Proximity Readers PR 103 and PR 04

Proximity Readers PR 103 and PR 04
Power source
Reader is powered by external power supply (or
from controller)
Proximity Readers
PR 103 and PR 04
User manual
PR 103
PR 04
7.5 – 15 V DC 7.5 – 15 V DC
(Note 1)
(Note 1)
5.5 V DC
5.5 V DC
(Note 2)
(Note 2)
Consumption 40 mA max.
70 mA max.
Notes: 1. Maximum permitted voltage
oscillation (double amplitude) is 250 mV.
2. Maximum permitted voltage oscillation
(double amplitude) is 20 mV.
3. Supply voltage measured directly on reader’s
(Note 3)
Card read distance
Card reading distance from 30 to 85 mm
(depending on card or badge type) when card is
in parallel with reader case.
Application and Card Types.
Actec proximity card reader can be used both
with Wiegand 26 and Touch Memory systems.
Any type of proximity cards of 125 KHz frequency is applicable.
Technical Specifications.
PR 103
PR 04
Plastic ABS
Stainless steel
Dimensions 150 x 46 x 22 mm 114 x 80 x 15 mm
Environmental characteristics
PR 103
Temperature -20 . . +55 ° C
0 . . . 99 %
PR 04
-40 . . +55 ° C
Reader has 8-wire colored cable which connects
it to access control system. Wires are specified
below in Table 1.
Table 1.
Shielded multi wire signal cable with 0.22 mm2
wires is recommended for reader and controller
Power supply
Common wire
“0” data / Touch Memory
“1” data / Touch Memory
Green LED on
Red LED on
Buzzer on
Reserved – do not connect
connection. It provides up to 150 m distance between reader and controller.
Part # 7101335
Output signals
There are two modes (formats) supported by the
• Wiegand 26 Bits mode is set by Green and
White wires connection to the appropriate
controller inputs.
• Touch Memory mode is set when Green and
White wires are connected together. It simulates Dallas Semiconductor DS1990A Touch
Memory keys and can be used with controllers compatible with this identification devices.
In Wiegand 26 mode pulse and pause durations
are 50 ms and 2 ms, respectively (standard values
for HID readers.)
In a stand-by mode (when no card presented), connected to internal +5 volts through
4,7 kOhm resistors reader outputs logic “1” level.
It is strongly recommended to use pull-up
resistors (680…470 Ohm) at controller side of
communication line for maximum distance between reader and controller.
Reader should be installed on the wall near
the door on the lock side and at similar height. A
small cavity or a big diameter hole should be
available under reader case to provide for cable
Caution! It is not recommended to install
reader on metal surface, as this reduces the read
In case more than one reader is used they
should be installed at 50 sm minimum distance
between any two of them.
Reader installation
For PR 103: Drill two 6 mm diameter, 35 mm deep
vertical holes for plastic nailing plugs. Distance
between hole centers shall be 132 mm.
For PR 04: Drill four 6 mm diameter, 35 mm
deep holes for plastic nailing plugs. Distance between hole centers shall be 46 mm horizontal and
83 mm vertical.
Connect reader and controller with the prepared
cable and secure reader case with two (four)
Reader performance and indications.
As the card positioned with in the reading range,
reader checks the card code and transfers it to
Power-on self-test
On powering on the reader it will perform
a self-test for 1 sec. maximum. In case the test
passed successfully it will produce a sound signal together with a green LED and will switch to
a stand-by mode.
Reader indication
While reading card code the reader produces a short sound signal and switches green
LED for a short time (approximately 0,1 s). This
confirms that the card code has been read successfully, but it is not related to the rights of the
card within the system. (E.g. right to enter).
External indication (of the controller).
Green or Red LED and a buzzer are used
by controller to indicate the decision made by the
system with respect to the presented card. Active
level for LED and buzzer activation is logical “0”.
Manufacturer guarantees trouble proof operation
of the device during 12 months from the date of
Warranty is not applicable to devices used with
violation of operating rules and modes, as well
as to devices having mechanical damage.
Warranty is not effective without a note about a
date of sale or documents verifying the fact of
sale. Please, consult you Vendor on after-sale service.
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