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Rental Guide
Who Are We?
Concept Controls is an innovative company offering safety and instrumentation products to suit any application. We sell,
rent, and service a wide selection of gas detection, industrial hygiene, groundwater monitoring, and other instrumentation
from top manufacturers and take pride in the quality and exceptional level of service we provide. This, combined with
an unprecedented level of expertise in our field, has set us apart as an industry leader.
Our Rental department boasts a large inventory of instruments that offer our customers a flexible alternative to buying.
We have committed to continually expanding our rental fleet and we ensure that we always have the newest, most upto-date equipment calibrated and ready for you. No matter how big or small your job is our team will ensure you are
properly equipped to allow for a safe working environment.
We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. Rental bookings can be made easily through our online reservation,
fax, email or simply by phoning one of our convenient locations across Canada.
Why Rent?
• Have the ability to outsource your department’s resources
• Suffer no maintenance or calibration costs
• Get access to a wide range of the most up-to-date technology
• Helps to limit costs on any project
• Allows you to meet any unexpected changes in project requirements
• Ensures that no money is tied up in equipment that isn’t being used
Customer Incentives!
• No charge shipping days! As a valued customer when you rent from us you only pay for days of use.
• On time delivery! Our Service and Shipping Departments work closely to ensure all equipment is properly
packaged and shipped to be received by customers when they need to get the job done.
• Certified calibration! Our instruments are fully calibrated with certification to ensure accurate results.
• Training and support! Our professionally trained technicians can offer training on instrumentation use and data
retention along with providing excellent trouble shooting solutions to make your job easier!
Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Quest Technologies EVM 7 offers the unique capability to simultaneously measure particulates
(mass concentration), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic gas, carbon dioxide (CO2),
relative humidity, temperature and air velocity.
• Simultaneously Measure Particulate and Gas Concentrations
• Built in Sampling Pump for Gravimetric Analysis
• Dial-in Rotary Impactor
*Available for ppm or ppb concentrations for VOCs*
AQ 5001
The AQ 5001 Pro is an indoor air quality monitor designed specifically for long-term, unattended monitoring.
This product simultaneously displays and records CO, CO2, temperature, and %RH. The AQ 5001 also
gives a “snap-shot” and continuous datalogging.
• Packaged in a super tough case
• Continuous datalogging mode
The MultiRAE IR (Infrared) combines a PID (Photoionization Detector) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor
with O2, LEL, and one specific toxic gas sensor in one compact monitor with sampling pump. The same
monitor can be used as a personal monitor, a hand-held sniffer or as a continuous, operational
area monitor for use in applications including indoor air quality and industrial hygiene.
• O2, LEL, PID, CO2, and any plug-in “smart” toxic sensors
• 0-20,000 ppm measurement of CO2
• 0-2,000 ppm measurement of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
• Measure more chemicals than with any other PID: With over 60 Correction
Factors built into the MultiRAE IR memory and the largest printed list of
Correction Factors in the world (300+)
606 Moisture Meter
The Testo 606 is a particularly convenient and easy-to-operate pocket-sized material moisture measuring
instrument. The material moisture is directly displayed in percentage by weight via stored material
characteristic curves. For the measurement of wood moisture, characteristic curves are available for
beech, spruce, larch, oak, pine and maple. In order to locate wet spots in building materials, curves are
additionally stored for cement screed, plaster, anhydrite screed, cement mortar, lime mortar, and brick.
• Precise measurement of wood moisture
• Further characteristics curves for locating wet spots in building materials
• Hold-function for convenient read-out of measurement values
• Display illumination
BD-2100 Moisture Meter
The BD-2100 is great for measuring moisture in a variety of different building materials, including wood,
concrete, drywall, EIFS, roofing, insulation, and flooring. The BD-2100 has a digital display, an adjustable
alarm, and Delmhorst’s exclusive calibrated drywall scale.
• Three scales: Wood Scale, Reference Scale, and Gypsum Scale
• Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
• Built-in calibration check
615 Hygrometer
The Testo 615 is a highly accurate, compact instrument which measures humidity, temperature and dew
point. The humidity range is 5 to 95 % RH using the Testo patented humidity sensor. The temperature
range is 0 to 50 ºC (32 to 122 ºF) using a NTC sensor.
• Guaranteed long-term stable humidity measurement for many years
• Testo humidity sensor is unaffected by water
• Simultaneous display of humidity and temperature or dewpoint and temperature
• Dew point calculation
Aerosol & Particulate Monitors
The EVM 3 provides real-time direct reading of particulate concentrations, along with temperature
and relative humidity measurements. The proprietary dial-in impactors allow for quick selection
of particulate settings PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP (within the instrument’s measurement range)
without disassembly.
• Site correction factors for various particulates (user supplied)
• Real-time measurement with once per second update rate
• Time history data logging
• Trend graphing for all parameters
DustTrak II
The DUSTTRAK II is a desktop battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometer that
gives you real-time aerosol mass readings. It uses a sheath air system that isolates the aerosol
in the optics chamber to keep the optics clean for improved reliability. It measures aerosol
contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes, and mists.
• Measure aerosol concentrations in PM1, PM2.5, Respirable, PM10 or size fractions
• STEL alarm setpoint
• Automatic zeroing (with optional zero module) minimizes the effect of zero drift
• Perform in-line gravimetric analysis for custom reference calibrations
Particulate Counter
The Kanomax Handheld Laser Particle Counter simultaneously measures and displays 3 particle sizes. Its
built-in flow sensor ensures high accuracy measurement and it is able to store up to 8000 measurements.
PC interface with RS232C and software for real-time measurements and downloading data to your PC.
• Displays 3 particle sizes simultaneously (0.3, 0.5, 5.0 um) in cf or m3
• Built-in flow sensor (0.1 CFM +/- 10%)
• User can log up to 8,000 measurements with easy transmission to PC or Printer
• Fits in your palm
Air Velocity Meters
Anemometer A034
The A034 is a vital tool for maintaining Constant Air Quality and Comfort in critical locations.
Applications include HVAC Testing, IAQ Investigations, Filter Face, Velocity Measurements, Cleanroom
Studies, Industrial Hygiene, public and private offices, factories, and medical facilities.
• Articulating probe for various applications
• Measures air velocity and temperature simultaneously
• Built-in memory allows you to store measurement data
425 Anemometer
The compact Testo 425 is an easy to use anemometer with attached thermal probe on a telescopic handle.
Just enter the duct measurements directly into the testo 425 and volume flow measurements (cfm) are
shown on the clear display. You can switch between flow and temperature readings easily.
• Flow, volume flow (cfm) and temperature measurements
• Multi-point and timed mean calculations
• Max-Min values make comparisons fast and easy
• “Hold” button freezes readings
410-2 Vane Anemometer
The Testo 410-2 is a vane anemometer with integrated humidity measurement and an NTC air thermometer.
It offers integrated humidity and temperature measurement with a 1.5 in. vane.
• Timed mean value calculation
• Hold function and max./min. values
• Windchill calculation for outside areas (perceived temperature)
• Air humidity measurement with long-term stable Testo humidity sensor
Air Sample Pumps
The PCXR4 is a constant flow air sample pump with wide flow range, accurate air volumes without
the need for frequent pump adjustments. This battery-operated air sampling pump is ideal for
industrial hygiene studies as well as environmental testing.
• Wide 5 to 5000 ml/min constant flow range
• Built-in low flow pressure regulator for multi-tube sampling
• UL Listed for intrinsic safety
The PCXR8 air sampling pump is a constant flow personal or area sampling pump suited for a broad
range of applications. With an operating range of 5 to 5000 ml/min (low flow applications of 5 to
500 ml/min require an optional adjustable low flow holder), this battery-operated air sample pump
is specifically designed for “on-worker” and “fenceline” applications.
• Wide 5 to 5000 ml/min constant flow range
• Built-in low flow pressure regulator for multi-tube sampling
• UL Listed for intrinsic safety
With its wide flow range of 5 to 5000 ml/min, the XR5000 is the best choice for most air sampling
applications. The XR5000 is lightweight and portable. The XR5000 air sampling pump is outfitted with
a rugged impact-resistant RFI/EMI-shielded case with removable battery pack.
• Extended flow range: 5 to 5000 ml/min
• Extended back pressure capabilities
• Patented, highly accurate isothermal flow control system
• UL Listed for intrinsic safety (Li-Ion models only)
• Automatic flow correction for changes in temperature provides accurate air volumes
Dry-Cal &
Defender Calibrator
Built on next-generation Dry-Cal technology, the new Defender primary standard pump calibrators
integrate all the advantages of the popular DC-Lite calibrator with exciting new features based on
10 years of product feedback and ongoing research. Defender calibrators were designed exclusively
for the occupational health and safety industry.
• 1% of reading volume accuracy
• Laboratory accuracy certified by NIST through NVLAP and backed by ISO 17025
accreditation, ANSI Z-540, and NIST Handbook 150
• Menu-driven operation
QuickTake 30
The SKC QuickTake 30 constant flow diaphragm pump maintains a set flow rate throughout the
sampling period, compensating for the inherent back pressure created by sampling media and
for any increase in back pressure as sample collects on the media.
• Maintains true constant flow
• Can be calibrated with any primary standard calibrator for valid calibration
• Does not require a special rotameter or hot-wire anemometer for calibration
• Can be used with remote sampling wand and media that creates back pressure such as wall
cavity samplers
High Volume Diaphragm or Rotary Vane Pump
High Volume sampling pumps are a durable choice for lead and asbestos area
sampling. Several models are available depending on your needs and can be used
with PCM, TEM, Air-O-Cell cassettes, and viable impactors.
• Extremely Quiet - can be used in many occupied building applications
• Rotary Vane or Diaphragm pump available
• Internal Muffler Chamber
• Comes complete with flow control valve and tubing
Bio-Pump Plus
The Zefon Bio-Pump® Plus is the smallest and lightest portable battery powered IAQ sampling
pump available. It provides the simplest and most convenient way to sample with Air-O-Cell® and
Via-Cell® cassettes at a flow rate of 15LPM.
• New ‘Quick Sample’ feature makes sampling a breeze.
• Extra Long Battery Life - Take over 100 samples on a single charge
• Very small size and weight
• Very quiet operation
• Programmable timer allows unattended operation
• Quick-charge battery charger included (approx 3 hours)
RCS Sampler
The RCS air sampler delivers reliable reproducible results for applications assessing
the quality of ambient air. Sampler operates on impaction principle, drawing airborne
micro-organisms onto an agar media strip for later incubation and analysis. Use
keypad to adjust sample times: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, and 8 minutes; LED indicators provide
visual indication of each sampling run.
• Centrifugal motion draws sample at 40 L/min
• Ideal for air quality, clean area, and food and beverage applications
• Lightweight, compact design for portability and ease of use
Air Sampling Accessories
Aluminum or Nylon Cyclone
Available in 25 or 37 mm, the SKC Cyclone is a lightweight respirable dust sampler that provides sharp size
selection of the respirable fraction at 4 µm. Cyclones use a standard three-piece cassette and filter for the
collection of respirable dust particles.
• Meets ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable criteria
• Specified in NIOSH Method 7500 for silica and NIOSH 0600 for respirable particulates
• Open-face 3-piece cassette provides more even particle deposition on filter
The SKC Vac-U-Chamber is a rigid air sample box that allows sample bags to be filled directly by
using negative pressure provided by most personal air sampling pumps. Because the sample does
not pass through the pump, both sample and pump contamination are eliminated. All surfaces in
contact with the sample are constructed of inert materials. The Vac-U-Chamber’s rigid walls will not
collapse under vacuum conditions.
• Allows direct filling of air sample bags
• Protects from contamination
Deluxe Sampling Stand
The Zefon Deluxe Sampling Stand is used to support sampling cassettes at elevated levels. It is made
from aluminum and offers outstanding durability and stability.
Respirator Fit Testers
The Controlled Negative Pressure test protocol utilized by the OHD Quantifit respirator fit tester is the new CSA standard.
Unlike the particle counting method, CNP technology gives you a direct measurement of respirator leakage quickly and
accurately regardless of the source, so that you can be sure your team is breathing safely.
• 1-3 minute respirator fit testing
• On-board data storage (more than 1000 tests)
• USB keyboard and printer connection, thumb-drive storage, and data transfer
• Increased automation during testing - So easy to use that the subject can test himself
*Adapters for most major manufacturers are available separately*
Sound and Noise Monitoring
2100 Sound Level Meter
The 3M/Quest 2100 Sound Level Meter offers basic measurement features in Type 2 accuracy. Two operating
modes and portability make the 2100 highly suitable for many applications.
• 30 to 140 dBA measurement range
• Fast and Slow response modes
• “A” and “C” Weighting Modes
• Displays SPL & Maximum SPL
• Certified intrinsically safe
SoundPro DL Integrated Sound level Meter
The SoundPro DL includes two virtual sound level meters to simultaneously measure multiple regulatory
requirements. Equipped with 1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time frequency analysis, it allows you to choose
either real time analyzer or broadband measurements for one of the virtual sound level meters.
• Complete Session, Study and Time History Logging
• Programmable and level-triggered start and stop
• Fast, slow, and IEC impulse time response
• A, C, Z, F weighting
• Quest Data Management Software
NoisePro Noise Dosimeter
The NoisePro helps industrial hygiene and safety professionals monitor noise exposure efficiently and
empowers worker self-management of noise exposure. This Type 2 noise dosimeter logs Lavg/Leq, FastMax,
SlowMax, FastMin, SlowMin, Fast Ceiling Count, Slow Ceiling Count and Lpeak at selectable intervals from
1 second to 1 hour. It includes 4 virtual noise dosimeters to measure 4 separate noise standards.
• Class/Type 2 accuracy
• Programmable twice daily or one-time scheduled runs
• Quest Data Management Software
IntegratedWireless Sound Level Meter
The Concept Controls Integrated Wireless Sound Level Meter can be deployed in any
environment containing high noise levels to monitor and send data to a central monitoring
location for analysis. The user is capable of viewing real-time noise measurement data as well
as all logged data for further analysis. The system utilizes the Quest SoundPro sound level
meter which is in full compliance with the latest Canadian and international standards.
• Operates on commercial power or can be integrated with a solar power supply option
• Wireless interface over a RF local area network or our secure remote Concept Controls
• Data can be transmitted over Cell-Link network, and/or Sat-Link uplink interface
• Modular, expandable architecture provides ease of deployment for universal applications
QC-10 Calibrator
The QC-10 calibrator provide quick, precise field calibration. The calibrator generates a stable
acoustic signal at a controlled frequency and amplitude to verify the accuracy of your meter in the
field. The QC-10 has a standard one-inch coupler opening that may be reduced by inserting available
snap-in adapters.
Heat Stress Monitors
QUESTemp 34
The QUESTemp 34 is a rugged, easy to use, datalogging Thermal Environment Monitor. It combines
WGBT index values with Relative Humidity measurements to calculate Heat Index. For remote
applications it can be tripod mounted.
• Class 1, Div 1, intrinsically safe
• Real-time readings for wet/dry bulb, globe, WBGT indoor/outdoor, relative humidity and Heat Index
• Humidex/Heat Index reading
• Datalogging
• Quest Data Management Software
QUESTemp 44
The QUESTemp 44 offers heat stress monitoring without the hassle of wet-bulb maintenance. A real
time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping. Onboard datalogging with QuestSuite Pro II
software allows for advanced data analysis with charting, graphing and reporting options.
• Waterless wet bulb
• Measure/calculate dry bulb, wet bulb & globe temperature, WBGT indoor/ outdoor, relative humidity
and Heat Index/Humidex
• Real time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping
IntegratedWireless Heat Stress Monitor
Our CCI IntegratedWireless Heat Stress Monitor can be deployed in any environment and send
critical data to a central monitoring location for analysis.
• Operates on commercial power or can be integrated with a solar power supply option
• Wireless interface over a RF local area network or our secure remote Concept Controls website
• Data can be transmitted over Cell-Link network, and/or Sat-Link uplink interface
• Modular, expandable architecture provides ease of deployment for universal applications
Our Products:
GASCO Affiliates, LLC is a
leading manufacturer of
Precision Calibration Gas
Mixtures, regulators, cases
and accessories.
SKC Inc. is the world leader
in air sampling technologies
for Industrial Hygiene,
Safety, Environmental and
Occupational Health.
Honeywell Analytics is the
parent company of top gas
detection manufacturers
including BW Technologies,
Zelwegger, and Vulcain.
Zefon is a manufacturer
of indoor environmental,
occupational health and
safety monitoring and
sampling equipment.
Interscan manufactures
custom-designed gas
monitoring systems
to detect any gas or
combination of gases.
Landtec offers a wide
variety of instruments
and software for the
management of biogas
recovery systems.
Radiodetection develops test
equipment used by utility
companies in the installation
and maintenance of their
infrastructure networks.
RAE Systems is a leading
global provider of rapidly
deployable connected,
intelligent gas detection
SAFER Systems is the
global leader in Chemical
Risk Management software,
dedicated to producing
state-of-the art systems.
Sensor Electronics
manufactures rugged,
reliable, industrial gas
detection products and gas
Bios is a market leader in
flow calibrators, fuel flow
meters, gas flow meters,
mass flow meters, and
thermal flow meters.
Kanomax is the market
leader in fine measuring
instruments including
environmental, aerosol, and
particulate products.
Occupational Health
Dynamics provides topquality equipment to
health care providers of
occupational medicine.
Quest Technologies is a
world class manufacturer
in the field of industrial
hygiene and environmental
AMS manufactures
environmental and
geotechnical sampling,
monitoring, and remediation
Geotech manufactures,
environmental equipment
for groundwater sampling,
soil sampling, and air
quality measurements.
Global Water is a
leading manufacturer
of water, wastewater
and environmental
Hach Company
manufactures analytical
instruments and reagents
used to test the quality of
water and other liquids.
Hanna Instruments Canada
Inc. manufactures electroanalytical instrumentation
for municipal, environment,
and laboratory applications.
Heron Instruments
manufacturers rugged,
dependable, accurate
groundwater monitoring
LaMotte offers an extensive
line of water analysis
instruments, test kits,
reagents, test strips and
sampling equipment.
Solinst Canada
manufactures innovative,
practical, high
quality groundwater
Waterra provides Simple
Solutions for Groundwater
Monitoring. Their product
line includes bailers and
other accessories.
YSI is a developer and
manufacturer of sensors,
instruments and software
for environmental water
quality monitoring.
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