MALÅ CX - MALA GPR Australia

MALÅ CX - MALA GPR Australia
Concrete Inspection solution
Ground Penetrating Radar for
Concrete scanning and inspection
The MALÅ CX solution monitor at startup
Scan, cut and core
with confidence
The MALÅ GPR CX Concrete Imaging System allows you to perform ground penetrating radar
scans of concrete structure simply and safely and present data clearly for real-time and in-thebox 3D data acquisition, display and analysis.
The MALÅ GPR CX solution provides accurate inspection
The CX solutions support the MALÅ GPR High Frequency
of concrete structure such as floors, walls, slabs, bridge
antennas, ranging from 1.2 to 2.3 GHz. The user-friendly
deck for the detection of metallic and non metallic objects
built-in software may be operated by either the push-and-
and features, e.g. rebar, post tension cables, metallic and
turn dial on the monitor, or in a fully remote mode using
non-metallic conduits and pipes, voids, as well as the
the buttons on the antenna. The software supports three
measurement of slab thickness. The CX solution gives
different modes of operation: 2D; 3D Grid; Object mapper
construction professionals a safe and reliable solution to
projects. For further processing, analysis and reporting,
inspect work areas to locate and identify hidden features
the data can be exported to stand-alone MALÅ software
that could cause damage to machinery, or pose a danger to
solutions, such as MALÅ 3D Vision and Object Mapper.
the operator or the structure itself.
“The MALA CX is just a fantastic
instrument and I’m amazed
how effectively you can build a
business around the technology.”
- C.R.I.S., Australia
The core of MALÅ CX solutions
The MALÅ CX solution is currently based around the CX12 control unit. The MALÅ CX12 is the third generation of the CX
control unit and when developing the CX12, MALÅ engineers were very careful to merge all the new ideas with the
best features from its predecessor (CX10, CX11). The MALÅ CX12 introduction was very well received by the market
and has further strengthened the MALÅ CX solution as the market leader of ground penetrating radar devices in the
concrete scanning market.
The MALÅ CX solution includes everything needed in one small case roughly the size of airplane carry-on-luggage. At
site, it takes less than 10 minutes from arrival until the first 3D Grid survey is completed. The MALÅ CX solution is widely
appreciated for its field worthy design. As with all MALÅ ground penetration radar solutons, the sensitive electronics is
sealed and protected by an anodized aluminum casing. Cables and connectors are designed to withstand the toughest
building sites and the wear and tear from daily use for years. The CX monitor screen is built for both in-door and out-door
operation and is perfectly visible in direct sun light. The system
supports three antenna frequencies: 1.2 GHz; 1.6 GHz; 2.3
MALÅ CX solution
GHz. As an option, the first two also comes with a built-in EM
radiation detector to help detect live wires. With the builtin processing and interpretation software, the CX solution is
designed to effectively deliver results directly in the field. But if
required, data and results from the CX solution can be exported
to stand-alone MALÅ proprietary software, such as MALÅ 3DVision
and Object Mapper, for further processing, analysis and reporting.
Technical Specification
POWER SUPPLY: Li-Ion 12V/12Ah external battery
OPERATING TEMP: -20° to +50°C or 0° to 120 °F
Three antenna frequencies (1.2,
1.6 and 2.3 GHz) are available.
Depth range varies between 0.5 1.0 meters in dry concrete.
DISPLAY: 10.4” Color TFT, sunlight-readable, LCD
DIMENSIONS: 56 x 46 x 26cm/22”x 18”x 10” (in-the-box)
As an option to the standard HF Single
Wheel encoder, there is the MALÅ HF Cart,
a four wheeled encoder for improved
control and detail.
TOTAL SYSTEM WEIGHT: 19.5 kg/42.9 lbs (in-the-box incl. antenna)
ANTENNAS: High Frequency 1.2, 1.6, 2.3 GHz (EM-option avail.)
MALÅ 3DVision, stand-alone, PCcompatible, software dedicated
to processing, visualization
and interpreting MALÅ CX high
frequency data, is included.
Features and Accessories
Minimal setup time for fast start-up
Full remote capabilities using buttons on the antenna
LINUX operating system for fast and reliable processing
Other optional items include the
extension handle, extension cable and a
shoulder harness to simplfy hard-to-reach
investigation areas.
Intuitive project driven GUI for enhanced work flow
Project modes for 2D, 3D Grid, and Object Mapper
For more information, see
In-the-box processing to clear jobs on site
Supports EM (50/60Hz) detection functionality
Back up cursor for quick and accurate marking
Hyperbola fitting tool for velocity calibrations
Stand-alone Windows based software for additional processing
MALÅ Geoscience is the Global Leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) with users in 113
countries and more than 60 distributors.
With offices in Sweden, USA, China, Malaysia and Australia, and service centers in 3 continents,
the company offers an outstanding level of service to customers and business partners
MALÅ Geoscience
Skolgatan 11, SE-930 70
MALÅ Geoscience USA, Inc.,
Malå, Sweden
465 Deanna Lane,
PHONE: +46 953 345 50
Charleston, SC 29492
FAX: +46 953 345 67
PHONE: +1 843 852 5021
E-MAIL: [email protected]
FAX: +1 843 284 0684
E-MAIL: [email protected]
MALÅ Geoscience (China)
Room 2604,
Yuan Chen Xin BLDG, No.12
Yu Min Road Chao Yang District
Beijing 100029
PHONE: +86 108 225 0728,
FAX: +86 108 225 0815
E-MAIL: [email protected]
MALÅ Geosience (South East Asia)
9-B, Jalan Prima 9,
Metro Prima, Kepong, 52100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
PHONE: +60 (0)3 6250 7351
FAX: +60 (0)3 6250 2072
E-MAIL: [email protected]
MALÅ Geoscience (Oceania)
Unit 26, 10-18 Orchard Road
Brookvale, NSW 2100, Australia
PHONE: +61 438 278 902
FAX: +61 2 9908 1484
E-MAIL: [email protected]
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