T 163 A/V Tuner Preamplifier

T 163 A/V Tuner Preamplifier
T 163 A/V Tuner Preamplifier
•Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, ProLogic II, DTS,
DTS ES, DTS NEO:6, Matrix 7.1, EARS,
Enhanced Stereo
•Stereo Bypass
•24 bit/192kHz DACs for all channels
•6 Video Inputs all S-Video and Composite,
2 Tape Loops
• Component Video, 3 Inputs and 1 Output
HDTV Compatible
•3 Audio Inputs, 1 Tape Loop
•6 Digital Inputs, 4 Coaxial, 2 TOS Link
freely assignable
•2 Digital Outputs, 1 Coaxial, 1 TOS Link
•7.1 Analogue Input
•Analogue input levels are adjustable for best
S/N ratio
•Pre-amp Outputs employ discrete component buffer
amps for ultra-low output impedance and high
current drive
•Zone 2 A/V Preout with independent source
and volume
•RS-232 port interface for advanced control systems
and software upgrades
•IEC Detachable Power Cable
•3 x 12V Trigger Outputs, 12V Trigger Input
•3 x IR Outputs, IR Input
•All Inputs can be renamed, and preferred surround
mode is saved
•5 Custom Scenario Presets store unique speaker
setting (Bass Management) surround mode and tone
control settings for instant recall
•HTR-2 - 8 Device Illuminated Learning Remote with
Macro function
•ZR-2 Second Zone Remote included, discrete codes
for independent zone
For the enthusiast that seeks the highest levels of
performance and flexibility, NAD has created the T 163
A/V Tuner Preamp. When matched with an NAD multichannel power amp, the T 163 clearly achieves NAD’s
10/10 Rule: adding 10% more performance would increase
the price by a factor of 10! Whether your primary interest
is Hollywood movies, music videos, or just listening to
music, the T 163 delivers on the NAD promise of creating
an intense and involving home entertainment experience
at a price that competes with “ordinary” components from
the mass-market brands.
Separates vs. Receivers
Separate components have always been used in
professional applications, and occupy the highest tier
of performance for consumer electronics products.
Simply put, the receiver concept makes compromises in
performance and flexibility in favor of convenience and
price. This is especially true for the power amplifier section
of the receiver. The large power supply and output stage
heat sinks of the power amp must be compromised to fit
in the single chassis format of the receiver. These high
power parts can also cause interference with the lowvoltage sensitive circuits used in preamplifier, tuner, and
decoder sections of the receiver. The T 163 combines all
the control and decoding functions in one compact chassis,
giving up nothing to the convenience of the receiver, yet
by separating the power amp stages gives a big jump in
performance and flexibility.
The T 163 offers remarkable system flexibility, with all
audio, video and digital inputs freely assignable to a nonvolatile memory. Inputs can also be renamed to add a
custom touch to your system. This is easily accomplished
via the OSD (On Screen Display) or via the RS-232 and
available PC program.
The T 163 also includes rear panel IR input and outputs in
addition to a 2-way RS-232 communications port to allow
easy interface to advanced control systems like Aegis
and Crestron. With a Zone 2 audio and video output,
the T 163 is really two components in one, allowing
fully independent programs to be played in two different rooms
simultaneously. We even supply a ZR-2 remote handset to control
all Zone 2 functions from the local or remote location via IR sensors.
NAD has addressed two of the most common complaints
with advanced surround sound systems: the inability to make
adjustments ‘on-the-fly’ without entering a complex menu system,
and the inability to have different speaker settings for different
types of source material. With direct access to channel volumes on
the HTR-2 remote control, it is easy to make fine level adjustments
to the subwoofer, center channel, and surround channels without
stopping the movie or music to enter the speaker set-up menu. A/V
Presets allow you to store up to five unique speaker configurations
for instant recall. Input section, speaker selection and size,
crossover frequency, level, distance, and surround mode can all be
adjusted to suit and saved to the non-volatile A/V Preset memory.
Naturally, all the popular surround decoding formats are supported,
including the latest 6.1 and 7.1 programs from Dolby and DTS. In
addition to Dolby ProLogic II and DTS Neo:6, NAD has included
four custom modes for listening to 2 channel stereo music on
a surround sound speaker system. EARS places the listener in
the audience, with a solid front stage and a very natural acoustic
envelopment best enjoyed with acoustic recordings. Matrix
7.1 uses all 7 channels to place the listener “on stage” with the
musicians, right in the middle of the action. Stereo Enhanced
1 simultaneously directs the stereo signal to both front and
rear speakers for maximum SPL (sound pressure level). Stereo
Enhanced 2 redirects the front channels to the rear channels for late
night or background music listening.
The primary reason for choosing Component Hi-Fi is to enjoy
the highest levels of sonic performance, and for this the T 163
delivers in spades! Whether decoding Dolby or Digital 5.1, 6.1
or 7.1 surround formats, creating multi-channel surround from
two channel sources with EARS or ProLogic II, or simply listening
to HDCD encoded CD’s in pure Stereo, the T 163 delivers the
precision, accuracy, and musical integrity that has been an NAD
hallmark for the last 30 years. Vanishingly low distortion under real
world conditions means that the promise of the spec sheet is easily
realized in the listening room, due to the high performance 24 bit/
192kHz DACs and discrete component buffer amps for the preamp
Special attention has been paid to all aspects of the engineering and
design of the T 163 to give the highest performance for the money.
From the wide bandwidth video switching, to the highly accurate
digital processing and digital to analogue conversion and analogue
amplification, parts selection and circuit layout has been optimized
for the best possible sound quality. Even the FM/AM tuner offers a
high level of sonic performance and signal pulling capability thanks
to its MOS/FET front end, PLL tuning, and accurate IF stage. This is
topped off with an easy to program 30 station preset memory and
RDS display.
Bass Management is comprehensive, offering 4th order low pass
and 2nd order high pass filtering with adjustable frequency from
40Hz to 200Hz in 20Hz increments. And with NAD’s unique A/V
Preset feature, you can easily set up different bass management
scenarios for different types of music or movies.
You can pay several times the T 163’s price, but it will be very
difficult to top the performance or flexibility offered in this
extraordinary component. The T 163 is really two components
in one, with its Zone 2 output (with independent AV source
switching and volume) making the T 163 capable of controlling two
independent systems at the same time! We even provide a Zone 2
remote handset with unique IR codes.
Upgradable firmware and extensive connection options make
the T 163 an investment that won’t soon become obsolete. As a
command center combined with one of NAD’s award winning
power amplifiers, the price to performance ratio is nearly
untouchable by competing systems, and even rivals NAD’s own
more costly components.
Analogue performance
Analogue input impedance
Analogue frequency response
Maximum input level
15K /100pF
5Hz to 20K -/±0.8dB
Signal/noise ratio
Dynamic Range
Analogue channel separation
Maximum output level
Output impedance
Main pre-out
150 ohms
Tape out
330 ohms
Multi-room output
330 ohms
Tone Controls
Digital input performance
THD+N (Bandwidth 10Hz - 20kHz)
Video Section
Input and output impedance
Component Video Bandwidth
Composite and S-Video
≥ 12MHz
Tuner Section
Input sensitivity Mono
50dB Stereo:
Harmonic Distortion; FM Mono
Harmonic Distortion; FM Stereo
Signal/noise; Mono
Signal/noise; Stereo
Stereo separation at 1kHz
Frequency response; + 1.5dB
30Hz - 15kHz
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D)
17 1/8 x 5 15/16 x 15 3/8”
(435 x 150 x 399 mm)
Net Weight
Shipping Weight
17.6 lbs (8kg)
22.4 lbs (10.2kg)
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permission of NAD Electronics International. © 10/03 NAD Electronics International.
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