sopra n°1
Product Data Sheet
Compact and powerful, Sopra N°1 is a concentration of technological innovation. It features Neutral Inductance Circuits "NIC", Tuned Mass Damping
surrounds "TMD" for the midrange woofer, and Infinite Horn Loading "IHL" of the tweeter. It is a true demonstration of the contribution of the new
technologies implemented on Sopra. Its special stand has been designed to ground interfering vibrations from the enclosure to the floor to avoid any
colouration. Ideal for small rooms up to 270ft2 (25m2) and medium sized spaces up to 550ft2 (50m2). Providing high sensitivity and excellent power
handling, Sopra N°1 is a true small monitor for the home.
An original means
of managing the space
around the tweeter section
to combine high-quality
bass with a compact design
" IHL" Beryllium Tweeter
Back wave absorption
Very precise highs
Mid-bass driver
" W" cone
" TMD" Suspension
" NIC" Magnetic circuit
Refined midrange,
articulated bass
Stand including
decoupling spikes
Design coherence
Transfer to the ground
of interferring vibrations
Sopra N°1 Carrara White
Key points
• New mid-bass driver with "TMD" suspension (Tuned Mass Damper)
and "NIC" magnetic circuit (Neutral Inductance Circuit)
• New "IHL" Beryllium tweeter (Infinite Horn Loading)
• Drivers developped and manufactured by Focal in France
Lacquered standard finishes (face + side panels)
Carrara White
Black Lacquer
Imperial Red
Standard wood veneer finishes
Electric Orange
2-way bass-reflex bookshelf loudspeaker
Speaker drivers
61/2" (16.5cm) "W" bass midrange with "TMD"
suspension, "NIC" motor
11/16" (27mm) "IHL" Beryllium
inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (+/- 3dB)
45Hz - 40kHz
Low frequency point - 6dB
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
Nominal impedance
8 Ohms
Minimum impedance
3.9 Ohms
Crossover frequency
2 200Hz
Recommended amplifier power
25 - 150W
Dimensions (HxWxD)
41.89lbs (19kg)
(stand: 40.78lbs (18.5kg))
Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMLab® - - SCAB-150423/1
Graphite Black (face)
Dogato Walnut
(side panels)
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