Honeywell | V5100-N | User's Manual | Honeywell V5100-N User's Manual

Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier
Use and Care
 Cool Mist for
Relief of Cold and
Flu Symptoms
 Silent Operation
 20 Hours Operation
Between Fillings
 Scent Pad Heater for
Soothing Vicks Vapors
If you have any questions
about the operation of your
Ultrasonic Humidifier,
call our toll-free
Consumer Service line
at 1-800-VAPOR-1-2
DC-51 Demineralization Cartridge
VSP-19 Vicks VapoPad Scent Pads
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V5100NS Series
Important Safety Instructions
1. Always place humidifier on a firm, flat, level surface. Keep cord away from heated
surfaces and out of the way, where it can not be stepped on or tripped over.
2. Before using the humidifier, extend the cord and inspect for any signs of damage. Do
not use product if cord has been damaged.
3. To avoid the risk of fire, shock or personal injury, do not use an extension cord.
4. Humidifier should always be unplugged and emptied when not in operation or while
being cleaned. Shut off and unplug humidifier before moving. Do not move or tilt
humidifier while it is operating. Plug and unplug unit with dry hands.
5. Do not operate without water. Turn off unit when tank is empty.
6. Do not add any medications (e.g., do not add Kaz Inhalant or Vicks VapoSteam) into
the Nozzle, Base, Reservoir or Water Tank. Do not cover, or insert objects into, any
openings on the unit.
7. Do not immerse the Base in water or other liquid. Do not overfill.
8. Do not operate outdoors, this appliance is intended for indoor use.
9. Do not place in direct sunlight, high-temperature areas, or near computers or sensitive
electronic equipment.
10. This product has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) as a safety feature.
This plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into
the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not
attempt to defeat this safety feature.
11. The humidifier should not be left unattended in a closed room since air could become
saturated and leave condensation on walls or furniture. Leave room door partly open.
Do not aim Mist Nozzle directly at children, walls or furniture.
12. Do not place the humidifier directly on wood furniture or other surfaces which could
be damaged by water. Protect by placing the humidifier on a non-metallic waterproof
13. Do not touch the Nebulizer while the unit is plugged in as burns could result.
14. Do not block the Scent Pad Heater air flow.
15. Do not place exposed Vicks VapoPad on furniture, fabrics, bedding or plastics.
16. Do not touch skin with exposed Vicks VapoPad.
Vicks Ultrasonic
Mist Nozzle
Carrying Handle
Water Tank
Tank Cap
Demineralization Cartridge
(included in certain models)
Water Valve
Air Outlet
Scent Pad Slot
Mist Intensity
Scent Pad
Power Knob
Using Your Ultrasonic Humidifier
First Time Use
Read all instructions before using this appliance.
Unpack and remove all packing material from the Water Tank, Mist Nozzle and Base.
Completely unravel power cord and place unit on a flat, stable surface. Remove the protective
wrapper from the Demineralization Cartridge and place into the unit as shown. Follow the
directions below to fill and operate the humidifier.
Filling the Water Tank
Always UNPLUG the humidifier before filling.
Remove the Water Tank from the Base and turn it upside down. Turn the Tank Cap
counterclockwise to open. Rinse and wipe clean.
Fill the Water Tank with clean, cool, tap water and replace the Tank Cap by firmly turning
clockwise. Turn the Tank upright and check Tank Cap for leaks. If any water drips from
Tank Cap, remove it and re-tighten. Use of very cold water may temporarily
reduce the mist output. Never fill the humidifier with hot or warm water as
this could cause damage and void your warranty.
To avoid white dust we recommend using a Kaz Demineralization Cartridge (Model DC51) and replacing it after 30-40 fillings. If you live in an extremely hard water area you
may also wish to use distilled water to further reduce white dust. Refer to About White
Dust section.
Inspect the Base and Nebulizer for cleanliness. Refer to Care and Cleaning section.
Replace the Water Tank on the Base.
Operating Instructions
Do not operate the humidifier without water in the Water Tank.
Turn the Power Knob to the On position and then set mist intensity.
Direct Mist Nozzle away from walls and furniture. If condensation forms on walls or
windows, or if indoor relative humidity exceeds 50%, reduce mist intensity setting, open
door to room where humidifier is operating, or turn unit off.
If mist is not produced, unplug cord and check the Water Sensor in the Reservoir to
ensure it is in contact with the water. The water level in the Base must be high enough to
partially immerse the Water Sensor in order for the humidifier to work.
Turn the humidifier off before removing and refilling the Water Tank. When the tank is
empty the mist will stop although the fan will continue to operate.
After filling the humidifier, be sure the Power Knob is in the OFF position, then plug the
power cord into a 120 volt AC wall outlet.
Mist will not appear immediately; allow a few minutes for the water to fill the
Reservoir. If you are using a new Demineralization Cartridge, it may take up to fifteen
minutes for the filtering material to become saturated and for mist to appear.
About White Dust
Use of high-mineral-content water will cause a white mineral residue to accumulate on room
surfaces near the humidifier. The mineral residue is commonly called “white dust”. The higher the
mineral content (the harder your water is), the greater the potential for white dust. The white dust
is not caused by a defect in the humidifier, but is due only to minerals suspended in the water.
Kaz Demineralization Cartridge (Model DC-51)
This humidifier may be supplied with a Demineralization Cartridge that removes minerals
from the water. This prevents the precipitation of minerals (“white dust”) that can occur in
hard water areas. The Demineralization Cartridge is designed to last for about a month to two
months of normal use; the effective time will vary depending on the mineral content of the
water used. If you live in a hard water area, we recommend the use of distilled water for better
results from the humidifier.
If you are using distilled water in the humidifier, you may find the Demineralization Cartridge
unnecessary. And, if you choose, you may operate the humidifier without it.
Replacement Cartridge Model DC-51 should be available where you purchased the humidifier. For assistance in locating an outlet near you or to purchase directly from Kaz, please call
Scent Pad Heater Directions for Use
Your Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier includes a Scent Pad Heater so that you can enjoy Vicks
Soothing Menthol Vapors to increase your comfort. Each scent pad is designed to last for
6-8 hours of use.
1. Remove the Water Tank and locate the Scent Pad Slot on the Base under the Water Tank.
(See page 3.)
Place one scent pad in the slot, being careful not to touch scent pad with your hands.
If your hands do come in contact with the pad, please wash them thoroughly as the
menthol can be an irritant.
Replace the tank and turn the unit on.
As long as your humidifier is on, the scent pad heater will
also be activated. This area can be warm to the touch.
Daily Maintenance
Turn off and unplug your humidifier.
Remove Water Tank and set aside.
Gently pull old scent pad out of the slot and discard.
Open refill pad and insert as described above.
Note: One complementary scent pad is included with your unit. Additional Vicks VapoPad,
models (VSP-19 and VSP19-CAN) can be purchased at most retailers or through Kaz
Consumer Relations or
Care and Cleaning
Daily Maintenance
1. Lift the Water Tank from Base and empty all water from the Reservoir. Remove the Tank
Cap and drain any water from the Water Tank. Wipe it clean with a soft, damp cloth. The
Mist Nozzle should be removed during cleaning to prevent damage.
2. Do not immerse the Base in water. Gently wipe the Reservoir with a soft, clean, wet cloth.
Do not attempt to remove or in any other way modify the Water Sensor. Use care when
wiping around the Water Sensor; it is delicate and can be easily damaged. Rinse the
Water Tank with lukewarm water after each use. For storage, wipe dry with a soft, clean
cloth. Keep water away from the Air Outlet.
3. Do not use detergent to clean any water-containing parts of the humidifier. Detergents
and the film they leave behind can affect the output of the humidifier. Do not use abrasive
cleansers or brushes.
4. Do not leave water in the Water Tank or Reservoir when unit is not in use as it may result
in the build up of mineral deposits and bacteria that can inhibit the output efficiency of
the humidifier. Please note that if water remains in the Water Tank for more than a day or
two, bacterial growth is possible.
Weekly Maintenance
1. Thoroughly clean humidifier every week using a solution of bleach and water (one
teaspoon of bleach in one gallon of water). Fill Water Tank partially with this solution, let
stand twenty (20) minutes, shaking vigorously every few minutes, drain and rinse with
clean water until the bleach smell is gone.
2. Wipe the Reservoir with a soft cloth dampened in the solution. Rinse area thoroughly
before proceeding.
3. If mineral deposits are evident around the Nebulizer and Water Sensor, clean their surfaces
with a soft, clean cloth and a small amount of undiluted white vinegar. If necessary for
removal of mineral deposits, mix a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water and fill
the Base with enough solution to cover the Nebulizer. Allow it to soak for an hour. Then
use a cotton swab to gently loosen buildup on the Nebulizer. Rinse out the Reservoir and
wipe clean. Do not touch Nebulizer with bare fingers as any fingerprints or other
residue can affect mist output. Be careful not to damage the Water Sensor.
4. Remove VapoPad when finished. Do not pour water or detergent into the Scent Pad slot.
Scent Pad slot can be cleaned with a cotton swab only.
5. All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with water prior to reuse.
End of Season Maintenance
1. Follow above weekly cleaning procedure at the end of the humidification season, or when
the humidifier will not be used for several days, being sure to dry all parts, including the
inside of the Water Tank. Do not store with water inside.
2. Leave Tank Cap partially loosened during storage to prevent Tank Cap and gasket from
sticking together. This will prolong the life of the gasket.
3. Clean the Water Tank and Base after long periods of storage.
Troubleshooting Guide
If your Humidifier is not working properly, refer to the following:
Possible Cause
Power Knob is turned
“On” and Power Light
is off
• Unit not plugged in
• No power at outlet
• Plug unit in
• Check circuits, fuses, try a
different outlet.
Little or no mist is
• No water in tank
• Unit is not level
• Mineral deposits on
Nebulizer or Water Sensor
• Water Tank was washed
with detergent
• Blower not operating
• Fill Water Tank.
• Place on a level surface.
• Clean Nebulizer and Water
Sensor per instructions.
• Rinse thoroughly with
clean water. Wipe Dry.
• Ensure water in Base is
adequate to immerse Water
• Remove Cartridge and
restart machine. If mist
resumes, replace with
a new Cartridge (Model
• Please allow at least
15 minutes for water
to saturate a new
demineralization cartridge.
• See Warranty
• Demineralization Cartridge
is clogged
• If New Demineralization
• Nebulizer not functioning
Condensation forms
around humidifier or
• Mist Intensity is set too
high for room size or
preexisting humidity level.
• Decrease mist output using
the Mist Intensity Control.
White dust
• Hard water used
• Demineralization Cartridge
needs replacement
• Use distilled water or
a Demineralization
• Replace Demineralization
Cartridge (Model DC-51)
• Scent pad has been in your
humidifier for over 8hrs
• Replace scent pad with
fresh pad
Cannot smell Vicks
Soothing Vapors
Note: Failure to keep this unit clean from mineral deposits normally contained in any water
supply will affect the efficiency of operation of this unit. Customer failure to follow
these instructions may void the warranty.
This Ultrasonic Humidifier is warranted against defective material or workmanship for
a period of one year from the date of purchase. Any defective part will be repaired or
replaced at no charge if it has not been tampered with and appliance has been used
according to these printed directions. Warranty does not cover the demineralization
cartridge; performance of the demineralization cartridge depends on the mineral
content of the water used in the humidifier. This Warranty gives you specific legal
rights as well as other rights which vary from state to state.
If you experience unsatisfactory operation, first refer to the troubleshooting section
above to ensure that it is not due to care or cleaning. Follow Care and Cleaning
If you have any questions or comments, call the Kaz Consumer Service Department at
1 -800-VAPOR-1-2 or, write to Kaz, Humidifier Service Dept., P.O. Box 544, Hudson,
NY 12534, explaining just how the product is operating. Specify model number. Our
Consumer Service Representative will advise you how to correct the problem yourself,
or will ask you to return the product for repair or replacement.
Please go to and register your product under the Customer Care Center
and receive product information updates and new promotional offers.
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