twelve available system channels over a single cable.
Key Features And Benefits
• 2-channel full-duplex digital partyline beltpack
• Power and audio over a single cable
The HBP-2X is a full-duplex 2-channel
digital partyline beltpack that can carry
power and audio over a single cable.
Each beltpack has the ability to select
up to two of the available channels and
program feeds on the system, each
with individual control. The HBP-2X
can be set up in daisy-chain or star
configurations without the need for
active splitter boxes.
Intuitive Operations
Like the HMS-4X main station, the
HBP-2X has high-resolution, 10-character OLED display labels for each
channel. The brightness level of the
OLED screen, Talk and Call buttons
can be controlled from the beltpack.
Because there is a separate program
level control, the OLED screen will show
the level adjustment and then revert
back to the standard 2-channel screen.
The HBP-2X’s menu screen allows
users to independently select among
and change channel assignments as
necessary, from any position on the
intercom line. The beltpack’s menu also
displays the existing firmware version
and volume level. The HBP-2X also
has a micro-USB connector to enable
individual firmware updates.
Efficient Design
The HBP-2X buttons and volume
knobs are optimally positioned to easily
locate, identify and control. Made from
lightweight cast aluminum alloy, the
HBP-2X is built to withstand rugged
environments. Three mounting options
are available for the HBP-2X: sturdy
beltclip, rubber feet for tabletop surface
placement and an integrated strap
guide for various mounting options.
• Access to any two of up to twelve available
channels on each beltpack
• Program audio with separate
program level control
• Recessed level rotary knob controls
• Pushbutton menu access
• 10-character yellow OLED label display
• USB Micro-AB port
• XLR-4M and 2.5mm TRS headset hacks
• Rugged, cast aluminum alloy casing
HBP-2X Beltpack
Beltpack Top
1. Menu Access Key
2. Talk Key
3. Channel Call
4. Split Screen OLED Display
5. Level Controls
Beltpack Bottom
1. 3-pin XLR Intercom Line In
2. 3-pin XLR Pass-through
2 3
2 3
3. Program Level Control
4. 2.5mm TRS Headset Jack
5. 4-pin XLR Headset Jack
6. XLR Lock Release
Technical Specifications
Two intercom channels (Selectable)
Program Audio (Assignable from Main Station)
Intercom Line:
(2) 3-pin XLR–M–F
4-pin XLR–M & 2.5mm
TRS jack
Micro AB
Microphone Pre-Amplifier
Headset Mic
200Ω (Dynamic)
Headset Mic Voltage
1.7V (Electret
selectable) Limiter: +23dB
The following specified for a route to
four-wire output at 0dBu out
Mic Gain:
60dB (Dynamic), 45dB
Frequency Response: 300Hz – 10 kHz ±3dB
Contoured for Intelligibility
<0.2% THD @ 1kHz
<-55dBu (Dynamic)
<-65dBu (Electret)
Headphone Amplifier
Load Impedance:
Output Level:
+12dBu before clipping
-12dBu (selectable)
The following specified for a route from
a four-wire input at 0dBu in
Max Gain:
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 10kHz ±3dB
<0.1% THD @ 1kHz
Headphone Limiter: 0dBu (selectable)
Power Requirements
4W DC Voltage Range: 30-60 volts
Max temperature is 45ºC (113ºF)
0 - 90% relative humidity
6" H x 4" W x 1" D (152 mm x 102 mm x 25 mm)
16 oz (.454 kg)
Notice About Specifications
While Clear-Com makes every attempt to maintain the accuracy of the
information contained in its data sheets, that information is subject
to change without notice. Performance specifications included in
this data sheet are design-center specifications and are included for
customer guidance and to facilitate system installation. Actual operating
performance may vary.
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