HP DesignJet H35000 Commercial Printer series, 35000, DesignJet H45000 Commercial Printer series User's manual

HP DesignJet H35000 Commercial Printer series, 35000, DesignJet H45000 Commercial Printer series User's manual
HP Designjet 35000/45000 Printer series
Unpacking and Assembly Instructions
Cut the steel shipping bands from the shipping container.
Remove the lid and shipping box from the pallet.
Remove the packing material from around the outside of the
Locate the inks and the accessory kit box, on the shelf at the
right rear side of the printer. Remove and set aside.
Remove the starter media and set aside.
Using a ½-inch (13 mm) socket wrench, remove the four bolts
that attach the end plate to the pallet. Remove the end plate and
set aside.
Remove the pallet ramps from the pallet, and attach them as
shown using two of the bolts from the previous step.
Remove the bolts that attach the
printer to the pallet, and the bolts
that attach the L-shaped shipping
brackets to the printer (4 places).
Remove the bright colored tape from the media edge holders
(on the platen).
Reach inside the left cover to cut the plastic restraining band
from the service station, and remove the band with attached
cardboard spacer.
Cut the zip ties holding the light blocker at the front of the
platen, and lower it into operating position.
Cut and remove zip ties and tape from the input and output
tables (rear and front of the printer), and from the adjustable
fence (rear of the printer).
16 mm
13 mm
Unlock the casters
(4 places).
10. Carefully roll
the printer
on its casters
off the pallet
and down
the ramps.
Cut and remove the shipping band that secures the service
station, and completely remove it from the printer.
Do not attempt to remove the carriage shipping restraints until
Step 5.
Bolt here
Bolt here
Remove shipping restraints
Switch on the power
Press the power switch on the back of the printer to the On position.
The printer control panel will walk you through removing the shipping
restraints from the printhead carriage (see Step 5).
Connect cables
Locate the cables in the accessory box, and connect as shown:
Auxiliary power (24V DC)
(optional, see manual)
Remove carriage restraints
With the included L-shaped hex key, loosen the four screws on
the left and right arms, and pull the arms straight out from the
Power On/Standby switch
To optional foot switch
VideoNet to RIP
To power (220V AC)
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Remove carriage restraints (continued)
Load roll-fed media
Remove the plastic spacers from the rail, behind the carriage (2
upper and 1 lower).
Remove the media roll from its packaging.
Load the media roll onto the supply spool.
Load the supply spool onto the printer (unroll from the top of the
Unspool the media onto the platen.
Press the Load Media key on the control panel.
Follow the onscreen instructions.
Fill printheads with ink and prime
When the control panel prompts you to load media, press Cancel.
Wearing the included protective gloves, remove the ink blotter pad
and plastic wrap from the platen (under the carriage). Place gloves
and shipping packaging in plastic bag, and discard.
On the Front Page screen, press the Tools key, then
select Maintenance > Printhead Procedures > Load Ink
in All Heads. Wait for the load process to finish.
On the Front Page screen, press the Prime Bars key.
Connect the RIP and print
Upper spacer (1 of 2)
Lower spacer
Carefully move the carriage to the left, unscrew the plates from
the platen with the hex key, and remove.
Install ink and profilers
Open each ink box, pull out ink supply tube, remove profiler. Install
the ink boxes into the wire rack and profilers into the docking station
as indicated by the labels on the printer.
Install the RIP and connect it to the printer. Refer to the RIP
documentation for instructions. The computer running the RIP can be
stored on the shelf in the rear of the printer.
Install profilers
If you have questions...
See: User Manual
Press ? on the printer control panel for quick help
For service and support in North America: 800.925.0563
Outside North America: +1 952.944.4040
En Español: +1 952.943.3627
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.colorspan.com
Push connector into port
or contact your reseller
Ink connection ports,
below ink boxes
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Printer supports four or six colors,
depending on model
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