Hitachi HR-550 User's manual

Hitachi HR-550 User's manual
HITACHI Eyelash Curler
Thank you very much for purchasing this product.
Please read this user manual carefully and use the product properly.
This product is for household use only. Please do not use for other purposes.
< 1. Safety Precautions >
Use the product for curling eyelashes only.
Do not use the product while wearing contact lens.
Users who have eye illnesses or conjunctivitis should not use the product.
Do not use the product while in vehicles.
Do not press the heat pad against eyelids. This is a risk of burns.
If feel uncomfortable with eyes or eyelids while using or afterwards, stop using the
product and consult with a doctor or specialist.
Failure to observe the following may cause injury or a failure due to heat
generation, electrolyte leakage or bursting of the batteries:
・Properly use the batteries according to the indication for use.
・Make sure to turn OFF the power switch after use.
・Perform periodic inspection, especially electrolyte leakage.
・Must remove the batteries when not using the product for a long period of time.
・When replacing the batteries, use brand new and same type of batteries.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use the product if it has been dropped or any damage.
Do not wash or splash water on the product.
Do not alter, disassemble or repair by unauthorized technician.
< 2. Name of parts and operation >
Head part
Heat pad
Operation button
Press the operation button,
heat pad would move upwards.
Then, hold eyelashes between
head part and heat pad for
curling up eyelashes.
Power switch
Push the power switch up to turn on
the power and lamp would light up.
Then, heat pad starts to heat up.
Fitting mark
Battery cover
This lamp is bright up area of eyes
for curling up eyelashes.
It is also an indication of power on or
life of batteries.
< 3. How to insert battery >
Use alkaline batteries only(LR03/AAA).
If other type of batteries are used, the product may not be performed well. The heat
pad would warm up with longer time and cause battery life to be shorten.
1. Pull out the battery cover
towards the direction of the arrow and remove it.
battery cover
2. Insert two batteries into the product
properly according to the battery terminal.
*Caution: If batteries place in wrong direction,
the product would not be operated.
3. Push back the battery cover and match with
the fitting mark until it clicks.
fitting mark
< 4. How to use >
Do not press the heat pad against eyelids. It would cause burns.
When using the product on eyelashes applied with mascara, wait until mascara has
completely dried.
If feel uncomfortable with eyes and eyelids while using or afterwards, stop using
the product and consult with a doctor or specialist.
1. Turn the switch to ON, and wait for
10 seconds until the heat pad is warm.
Then, the eye lamp lights up.
2. Place the head part on the base of eyelashes
declining the product to an angle of 20 approximately,
and press and hold operation button for 5 seconds.
*It is recommended to check out in the mirror while
using the product to prevent hurting eyes accidentally.
3. Similarly, press the head part on the edge of
eyelashes and curl in 3 parts. (curl in order of A,B and C)
The degree of curling is adjusted by the strength
and time pressing on the operation button.
4. Make sure to turn OFF after use.
< 5. Advice for good curling >
1. Hold eyelashes from the base firmly
Pull eyelid upward lightly with finger,
hold eyelashes from the base with the heat pad.
*If lift up jaw a bit and look downward, it is easier
to hold eyelashes.
2. Raise the middle part of eyelashes
Release the heat pad and move the product
to the middle part of eyelashes. Then, press
the operation button and hold eyelashes again.
3. Hold the edge of eyelashes lightly
Move the heat pad to the edge of eyelashes,
and hold lightly.
4. Curl eyelashes at the corner of eyes
Hold eyelashes by declining the product,
curl eyelashes at the corner align properly.
*Use the edge of head part.
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