Harbor Freight Tools 47894 User's Manual

Item # 47894
Night Vision Scope
with Illuminator 3.6X
Operating Instructions
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REV 01/03
Please read the entire manual before using the Night Vision Scope with Illuminator.
Angle of View
Power Source
Minimum Focal Distance
12 degrees
1.6 / 85 mm
2 AA batteries
18 inches
Black Nylon Carrying Case
with Shoulder Strap
1. The Power On Button (#2) automatically shuts down if the unit is exposed to bright light.
2. Includes black nylon case with shoulder strap.
Warning !! Do not use Night Vision Scope with Illuminator in daylight or bright light with the lens
cap removed. This may cause permanent damage to the unit. Never look at the sun; severe eye
damage may occur.
General information on Night Vision devices.
This electro-optical device assists in viewing in near darkness or complete darkness. It works by amplifying
the already existing light of the moon or the stars. If no light is present the illuminator acts as an external light
source. When viewing an object through the night vision scope, you are actually seeing an image that comes
from the intensifier tube within the device.
The objective lens captures the light and directs it to the front of the intensifier tube, which is the
electro-optical component. The 9 volt power source then passes energy through the intensifier tube
causing electrons to strike the phosphor screen. The image in the intensifier tube is then magnified
by the eyepiece.
This device is excellent for wildlife viewing, search and rescue operations, surveillance, boating
safety, home security, and camping.
Important Precautions
1. Never turn on the scope or take off the lens cover in daylight or under bright illumination such as
automobile headlights.
2. Do not try to service the unit yourself. Take it to a qualified service technician.
3. Protect the unit from moisture, dust, and sunlight. If condensation is visible on the unit, wait five
hours before using it again.
4. Avoid storing the scope where sudden changes of temperature occur. Keep it away from air
conditioning or heating vents.
# 47894
REV 01/03
Installing the Battery.
Refer to figure 1.
Uses 2 “AA” batteries (not included). Open the Battery Compartment Cover (#8) and install the
batteries. Close the Battery Compartment Cover (#8).
Figure 1
Objective Lens Ring (#4)
Button (#3)
Objective Lens (#5)
Power Button
(lens cap
not shown)
Illuminator (#6)
Battery Compartment (#8)
(opposite side)
Operation Without Illuminator.
2. Check the scope operation by pushing the Power Button (#2), depressing it for 2 to 3 seconds. Looking through the Eyepiece (#1), you should see a green glow if the scope is working properly.
3. In a near dark environment, remove the lens cap from the Objective Lens (#5) and push the Power
Button (#2). You will see the green glow. Focus the Eyepiece (#1) and the Objective Lens Ring (#4) to
improve the clarity of view.
When the green glow fades, push the Power Button (#2) again to refresh the green glow.
!! Replace the Lens Cap Immediately when you are done!!
Operation With Illuminator
When operating in total darkness use the built in Illuminator (#6).
1. Remove the lens cap and depress the Power Button (#2), so that the green glow appears.
2. Depress and hold the Illuminator Button (#3) to turn on the Illuminator.
3. When finished using the Illuminator, take finger off the Illuminator Button (#3) and the Illuminator will shut
off. The green image of the Night Vision scope will slowly fade away.
4. !! Replace Lens Cap Immediately!!
# 47894
REV 01/03
Tube Screen Appearance
Light and dark spots caused
by image converter tube may
be visible in the field of view.
These are normal and not considered
imperfections by Image Intensifier
Standards. Most of the distortion
will occur in the peripheral area,
not in the center.
. .
1. Always clean lens with professional supplies. Never wipe dirt or dust off the lens. You may use
dry, compressed air.
2. Clean the housing with a dry, soft cloth.
3. Store in a dry, well ventilated area. Never store near a heater, air conditioner, or in direct
4. Remove battery when storing for more than two weeks.
1. The screen will not glow while in the on position: Check battery. Make sure it is charged and
installed properly.
2. The image fades or disappears completely: If you are in complete darkness, the scope needs
some light. Activate the Illuminator (#6). It is possible that you pointed the device at an intense light
source which might have shut down the unit to protect the intensifier tube. Turn the power off and wait five
minutes before turning it back on.
3. Unable to properly focus: Try adjusting the focus on both the Eyepiece (#1) and the
Objective Lens Ring (#4) Also, try cleaning the lens with professional supplies.
# 47894
REV 01/03