ESAB Prest-O-Lite® 403 Torch Handle Supplementary instructions

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November, 1996


Part No. 02X93



These INSTRUCTIONS are for experienced operations. If you are not fully familiar with the principles of operation and safe practices for air-fuel gas equipment, we urge you to read our booklet "Precautions and Safe Practices,"

From 2035. Do NOT permit untrained persons to operate this equipment. Do NOT attempt to operate this equipment until you have read and fully understand these INSTRUCTIONS. If you do not fully understand these INSTRUC-

TIONS, contact your supplier for further information.

This sheet covers use of PREST-O-LITE tips which attach directly to the 403 handle. Supplementary instructions are supplied with SWIRLJET air-fuel gas (F-

15-132), SWIRLJET air-acetylene tips (F-15-132), and with leak detectors (F9372).




1. Attach a regulator to your acetylene or fuel gas tank, follow the instructions supplied with the regulator.

2. Connect a 3/16-in. hose assembly with 'A'-size lefthand-thread fittings to the regulator outlet and to the handle. Tighten the connection nuts with a wrench.

3. Then insert the tip into the locking nut at the front of the handle. Holding tip in position, tighten the locking nut by hand to lock the tip in place.


Close the shutoff valve on the 403 handle. Open the tank valve, set the regulator to deliver 10 psi (see instructions supplied with regulator) and check for leaks, using a thick solution of soap and water, at the points indicated on the adjoining sketch.


1. If you have set the regulator to 10 psi delivery pressure for testing, you may wish to reset it before lighting the flame, since only a few tips require a pressure that high. Unless you are sure 10 psi is needed, we suggest the regulator be reset for 5 psi before you light your torch.

NOTE: When using SWIRLJET tips, be sure to follow the pressure recommendations given in the instruction sheets supplied with those tips.

2. Having set or reset your regulator to 5 psi delivery pressure, open the needle valve on the 403 handle, and light the gas at the tip with a friction lighter.

3. After lighting the torch, adjust the flame size, if necessary, by changing the setting of the regulator pressure-adjusting screw or partially closing the torch







ASSEMBLY needle valve.


1. For short intervals, merely close the needle valve on the torch handle.

2. For longer periods, or if you are going to leave the outfit unattended, close the tank valve as well as the torch valve.


1. If the needle valve turns too freely, or there is gas leakage around the valve stem, tighten the valve stem packing nut. If leakage persists, replace the valve stem assembly (P/N 09M24).

2. If the needle valve does not shut off completely, remove the valve stem assembly and wipe the seating surfaces on the stem and in the body with a

Be sure this information reaches the operator.

You can get extra copies through your supplier.

ESAB ESAB Welding &

Cutting Products

clean cloth. If the valve stem is bent, or the seating surface is nicked or marred, replace it with a new assembly (09M24).

3. The sealing 'O'-ring located in the front end of the handle, behind the attaching nut, may require renewal periodically. Remove it by catching it with a scriber, or a stiff wire hook, and pull it out. Squeeze a new ring (P/N 85W64) into the head, and then push it evenly into the recess behind the locking nut with a blunt instrument.

4. Each torch tip is equipped with a filter-screw, which holds a mixer disk in place. If flow of gas through the tip appears to be restricted, remove the filterscrew with a 1/8-in. socket key ('Allen wrench') and replace both filter-screw and mixer disk.


A. DO NOT let acetylene or LP-Gas escape near any possible source of ignition. Accumulations

Standard Torch Tips


No. Part No.






1-A 638948 Fine

3 10X23 Light












Soldering Iron


Soldering Iron


Paint Burner

Replaceable Parts

Mixer Disk Filter Screw

Part No.

Part No.
















Uses filter screen 82Z52

'SWIRLJET' Tip Part Numbers

Air-Acetylene Air-Fuel Gas

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6









Other Replacement Parts

Soldering Iron Parts: Stem Ass'y ................ 60Y63

Chisel Tip ...... 23S20

Pointed Tip ... 23S32

Flame Shield ............ 60Y55

Locknut .................. 136Z17

403 Handle Parts:

Valve Stem Assembly ......................... Part No. 09M24

"O" Ring (front end) ........................... Part No. 85W64

Prest-O-Lite and Swirljet are registered trademarks of ESAB Welding & Cutting Products of either in certain proportions may explode if ignited.

B. NEVER store acetylene or LP-Gas tanks (cylinders) in a closed or confined space, such as a closet, tool box, or automobile trunk.

C. NEVER solder a container that contains or has contained flammable liquids or vapors (including gasoline, benzene, solvents, and other similar materials) unless the container has been thoroughly purged of all traces of flammable material and vapors.

D. Before starting work always test for leaks around all joints with a soapy water solution.

E. NEVER use a flame to test for leaks of flammable gases.

F. NEVER use a tank with a leaking valve.

G. DO NOT attempt any repairs to an acetylene or

LP Gas tank, except to tighten the packing-gland nut on the valve.

H. NO NOT abuse or drop tanks or handle them roughly.

I. NEVER use a tank as a roller or support.

J. NEVER use a hammer, wrench, or pliers on a tank valve equipped with a handwheel. On small acetylene tanks, always use PREST-O-LITE valve wrench (box type, P/N 505L00).

K. DO NOT open tank valve more than 1-1/2 turns.

(Preferably no more than 3/4 of a turn.)

L. Leave valve wrench on tank valve stem so that tank valve can be closed quickly in case of emergency.

M. NEVER allow full tank pressure to enter the hose. Always use a regulator when there is a needle valve on the torch handle.

N. NEVER lay a torch down unless the gas flow has been shut off. If you want to maintain a pilot flame when you stop work for short intervals, provide a rack or stand for the torch, away from combustible materials. Do not leave it unattended unless you are sure there is no danger of it being disturbed by unauthorized persons.

O. Examine your hose for leaks frequently. Dipping it in a bucket of clean water, with the pressure in the hose, is the quickest and easiest way.

P. DO NOT use hose that is worn, or any equipment that is in need of repairs.

Q. Do NOT start fires. Be very careful when working near combustible material.

R. Fuel gas tanks (cylinders) are equipped with fusible-metal safety devices. NEVER store tanks near radiators, furnaces, or other heat sources.

ESAB ESAB Welding & Cutting Products

PO Box 100545, Florence SC 29501-0545

F-9295-W 11/96 25M Printed in U.S.A.


Key Features

  • Compatible with both acetylene and fuel gas, providing versatility for various applications.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and reliability, even under demanding conditions.
  • Precise flame adjustment offers optimal control and efficiency, enabling high-quality results.
  • User-friendly design with an easy-to-grip handle and convenient controls.
  • Replaceable tips allow for customization to suit specific welding or cutting needs.
  • Safety features, such as leak testing capabilities, ensure safe operation.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What types of gas can be used with the ESAB Prest-O-Lite® 403 Torch Handle?
The 403 Torch Handle is compatible with both acetylene and fuel gas, providing versatility for various welding and cutting applications.
Is the 403 Torch Handle durable enough for professional use?
Yes, the 403 Torch Handle is designed and constructed to withstand the demands of professional welding and cutting environments, ensuring durability and reliability.
Can I adjust the flame size and intensity with the 403 Torch Handle?
Yes, the 403 Torch Handle features precise flame adjustment, allowing you to control the flame size and intensity to suit your specific welding or cutting needs.
Are there any safety features included in the 403 Torch Handle?
Yes, the 403 Torch Handle incorporates safety features such as leak testing capabilities, ensuring safe operation and minimizing potential hazards.
Can I use different tips with the 403 Torch Handle?
Yes, the 403 Torch Handle allows for the use of replaceable tips, providing the flexibility to customize the tool for specific welding or cutting applications.