SEMA 2016 - Capricorn Society

SEMA 2016 - Capricorn Society



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JUNE 2016


Modern Da

Cafe Race



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SEMA 2016

31 October - 5 November, Las Vegas USA

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C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6


Ready to

Wrap Up the

Financial Year

With June upon us, we are fast approaching the end of another successful financial year for Capricorn and its Members.

Not only does June mark the closure of the current financial year but also the end of a few additional milestones and events.

Convention 2016 in San Diego was a resounding success with those in attendance enjoying the abundance of activities and events that were on offer. A big thank you to all who attended and those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly. A full Convention wrap up can be found on pages 4-5.

Any end brings with it a new beginning, having been with Capricorn almost a year, Phil Saxton, Capricorn Director in

New Zealand, gives us his insights on the cooperative model and the belief of power in numbers. You can read more about Phil on page 3.

Capricorn Risk Services looks at the real cost of business closure as the result of an unforseen disaster and what you can do to minimise the impact.

Our feature article this month looks at the emergence of new smartphone technology within the automotive industry, while our travel feature gives us some fantastic options when travelling throughout Europe.

We also have all the regular features and highlights which I am sure you will enjoy.

Yours cooperatively,

Greg Wall

Group CEO



Phil Saxton - Power in


Before Phil put his hand up to represent New Zealand Members on the Capricorn Board, the owner of two Wellington workshops was already involved in a number of not-for-profit and advocate groups.

This included positions sitting as

President of the MTA Wellington,

Chairman of the MTA National

Working Group and his still current position of President of the Boulcott

Preservation Society (a not for profit organisation that aims to retain the character of the region).

If you’re in Wellington, head down to the nearest community fundraiser or auto industry mixer and there’s a good chance you’ll run into Capricorn Director, Philip


Phil explained that his compulsion to get involved stemmed from a strong belief of the power in numbers.



CEO Message


Phil Saxton - Power in Numbers


Upcoming Events

4 - 5

Convention 2016



Smart Phone



Don't Wait Until It's

Too Late


SEMA 2016


Travel Europe


Member Profiles


Future Rides


Supplier Focus


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Fun Zone

For the best interests of our members


C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6


Capricorn News

“When people come together and work towards a common goal, it’s remarkable what they can achieve. It’s the reason I’m involved in so many different groups and it’s what first attracted me to becoming a Member of Capricorn. Capricorn’s cooperative structure is democracy at its best and is a great example of what can be achieved from working together. Cooperatives encourage debate and differences of opinion which is vital if you want to have meaningful impact.”

Working in automotive since the tender age of 17,

Phil has witnessed swift and dramatic changes to the industry and is keenly aware of the challenges they bring.

“Once upon a time, if you had done the appropriate training, reconditioning was fairly simple. This is now much more involved as the car park constantly expands. And it’s not just the increasing number of manufacturers complicating things. We now have to be prepared to deal with hybrid, electric and in the future, autonomous cars.”

Looking locally, Phil is also concerned about recent changes in New Zealand legislation.

“In 2014 in New Zealand, legislation changed so that the Warrant of Fitness inspections that were compulsory for all cars every 6 months are now only required every 12 months. This has led to reduced work for a lot of mechanics and increased competition amongst workshops”.

To address challenges, Phil has a clear plan in mind.

“They should be part of Capricorn! All workshops also need to offer a point of difference and strive to provide something special for their customers.

I think Capricorn has a role to play in this regard, empowering Members to continuously improve their businesses to be part of the new economy.

Being a Capricorn Director has been lots of hard work but I didn’t expect anything less. I love being part of the Board and listening to our Members, doing everything we can at Capricorn to best serve their needs. It’s a strong culture and I’m encouraged to see how much is already being accomplished with some great things on the horizon for all Members to get excited about.”

For more information on Phil Saxton and your other

Capricorn Directors visit directors.

Upcoming Events


31 October - 5 November 2016

• SEMA Show Las Vegas

New Zealand

26 November 2016

• Auckland Gala Dinner & Tradeshow

For more information on these events please contact your Area Manager.

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6




Convention 2016, San Diego

Convention 2016 in San Diego is officially a wrap! Capricorn

Members and Suppliers who were in attendance thoroughly enjoyed their time in San Diego and many of the activities that were experienced as part of the Capricorn Convention group will be remembered for a lifetime.

Guests had the chance to relax upon arrival, attending a casual welcome dinner followed by a free day to explore San

Diego. Key note speaker, John Formica was outstanding and many of the 175 guests who attended his session commented that it was one of the best they had been to.

The San Diego city highlights were savored by all as guests enjoyed the opportunity to visit USS Midway, Seaworld, San

Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Gaslamp Quarter, Old Town and

Seaport Village. A group of 350 Capricorn guests packed the stands at Petco Park Stadium where they were a part of a

Major League Baseball game. The local team, the San Diego

Padres, lost but it was a once in a lifetime experience for many.

165 guests also took part in a unique VIP Macy’s shopping experience. The world famous department store was locked out while Capricorn guests had the opportunity to take in an exclusive shopping experience. The Don's Garage Tour was amazing and the collection of cars and automotive memorabilia was truly out of this world!

The Capricorn Gala Dinner was certainly a highlight. Guests dressed up in their best ‘Americana’ themed outfits and packed the Hyatt Regency Pavilion for a night of fun. The DJ pumped up the volume and the dance floor was never empty again until the end of the night.

Over 200 Convention attendees continued onto the Universal

Studios extension. Extension attendees were blown away by the welcome dinner at Universal Studios which included a

Transformers Show.

We would like to thank all guests, Members and Preferred

Suppliers who made Convention 2016 one of the best yet!


C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Convention 2016, San Diego

Capricorn Convention

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6


Where's the car key..?? Start-up with your


A very familiar question usually yelled at the top of one’s voice along with some colourful adjectives when you are running very late for work or an appointment or to pick up the kids from school.

The clever lot at Volvo have come up with a solution whereby vehicle owners will never need a physical key to enter, start or operate their cars.

The Swedish car company plans to be the first in the world to offer cars without any keys from as soon as next year. Instead of a key, Volvo customers will be offered an ingenious mobile phone application that replaces the physical key with a digital one.

The system works using advanced Bluetooth based technology, enabling the digital key on any smartphone to do anything that a physical key currently does. This includes all locking and unlocking functions, boot opening and of course, engine starting.

The technology also allows for owners of more than one Volvo vehicle to access each one in different locations. This means that a company could have a fleet of company cars all over the world, all of which could be accessed and operated using the digital key technology.

The implications for this clever digital key system are vast, particularly if Volvo license out the technology to other major vehicle manufacturers, or if other manufacturers develop their own versions of it.

Just imagine the super-efficient scenario when you are renting a car interstate or abroad, you book the car online, then the rental company sends you the digital key via SMS or email, along with a GPS locator to find the car and you are done. No waiting in lines, no aimless wandering around mammoth international airport or train station rental fleet car parks, endlessly clicking on the remote to find the car with the blinkers flashing and horn blowing, like everyone else – we all know the drill.

Or in an aftermarket scenario, when your car isn’t ready due to a repair delay, the dealer or repairer simply sends you a digital key so you can collect a loan car anytime that suits you, rather than needing to race in before closing time, another scenario that many of us have encountered.

Digital keys can be sent from the vehicle owner to family members or company staff to also easily access vehicles and importantly, they can also be cancelled to stop the kids from taking the car whenever they want!

The Volvo digital key system is currently being piloted using the company’s car sharing firm, Sunfleet, which is stationed at Sweden’s Gothenburg Airport. So far the testing has been faultless, so we should be seeing new Volvo vehicles on the market with this technology from 2017, starting with a limited range of models and progressing from there.

So let’s look at some possible problems, such as losing your mobile phone or the battery running flat right when you need to access your car. This isn’t a major problem as practically everyone has a smartphone these days, your digital key can be sent to any phone


C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Where's the car key..?? Start-up with your

to access and drive your car, with that specific phone digital key voided after its use.

Another safety net is the fact that Volvo will still issue physical keys to customers who want them along with the digital key system. This allows some peace of mind that can be tucked away in your bag or briefcase for any specific emergency like this. It also takes care of the

“belonger” demographic who I dare say make up a great deal of Volvo customers, who may feel that unless they have a physical key, they don’t own a car!

All of this technology is great, but beware of another alarmingly frequent household question that may come up, particularly in a household with small children. “Where’s my mobile phone?”

- by Paul Marinelli

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6


Your Motor

Trades Pack through




Switch to Capricorn and deal with a risk protection specialist who understands your business.

Our account managers have access to a wide range of mutual and general insurance products. Benefit from the only suite of business protection products that earn you

Capricorn Reward Points.

Find out how Capricorn can help you.

0800 555 303 | [email protected] |


For the best interests of our members

Products sold through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd include discretionary risk protection and general insurance products. Discretionary risk protection is issued out of Australia by Capricorn Mutual Ltd. Before deciding to acquire discretionary risk protection you should consider the

Product Disclosure Statement to see if it is appropriate for you. This can be obtained by visiting General insurance products are issued by a range of insurers and are available through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd as a member broker of PSC Connect NZ

Limited. Capricorn Risk Services is a registered financial services provider (390466). Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd (ABN 91 111 632 789) is a corporate Authorised Representative (No. 460893) of Capricorn Mutual Ltd (AFSL 230038)



C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Your Motor

Trades Pack through




Switch to Capricorn and deal with a risk protection specialist who understands your business.

Our account managers have access to a wide range of mutual and general insurance products. Benefit from the only suite of business protection products that earn you

Capricorn Reward Points.

Find out how Capricorn can help you.

0800 555 303 | [email protected] |

For the best interests of our members


Products sold through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd include discretionary risk protection and general insurance products. Discretionary risk protection is issued out of Australia by Capricorn Mutual Ltd. Before deciding to acquire discretionary risk protection you should consider the

Product Disclosure Statement to see if it is appropriate for you. This can be obtained by visiting General insurance products are issued by a range of insurers and are available through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd as a member broker of PSC Connect NZ

Limited. Capricorn Risk Services is a registered financial services provider (390466). Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd (ABN 91 111 632 789) is a corporate Authorised Representative (No. 460893) of Capricorn Mutual Ltd (AFSL 230038)


The real cost of closures

You don't really like to spend too much time thinking about fire or flood sweeping through and destroying your workshop, but in the event of an unforeseen disaster,

Business Interruption Protection is certainly something you should consider.

Whilst building and contents cover will protect the physical damage to your business, it does not protect you against the business losing profit while the site is being rebuilt. Getting your workshop up and running again can take time but unfortunately life doesn't stop; there are still bills that need to be paid and food to put on the table without having to worry about reduced turnover.

With Business Interruption Protection you will be protected for financial losses suffered as a result of a disaster, including:*

• Employee Wages – Your employees will still need to be paid despite you not being able to work. If you choose the ‘Additional Increased Costs of Working’ option, Business Interruption Protection will allow you to continue to meet their needs.

• Prevention of Access – You can’t work if you can’t access the site. Business Interruption Protection provides support until you can get in.

• Public Utilities – Bills for utilities that directly service the business including telecommunications, electricity, gas or water will continue to come in.

Business Interruption Protection offers you peace of mind.

• Suppliers & Customers' Premises - Financial loss resulting from interruption caused by damage to any premises (supplier or customer) from where you are supplied with goods or services.

Capricorn Risk Services is there to assist Members just like you to obtain Business Interruption Protection:

• Capricorn Risk Services currently protect over 2,800 motor trade businesses for Business Interruption

• On average, Members protect $350,000 of gross profit

• The cost of Business Interruption Protection starts at NZ$150 + GST for $100,000 protection

• The Business Interruption Protection period can be either 6, 12 or 18 months

In addition to product offerings that are tailored to the automotive industry, there are additional benefits when choosing Capricorn Risk Services. Members are rewarded through earning Capricorn Reward Points and profits from Capricorn Risk Services go back into the

Capricorn Group.

Customers of Capricorn Risk Services also receive complimentar y travel insurance and have the convenience of consolidating risk protection and general insurance with other business expenses on the one monthly statement.

For a review of your current protection, or for more information on the suite of mutual and general insurance products available through Capricorn Risk Services, contact them today on 0800 555 303 or visit


*Any interruption to your business lasting less than 48 hours is specifically excluded from business interruption protection.

Products sold through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd include discretionary risk protection and general insurance products. Discretionary risk protection is issued out of

Australia by Capricorn Mutual Ltd. Before deciding to acquire discretionary risk protection you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement to see if it is appropriate for you. This can be obtained by visiting General insurance products are issued by a range of insurers and are available through Capricorn Risk Services

Pty Ltd as a member broker of PSC Connect NZ Limited. Capricorn Risk Services is a registered financial services provider (390466). Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd (ABN 91

111 632 789) is a corporate Authorised Representative (No. 460893) of Capricorn Mutual Ltd (AFSL 230038).

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6


SEMA 2016

31 October - 5 November, Las Vegas USA


• 5 nights staying at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

• Ticket to SEMA and AAPEX

• Entry to the Capricorn Dinner (venue to be confirmed)

* $1395 per person based on two people sharing a double room.

Please contact Capricorn Travel for single/triple share prices.

* Flights not included. Please contact Stars Travel for flight details.

Contact Capricorn Travel for availability.

0800 401 444 [email protected]

For the best interests of our members

1 0

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Capricorn Travel Australia Pty Ltd / ACN 008 926 645

ATAS Accreditation No. A10552 /

Travel Europe


With a multitude of world class tourist attractions in a variety of countries,

Europe is certainly a destination of choice for many travellers. Moving from country to country can at times be a little difficult and potentially, very expensive. Luckily there are options that can make your travels within

Europe a lot easier.

Upon a recent trip to Europe and faced with an extremely busy itinerary,

Capricorn Travel Consultant, Jessica Black, utilised the services offered through Rail Europe to navigate through the continent. Rail Europe offer the widest range of rail passes for train travel. Whether your plan is to travel extensively, or to stick to a few select countries, Rail Europe will have a pass to meet your needs.

The Eurail Global Pass is the most complete rail pass to visit Europe. The

Global Pass gives you the ability to travel as much as you want on board trains in 28 countries throughout Europe. With the Eurail Global Pass, you are eligible to travel on board the Eurostar, TGV trains, TGV Lyria,

Thalys, AVE high speed trains operated by Renfe, Frecciarossa operated by

Trenitalia, and the ICE trains. You can also choose flexible or consecutive travel days.

The Eurail Select Pass is ideal for those who want to travel to specific countries. With the Eurail Select Pass, you can visit a combination of 2, 3 or

4 bordering countries out of a choice of 28 countries.

If you are wanting to stay in a specific country for an extended period and take in all it has to offer, then the Country Pass may be the option for you.

Rail Europe offer Country Passes for Italy, United Kingdom, France and

Switzerland. If you were hoping to add another country to your itinerary,

Rail Europe also offer Double Country Passes to include Germany,

Denmark, Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries.

Travelling Europe by train is certainly something to consider when planning your next holiday to the region. Rail passes available through Rail Europe represent one of the most hassle free choices in reaching your destination.

Contact Stars Travel today for more information.

To guarantee your spot, it is best to reserve a seat prior to your planned travels which can be done online through the Rail Europe website. Please note that high speed trains, scenic trains and night trains require a reservation. The reservation is not included as part of the rail pass.

Contact Stars Travel on 0800 802 929 or visit

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

1 1

At Capricorn, we never lose sight of the fact that we exist for, and because of, our

Members. We put the spotlight on two of your fellow Members.

Farm Gear HB (2010) Ltd.

How did you first hear about Capricorn?

The previous owner of the company was a Capricorn Member so we decided to carry it over.

How has being a Member benefited your business?

Having the one bill and account has resulted in a huge saving on time for us.

How do you use your reward points?

We put our reward points towards purchasing items for the workshop to ensure everything is kept state of the art.

Have you attended any Capricorn events?

We regularly attend the tradeshows in our area and have plans on attending the 2016 Gala Dinner & Tradeshow.

Do you use any other Capricorn services?

We use the Purple Pages regularly and also use CAP ezi-finance.

What is a recent business achievement?

As a result of business growth, we are currently recruiting additional staff members. We have also recently purchased new equipment for the workshop.

My Capricorn membership means…

Great rewards, less time spent on paperwork and the relationship that is built between Preferred Suppliers and other Capricorn Members.

Member Profiles






Oamaru Exhaust &

Radiator Ltd.

How did you first hear about Capricorn?

Shane Canning, Capricorn Area Manager, paid us a visit to explain

Capricorn and the benefits of being part of a group of like-minded people working together. Easy decision to join.

How has being a Member benefited your business?

Access to Preferred Suppliers throughout the country, great for hard to find parts.

How do you use your reward points?

We are building them up at present and have not used any yet.

Have you attended any Capricorn events?

We are relatively new Members so not as yet, however, we are looking forward to the tradeshow being held in our area.

Do you use any other Capricorn services?

We love CAP ezi-parts as it sends our request to Preferred Suppliers throughout the country. Purple Pages is also a great tool to have.

What is a recent business achievement?

We have hired an additional staff member. As a very small business, this is great growth for us.

A tip (technical or otherwise) you would like to share with other Members?

Offer great customer service and smile no matter how you may feel inside.





What is the best thing about being in the automotive industry?

We have the chance to work on a lot of different vehicles, hotrods and classics. We love helping people achieve the vehicle dreams and goals.

My Capricorn membership means...

Streamlined, easy and convenient. Great people.

1 2

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Member Profiles

Future Rides

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg named 2016 Koenigsegg Regera a “megacar”, and added that the second part of its name, regera, is a Swedish verb meaning

“to govern”, which instantly tells you what kind of performance you should expect.

Amazingly enough, the entire exterior of 2016 Koenigsegg Regera was done with no help of professional designers! If you take a look at the car from the front, you will see that it’s simplified, not what you’d expect from Koenigsegg in terms of style.

The car incorporates newly designed headlights and a deeper aerodynamic splitter. As for the side profile, it is reminiscent of

Koenigsegg's previous model, the Agera and even retains the dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors. The rear is completely redesigned, with a new pair of LED taillights and a hydraulically activated rear wing.

The cockpit and interior has been fully redesigned to be more spacious and comfy. Every single piece of the cabin equipment is wrapped in leather, Alcantra and carbon fibre. The large display screen in the centre console features Apple Car Play.

The heart of 2016 Koenigsegg Regera is a twin-turbocharged,

5.0-liter, V-8 engine supplemented by three electric motors. The

Regera produces 700 hp and 664 pf of torque received from the electric motors. Therefore, the total system outlet is of 1,500 hp and

1,475 pf of torque (in the least), all sent to the rear wheels through a brand new technology called the Direct Drive, which replaces the traditional gearbox with an electric motor. Another new feature the

Regera sports are variable-vane turbochargers, which give it more low-end torque and enhanced throttle response at lower revs. With this epic drive train, the car powers from 0-100km/h in 2.7 seconds and is the fastest car in history accelerating from 0 - 400km/h in less than 20 seconds.

Given this epic megacar pedigree and the fact that Koenigsegg is only going to be producing 80 Regeras, you will not get much change from US $2 million if you are planning on buying one of these beasts.

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

1 3

Supplier Focus

Auckland Japanese

Car Parts Centre Ltd


In 1982 a new business was started trading as "Super

Car Spares Ltd", dismantling vehicles of all types. In

1986, with the influx of imported vehicles from Japan, a decision was made to specialise in body panels for

Japanese vehicles. Since then the business has never looked back.

Auckland Japanese Car Parts Centre Ltd are a family business. They are well respected in the local trade and their overseas suppliers, having a reputation for treating everybody in a very fair manner.

They were recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence for having a 5-Star Partstrader Rating and continue to strive for the best service possible.


Areas of specialisation include, used outside body panels/ parts, lights and auto electrical parts. They stock all

Japanese makes, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.


Based in Auckland, they distribute NZ wide.

Zones Serviced







Since becoming a Capricorn Preferred Supplier, Auckland

Japanese Car Parts Centre deliver a faster, more convenient service to customers. They have also reached a wider customer base as Capricorn Preferred Suppliers.

Keep an eye on your card

There is no doubt that your Capricorn membership entitles you to some fantastic benefits.

To minimise the risk of misuse and fraudulent activity on your Capricorn account, all

Members are requested to provide proof of membership by either:

• Presenting your Capricorn Card when collecting goods from Preferred Suppliers, or

• Contacting the Preferred Supplier by phone prior to collection.

Taking other basic precautions like signing the back of your Capricorn Card and ensuring goods are only delivered to your registered business address will also minimise the risk of misuse.

1 4

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Modern Day Cafe Racers

Kawasaki ER6 & Yamaha FJ 1200

Avid motorcycle enthusiast and owner of The Local Garage,

Mike Bilton, brings us these two mean looking modern cafe racers.

Mike has had the bikes for around three years and in that time, has completed some fairly extensive modifications.

The first of the bikes is a 2005 Kawasaki ER6. When Mike acquired the bike, it was a full-faring road bike but over time he has transformed it into the modern day cafe racer you see here. The bike was fully stripped down, the tail and back end were modified and a custom seat fitted. A modified exhaust, bars and lights were fitted and the bike was finished with a one off, red and pearl white paint job. Powered by a 650cc engine, this Kawasaki is perfect for street cruising.

Mike's second bike is certainly a more traditional looking cafe racer. This 1986 Yamaha FJ 1200 started its life as a sports touring police bike before it was stripped back to frame and bare metal for a complete, ground up re-build. Step one was to roll sheet metal and construct a fully customised rear end.

The front end was then levelled to give the bike its street-like appearance. Custom pipes, seat and front end were then fitted and the bike finished off in classic off-white paint complete with black race stripes and pin-lining. The re-build resulted in a 40kg weight saving meaning the bike gets up to speed very quickly!

If you think your ride has what it takes to be published in

Ignition, please email, [email protected] Ensure you include the subject line 'Member's Ride'. We look forward to featuring your ride!

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

1 5


Get approval and financial commitment for all repairs

Exceeding your customers' expectations

The age-old belief about customer service was that if the service was good and the price was right, the customer would keep returning to the business; that was once upon a time.

The age-old methods of doing business are long gone, and regrettably so has loyalty.

Workshops are competing hard to steal your customers. Intrusive social media and advanced communication technology are providing competitors with access to customers that was never possible even ten years ago.

It’s not just aftermarket competition. The car dealerships are setting the bar even higher, with generous fixed price servicing, free scheduled services and if they follow the US trend, dealerships may soon be using their service departments to provide basic services for vehicles other than the ones they sell.

This means that workshops will need to do a lot more than what they believe is just good customer service if they want to hold on to their customers.

They need to start exceeding their customers’ expectations to the point where they become raving fans for your business. Once a customer becomes a raving fan, they start telling their friends and that’s the best advertising you can get.

Now this may sound like an impossible dream

– what could you possibly do to exceed your customers’ expectations?

Here are some simple strategies for exceeding your customers’ expectations – surprisingly simple in fact.

Put on a smile and be enthusiastic – the future tone of any relationship between humans is established by the attitudes displayed at that very first meeting. Why would greeting a potential new customer with a car problem be any different? No staffer should ever walk past a customer without acknowledging them.

Make customers feel like you are expecting them – when the customer arrives, the preliminaries should already have been taken care of, and the customer gets the feeling that he or she was expected.

Explain what is going to happen today – explain what the repair steps are likely to be.

Call them back when you say you will – after confirming the repair process, always follow it through. If you say you will ring by 1pm, make sure you do.

Get approval and financial commitment for all repairs – approval must be gained to go ahead with all repairs. If an estimate is all you can give, make sure you call the customer if it looks like exceeding that estimate.

Make your story exceed the price charged

– make the story and explanation of the repair job exceed the price on the invoice.

This is not being misleading and nor does it mean overcharging, but merely a simple sales technique to give the car owner some satisfaction for the hard earned money they are about to part with.

Do something that visually improves the appearance of the car and tell the customer

– that could vary from washing, vacuuming, cleaning tyres, using a deodoriser spray or cleaning the dash. Make it a policy that something the customer was not expecting is always done.

The challenge is doing it every time you deal with a customer no matter how busy you are.

For some fantastic videos on how to correctly book in and accurately check a vehicle for a scheduled repair, visit and click on 'Member Resources'

1 6

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

Exceeding your customers' expectations


Bonus Reward Points - June

Members can earn more reward points by purchasing from Preferred Suppliers who offer bonus reward points.

Every time you make an eligible purchase from a Capricorn Preferred Supplier you earn 1.5 points per dollar spent. When you see a Preferred Supplier offering bonus reward points you get 1.5 points per dollar spent on eligible purchases plus the bonus reward points. By taking advantage of these offers your reward points balance will grow even faster.

*Refers to offers for selected product(s) only. Contact the Capricorn Preferred Supplier for details.




1.5 & 3 Bonus Reward Points per $ spent

'Selected Products'*


2 Bonus Reward Points per $ spent 'Selected


For details of ongoing bonus reward points offers, contact your Capricorn Area Manager.

Important Note to Suppliers

Whilst we endeavour to list all offers we can only list bonus point offers that we are aware of at time of publication deadline.

Preferred Suppliers need to advise Capricorn by emailing [email protected] with the subject line BONUS POINT OFFER by the 15th of the prior month to ensure that any offers are listed in Ignition. For further information on how to run a bonus reward points promotion, please contact Andrew Baird on 021 753 223.

Capricorn Tech Tips

Capricorn Tech Tips provides Members with access to valuable technical tips from Capricorn Preferred

Suppliers. Each month we will feature a new Tech Tip that addresses common workshop problems.

In addition to our monthly feature, there are many more Tech Tips on our website which can be viewed by following the prompts:

Vehicle and Category:

Professional Guide - Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

This infographic is a guide only. Each vehicle present their own different faults and procedures, you must be competent and have the correct technical back up, or you must take to a professional installer to fit this product.

Tech Tip provided by:

C A P R I C O R N I G N I T I O N J U N E 2 0 1 6

1 7


Classifieds Advertising Guidelines

Do you have a business for sale, equipment that you need to get rid of, or are you just looking for a part that you haven’t been able to find? If the answer is yes, then you should advertise in the Capricorn Classifieds, it’s FREE to do so. See below for details.

• The Capricorn Classifieds are for Capricorn Members only to advertise. Payment is to be organised between advertiser and purchaser.

• Parts or equipment that relate to your business only may be advertised.

• Businesses for sale may be advertised.

• Cars for sale cannot be advertised.

• Classifieds are on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on the number received, your classified may not appear immediately.

• No pictures to be submitted.

• No positions vacant.

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Mechanical Workshop, Yamba NSW

Progressive workshop with large customer base. 21st century diagnostic equipment,

3 hoists, advanced level wheel alignment machine, tyre fitting and air cond equip, tyre and battery sales, AIS station.

Ph: David (02) 6646 1561

Mechanical & Exhaust Workshop

Nerang, QLD

Est. 25yrs, great location, 5 hoist & workshop equip, plus stock. AIS station, regular repeat clientele, highway frontage, great turnover.

$250K WIWO. Ph: 0409 713 614

Mechanical Workshop, Midland WA

Small mechanical workshop, owner retiring.

W/shop has 2 hoists & floor bay. Comes with stock, equipment & goodwill. Main road frontage, close to train & bus station. $170K.

Contact: [email protected]

Mechanical Workshop, Tin Can Bay QLD

Est. 8yrs, independently owned/operated, well equip, 3 hoists, drive over lifter, wheel alignment machine, tyrer fitting machine, wheel balancer, complete w/tools & equip, have 2 staff that work locally. WIWO, POA.

Ph: Garry 0457 374 322

Workshop Equipment, Malanda QLD

Servex LX.7 2000 Wheel Aligner $2,900.

Heavy duty drive on ramps & turn tables

$500. Robinair Air-Conditioning Machine

$2,500. Ph: Mick (07) 4096 6155 or

0409 890 384

Auto Electrical, Whangamata NZ

Unique opportunity, iconic beach lifestyle location. Only auto electrical business in town, est. 25yrs, variety of commercial, forestry, marine & private vehicles.

Email: [email protected]

Panel and Paint, Yarram VIC

Incl. office equip, quoting system, Seetal oven, Autorobot chasis alignment & system, Invertor spot welder, spray equip, work shop tools, late model loan cars, good lease terms Ph: Brett (03) 5182 6338

Auto Electrical Workshop, Brisbane

Western Suburb QLD

Large customer base, fully equip including hoist, alt/starter bench, press, A/C equip, scan tools and new stock. Air-con office and customer waiting area. Text number for call back 0488 525 817.

Mechanical Equipment, Box Hill VIC

Hoists: Powerrex 4000kg 4 post, Summit

2 post and Molnar 2 post. Summit Tyre machine model: 1700TI. Autel Scantool

Michelin Compressor Summit Wheel balancer model: 1350.

Ph: Neil 0419 571 308

Mechanical Workshop, Albany WA

Est. 30yrs, independently owned/operated, modern well equip workshop, 4 hoists, extra work bays, long lease avail, excellent reputation, large clientele. $265k WIWO.

Contact: [email protected]

Brake Lathe, Brunswick VIC

Ammco 4000 series brake lathe. Motor rewound, new belt, cutting tips, pulleys & centre shaft, comes with large cups and cones, used as back up in retail/workshop, serviced recently. $4,500. Ph: Steve 0407 053 366

Dynameter, Burleigh Heads QLD

Dynopack 3000 2WD Dynameter. Complete package with all accessories. 240V powered with 3 phase scroll cooling fan. Cost over

$100k, selling for $50k Ph: Dan 0410 410 094

Smash Repairs, Blayney NSW

Est 33yrs, 14yrs with current owners. Well equipped with spray booth & paint room, Car-

O-Liner with electronic measuring. Only panel shop in town. Great T/O & profit. Can sell or lease the freehold. Ph: 0414 849 823

Truck Mechanical Workshop/Retail,

Macksville NSW

Large operating shed in growth corridor of the billion dollar Pacific Hwy upgrade.

Existing advertising, web, phone.

WIWO or bring your own tools and equipment.

$15k bare - $40k. Ph: John 0418 460 045

Motorcycle Sales, Service & Repairs

Currie, TAS

Looking for a sea change? Large workshop, vehicle, ATV's & small engines. AIS Inspection accredited. Latest tec wheel alignment equ. 2 &

4 post hoists. POA. Ph: 0429 611 266

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East Swan Mobile Mechanic

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1. Bottle top changed colour

2. Sticker missing from wall

3. Name on shirt

4. Two circles on post

5. 'I' missing from post

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Whether it’s a scan tool, hoist, spray booth or wheel balancer, Capricorn Finance can help you get your workshop equipment sooner with repayment terms up to 60 months.

• Pay just 5% p.a. (fixed charge) when you finance over $2,500

• Minimal paperwork

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Contact Capricorn Finance now for more details on a finance package for you and your business.

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