Powerful surveillance that´s easy to manage. - Up-N

Powerful surveillance that´s easy to manage. - Up-N
Product Overview
Milestone XProtect™
Open Platform IP video software management
Powerful surveillance
that´s easy to manage.
The XProtect™ Product Platform gives you true hardware and software
independence and is unique in meeting all the hallmarks of a true
Open Platform solution.
Milestone’s Open Platform future proofs your investment by enabling you
to integrate your current technology and future innovations.
The Open Platform Company
The XProtect Advantage
comprehensive video management tools
Milestone provides a true open platform to video
enable your business and increase the effectiveness
of security teams in reducing risk and protecting
people and assets.
Reliable and proven technology
Milestone´s well-proven technology enables companies to build
reliable and stable IP video solutions. The Milestone technology is
proven in operation in more than 45,000 customer installations, so
you know you can count on robust performance.
Live view and control via remote access
Milestone remote access empowers managers, security personnel
and administrators with full control. Featuring an intuitive and easyto-operate interface, the remote access provides both seamless
live view and instant access to recorded video for fast searching,
analysis and export of evidence.
Scalable to meet future demands
As your surveillance requirements grow, so do the scalable XProtect
solutions. Simply upgrade to a larger version or add more devices
and servers. Moves, adds and changes are easy to do. This allows
you to take advantage of the newest technology.
Hardware independence
Milestone software supports more than 500 different camera
models, video decoders and selected DVR´s from over 50 manufacturers. This gives you the widest selection so you can choose the
right device for the job.
Open Platform for integration
The open platform and well-documented Application
Programming Interface (API) offers the ability to build best-of-breed
solutions and integrate with other systems. Interoperablity allows
you to cost-effectively optimize your exact business need.
IP video surveillance provides full overview of large and widespread
areas, reducing vandalism and crime, thus increasing public safety.
XProtect provides an overview of
production facilities. Use video to
ensure safety regulations are met
and increase the value of your
products and services.
The XProtect Open Platform
Milestone XProtect is Open Platform IP video management software that acts at the core of your surveillance,
providing all the advanced functions and connecting all
the elements in your solution.
Integrate third party systems
Capture live video
from IP cameras
and IP video
Perform basic video processing
Remote access live
view with camera
control and playback
Search video and
export evidence
Record video to database
The Open Platform Company
Easy to Manage: Powerful Features
Milestone’s Open Platform future proofs your
investment by enabling you to integrate future
technology innovations even if they did not exist
when you bought the solution.
XProtect Corporate
Premium IP video platform with central management of unlimited
cameras, including full-featured remote access. The remarkably
simplified central administration is tailored for very large multiserver, multi-site installations with thousands of cameras.
XProtect Enterprise
Comprehensive IP video management system running unlimited
cameras, including full-featured remote access. Suitable for large
multi-server installations with many cameras.
Multi-server system supports unlimited devices
Multi-server system supports unlimited devices
Central management and administration
Full-featured Access and Mobile clients
Full-featured Access Client
Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
Innovative and flexible rules system
Software Development Kit (SDK) available
Integration with Microsoft® Active Directory
Support for XProtect Transact and Central
Software Development Kit (SDK) available
Shared unlimited multi-server license and per device channel
Support for XProtect Transact and Central
Licensing per server and per device channel
XProtect Corporate simplifies the
complexity of managing very large
multi-location implementations.
A solution for every Need
From large multi-thousand camera to small 4-5
camera installations, the Open Platform is scalable
for all applications.
XProtect Professional
Advanced single-server video management system running up
to 64 cameras per server, including full-featured remote access.
Designed for medium-sized installations with one server, this has a
very attractive price/performance ratio.
XProtect Basis+
Essential single-server video system managing up to 25 cameras
per server, including full-featured remote access. Designed with
all the basic features required for small implementations, it is an
inexpensive entry-level product.
Single-server system supports up to 64 devices
Single-server system supports up to 25 devices
Full-featured Access and Mobile clients
Full-featured Access client
Integration with local Microsoft Windows account database
Integration with local Microsoft Windows account database
Support for XProtect Transact
Support for XProtect Transact
Licensing per server includes 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 50 or 64
Licensing per server includes 4, 6, 9, 16 or 25 channels
Feature-rich, easy-to-use operation: the
Smart Client gives you full control over
your surveillance.
The Open Platform Company
Add-on Products Increase value
Build more intelligence into your video surveillance
system with Milestone add-on solutions.
XProtect Transact and Retail
XProtect Central
Reduce fraud and loss in retail
By managing the problems of fraud and theft head-on, the number
one cause of financial loss in retail businesses can be reduced
Central overview of XProtect sites
XProtect Central shows that your servers, devices and input/output
units are up and running. In case of hardware or network connection failure, you are notified instantly and can initiate appropriate
actions. XProtect Central integrates with all Milestone multi-server
XProtect Transact links video recordings with transaction data in POS
and ATM systems, for resolving incidents and errors.
XProtect Retail fully integrates Point-of-Sale and Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) systems with video. Combine data in any
combination to easily search, view, analyze and export incidences.
These implementations are project based.
XProtect Transact handles loss prevention
to save money on the bottom line.
XProtect Central provides overviews for visual
verification of all locations; ideal for alarm
centers, multi-sites or many buildings.
The Value of Milestone’s Solutions
Milestone XProtect IP video management software
solutions optimize the performance of surveillance
systems and provide all users with enhanced
functionality and performance.
Administrators enjoy the benefit of time-saving features in
the XProtect suite of products. The automated procedures and IT
standards lessen the workload considerably for system and user
administration and maintenance.
Automatic camera model detection saves time when
enrolling new cameras.
Scheduled archiving optimizes video storage and disk space.
Built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD) enables storage of
relevant video only.
Flexible event rules let you tailor the video operation to
meet exact needs.
User authentication and authorization tightly integrated
with Microsoft operating systems ensure system consistency
and a secure, single point of user administration.
Operators quickly master all the daily surveillance system
operations, with such features as:
View live and playback recorded video.
Smart search through video and events, saving valuable time.
Intelligent Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) provides full control of all
Virtual matrix empowers you to send any view anywhere on
Input/output event control facilitates advanced, integrated,
intelligent security systems.
Create and export evidence material quickly and securely.
The Open Platform Company
Milestone Systems
The Open Platform Company
Milestone Systems is the leading developer of open platform IP video management
software. The XProtect™ solutions are easy to use, robust and proven in more than
45,000 customer installations. With support for the widest choice in network hardware
and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-of-breed solutions to “video
enable” organizations - reducing costs, optimizing processes, protecting people and
assets. Milestone software is sold through authorized partners in 90 countries.
Milestone Systems A/S
Banemarksvej 50 G
DK-2605 Brøndby, Denmark
Tel: +45 88 300 300
Fax: +45 88 300 301
(CVR number 20341130)
The Americas
Milestone Systems Inc.
8905 SW Nimbus Avenue, Suite 400
Beaverton, OR 97008 USA
If calling from the USA or Canada,
phone tollfree 866-2-MILESTONE
Tel: +1 503 350 1100
Fax: +1 503 350 1199
Milestone Italia Srl.
Via Paisiello,110
20092 Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 02 6179 7573-4
Fax: +39 02 6179 7531
Milestone Systems Japan
29-6, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0033, Japan
Tel: +81 (0)3 3780 8749
Fax: +81 (0)3 3476 4234
Milestone Systems UK Ltd.
118 Codnor Gate, Ripley
Derbyshire DE5 9QW, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1773 570 709
Milestone Systems DE
Am Kleefeld 6a, D-83527 Haag i.OB., Germany
Mobile: +49 (0) 176 20415650
Tel/Fax: +49 (0) 8072 442173
Milestone Systems Pte Ltd.
30 Robinson Road
13-03 Robinson towers
Singapore 048456
Tel: +65 6225 2686
Fax: +65 6225 1798
Milestone Systems United Arab Emirates
Dubai Internet City (DIC)
Office no. 606, EIB, Building no. 5
6th Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +00971 5088 27093
Milestone Systems France SARL
121 rue d’Aguesseau
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
〒150-0033 東京都渋谷区猿楽町
29-6 (デンマーク大使館内)
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