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S.M.A.R.T. Modules
Test Tone Generator and Monitor
Test Tone Generator Module
Test Tone Monitor Module
Generator and Monitor check
low level audio paths
Monitors amplifier health
Test Tone Generator provides 4
channel outputs
Test Tone Monitor checks up to
16 channels
Increases facility safety by ensuring
integrity of audio path
Ensures that amplifier is functional to
improve safety; provides fault report if
any problems are detected
Flexible enough to accommodate large
Test Tone Generator Module
Test Tone Monitor Module
The Test Tone Generator Module, Model 12393001, is a highly functional option for use on Public
Address systems. It provides the tone signal
generation and a method to mix the tone signal
into the required audio pathways. This tone signal
serves two purposes. First, it provides a test
signal that is injected into the audio pathways and
is monitored at various points throughout the
system. Secondly, if the system is utilizing the
Speaker Master/Remote boards for grouping and
remote tapping, the Test Tone Generator will
provide an inaudible source of power to the
speaker remote boards.
The Test Tone Monitor Module, Model 12399-001,
interfaces with the Test Tone Generator Module in
order to verify its point-to-point line integrity. The
tone monitor has 16 input channels that can be
dedicated to any audio endpoint whether low-level
(0 dB) or high level (100 Vrms).
The tone generator’s output is programmable
and adjusted by the microcontroller.
The tone monitor uses frequency-programmable
filters for the detection of the test tone. The 16
monitoring channels are multiplexed down to 8
detection channels. These are further divided into
2 groups of frequency-programmable channel sets
(channels 1 through 8 and channels 9 through 16).
A detection on any given monitoring channel
results in a relay closure with an integral LED
indicator that is dedicated to that channel. The
closure stays active as long as the tone is present
within a latency of 1 second.
S.M.A.R.T. Modules
Test Tone Generator and Monitor
Test Tone Monitor
Monitoring of audio lines to ensure integrity of
audio path
Power Input
24 V dc +/- 20% @ 150mA
Monitoring of amplifier to ensure functionality
Physical Size
4W x 14.5L x 2D; inches
Test Tone Generator provides 4 channel
Operating Environment
Test Tone Monitor checks up to 16 channels
Tone Input Impedance
Test Tone Generator
Power Input
Physical size
Input Impedance
Connection method
System Connection
Output Impedance
Connection Method
Tone Output Level
24 VDC +/-20% @
100mA max.
4W x 15L x 3D; inches
0C to 40C @ 95%
humidity, noncondensing
4-Channels, low level (0
dBm) balanced audio
line connections
600 ohms or 100
Kohms, selectable
5-mm Euro style wire
capture terminal strip;
8 logic level control
inputs for per channel
tone and output
RS485 I/O non-isolated,
for external
communication with
CPU; connection is via
8-pin modular jack; 2
parallel connectors are
Two 8-section technical
programming switches
for programming and
fault determination
4 channels, low level (0
dBm balanced audio
line driver
16 Isolated Alarm
0° to 50° C @ 95%
humidity (non-condensing)
200 Kohm electronically
High sensitivity: -6 dBm
Low sensitivity: +12 dBm
220 V ac, off-withstand
120 mA ac, 33 ohms, on
Visual Indication
16 LEDs
Tone Input Capture
Connection Method
System connection
5mm Euro-style wire
capture terminal strip
• RS485 I/O non-isolated,
for external
communication with CPU
• Connection is via 8-pin
modular jack
4-Channel Test Tone Generator
16-Channel Test Tone Monitor
100 ohms
5 mm Euro style wire
capture terminal strip
Variable from –6 dBm
to –26 dBm
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