PI - 10 Power Indicator
PI - 10
Power Indicator
Power Indicator
Broadband Power
Simultaneous Measurement
o Forward & Reflected
Low insertion loss
100 KHz – 10 MHz
200 Watt Capacity
The PI-10 RF power indicator is used to measure the
RF level of signal sources in the 100 KHz to 10 MHz
range. This portable unit is self-contained with an
easy to read LCD display, no tuning or any other form
of adjustment is required.
The PI-10 measures forward and reflected power of
the system that it is inserted into, enabling you to
quickly and accurately determine the power delivered
to the load in your system. The characteristic
impedance of the instrument is 50 ohms. The PI-10
operates up to power levels of 200 Watts.
Frequency Range
100 KHz – 10 MHz
Rated Power Output
200 Watts
Input Impedance / VSWR
50Ω 1.25:1 maximum
Output Impedance / VSWR
50Ω 1.25:1 maximum
130mm x 150mm x 250mm (H x W x D)
1387 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd
Rochester, NY 14623
Tel: (585) 214 0598
Fax: (585) 214 0580
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