SafeCom - Best of Breed

SafeCom - Best of Breed
Product Summary
The formula for finance and IT
managers to reduce costs and
simplify document workflow is
simple: consolidate, standardize
and control your printing
operations. And yet your employees
need to print safely anytime,
anywhere and at any printer. With
comprehensive print management
tools that deliver smart, secure
printing deployments, SafeCom
makes it happen.
Need for mobile printing
Managing and configuring mobile
printing can be a challenge. An
individual multi-function printer or
single-function printer needs to be
configured for a mobile print
solution and each mobile platform
uses a different print infrastructure.
SafeCom is a world-class print
management solution for controlling access to multi-function printer
(MFP) and single-function print
devices. It enables secure pull
printing, encryption and document
security as well as tracking and
reporting capabilities. Additionally,
SafeCom integrates with many
payment solutions, has rules-based
printing, mobile print and mobile
pull print functionality – all with
your print environment to meet the
demands of your business. It is
simple enough for small businesses
to configure and use, but robust
enough for even the largest of
Cost savings:
SafeCom can help reduce print
related costs by 40% with secure
pull print and efficient print rules.
SafeCom can reduce or remove the
need for print servers within an
organization through client-based
printing. In addition, the
printing process can be simplified
for end users by offering them the
ability to print to a single queue and
release the document from any
device within an organization,
allowing users who move from
office to office to print simply
without having to identify a device,
download drivers, and define a
Added security:
Secure pull print reduces waste and
increases security ensuring users
pick up the documents they send to
the printers. Security doesn’t stop
there; the print jobs themselves are
stored in an encrypted format while
they are waiting to be released
preventing malicious users from
gaining access to valuable
information. Finally, the solution
itself can be configured for a
complete security of documents
during their enter print lifecycle.
Mobile print capabilities:
SafeCom’s mobile print solution is a
world-class, competitively priced
solution for offering mobile printing
to a user base. The solution is
simple to setup and configure and
allows users five different methods
of submitting jobs through the
mobile solution including a mobile
app, e-mail submission and web
The problem:
Print management costs:
Over use of print in an office
environment can have a real effect
on the bottom line. Managing
printers and print servers can be
challenging and monotonous for IT
Security and compliance risks:
Sensitive information setting on a
printer can expose a company to
compliance risk and even costly
data leaks can occur - leaving your
documents and your company
Phone: 9400 9990
High flexibility:
SafeCom is a multi-vendor solution
and supports 10 different MFP
platforms. In addition, SafeCom
also has embedded solution for
both MFP and select single-function
printers. Multiple configuration
options from server and
client-based printing and mobile
offerings offer your organization a
wide range of deployment options
to best fit your needs.
Simple deployment:
SafeCom is an enterprise ready
solution, but offers the convenience
and ease of deployment of a small
business solution. SafeCom can be
deployed and configured on a
single server in less than 30
SafeCom Go:
SafeCom Go is a vendor specific
solution that integrates with the
MFP’s user interface. It enables
secure printing and controls access
to print, copy, scan and e-mail
activities. Users send their print and
then log in at any company printer
to collect documents. SafeCom Go
is available for:
- Canon
- Fuji Xerox
- HP
- Konica Minolta
- Kyocera
- Lexmark
- Ricoh/NRG
- Samsung
- Sharp
- Xerox
Users have to authenticate
themselves when they log-in at the
device. Authentication is when the
SafeCom Server identifies a user as
a recognized and approved user of
the system and output device.
Authentication protects against
misuse and unauthorized use of
company MFPs and printers.
Secure Pull Print:
Send your documents to the
SafeCom printer server and
securely pick up your documents
from any device at any time.
Document encryption:
With document encryption, protect
your documents and data from
being intercepted while traveling
over the network.
Nuance SafeCom Server software
represents the heart of your Smart
Printing solution. The G4 Server
Software contains the main printer
control intelligence and provides
the tools to efficiently manage and
drive your printing environment.
The G4 Server software is designed
for fast and easy installation in any
server environment. Many
companies can testify to the
software’s ease of use, smart
features, high reliability, and stable
performance. Up-to-date failover
and cluster server technology can
be added to any G4 Server
High Availability:
SafeCom can be configured and
adapted to any print environment,
whether in small company offices
or large enterprises and is resistant
to network or server outages –
users can continue to be productive
even while network or server
SafeCom print client—Add
outages are present.
remote sites:
Network bandwidth is often a barTracking, Reporting and analysis:
rier to the central administration of
Tracking and standard reporting
printers in remote sites. With a Sacapabilities make it possible to gain
feCom solution companies can mia clear overview of your company’s
nimize the need for network capaciprint, copy, scan, fax and e-mail
ty locally since only control data
activities, usage behavior and costs.
travels over the corporate network.
Rule-based printing:
Enables organizations to implement
printing rules in accordance with
company print policies. This helps
with saving toner and paper on
specified types of document and
Mobile Print:
Users have different methods of
submitting jobs through the mobile
solution, including the mobile app,
email submission and web
SafeCom Controller is the vendor
independent solution that integrates with any networked printer or
MFP. Printers and MFPs can be SafeCom-enabled with the SafeCom
Controller and a stand-alone card
reader or SafeCom Color Front-end
(color touch-screen with built-in
card reader).
Pending documents are stored locally on the user’s computer until
the user authenticates and collects
the print job at any network printer.
Only login and tracking information
is sent to the SafeCom server.
Smart printer driver:
The G4 Server’s Smart Printer Driver
ensures that all output is received
exactly as expected, also in multivendor environments. It utilizes the
latest printer-independent formats
to store all print data.
When the user logs onto an MFP,
the system identifies the device type and only then runs the job
through the actual vendordependent printer driver to exploit
all its commands.
The Smart Printer Driver ensures
that users can run even complex
jobs on any printer. During Installation, automatic setup functionality
allows administrators to quickly and
easily create their print queues with
automatic activation for each driver/vendor type.
Phone: 9400 9990
SafeCom 4G server:
The SafeCom Smart Printing™ solution is modular and can be configured and scaled to meet the requirements of any organization. SafeCom Smart Printing™ features:
Easy installation and
Simplified setup of printers and
print queues
System overview with easy
access to frequently used
• Global solution with Unicode
• Flexible design with
possibility to store pending
documents on user’s
computer or central servers
• Reduce the number of print
• Minimize need for critical
network bandwidth with branch
• SafeCom Web Interface allows
users to delete or retain
documents through a web
• Smart Printer Driver ensures a
consistent output on all
Central administration and cost
The SafeCom Administrator
allows IT staff to centrally manage
and control the entire printing
environment, i.e., its users, printers,
and MFPs. This allows staff to
support all the company’s print
queues, remove cancelled jobs, or
troubleshoot remote sites from
their central location. In addition
they can set up rules and policies to
help reduce waste.
Many operations can be set for
automatic processing, such as
deletion of old jobs and status
reporting. Companies can
reduce the number of print
queues, or even create a single
queue for all printers, thereby
simplifying administration,
support as well as raising
help-desk efficiency.
System Requirements
A SafeCom solution requires
software to be installed on a
Microsoft Windows server. Setup
can be limited to adding or
modifying one or more shared
• Windows Server 2012 and 2012
R2, Windows Server 2016.
• Virtualization software, such as
VMware and Microsoft Virtual
Server, is supported as long as it
supports Windows.
• 1.4 GHz CPU (recommended 2
GHz or faster) and 2 GB RAM or
greater. 10 GB of free disk space
or more depending on print volume.
Web Interface:
Monitor environmental savings:
The SafeCom Save-O-Meter
gives an instant overview of
environmental savings and
saved consumables. The SafeCom
Save-O-Meter widget can be
displayed on the company website
to show employees how much they
save with SafeCom.
• Internet Information Service (IIS)
version 8.5, 8.0, 7.5 or 7.0.
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP1
Express is distributed with the
software and requires Microsoft
Net Framework 3.5 SP1 and
Windows Installer 4.5. In a
SafeCom multi server installation
the master server must run
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or
Client :
• Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows
Server 2016, 2012 / 2012 R2, and
clients running Citrix and Windows Terminal Service. 1 GHz
CPU and 1 GB RAM or
greater (minimum 2 GB RAM if
Phone: 9400 9990
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