HP 4520 User's Manual

HP 4520 User's Manual
HP Designjet 4520 Scanner
Streamline workflow and improve productivity by bringing
large-format, color scanning in-house to complement your current
large-format printing capability. Use the included software to
integrate the scanner into your existing production environment.
Enable powerful color copy/scan functions
• Outstanding scan performance increases efficiency. With
scan speeds up to 3 in (76 mm) per second color and 10 in
(254 mm) per second black-and-white, the HP Designjet 4520
Scanner delivers outstanding copy and scan performance and
increases efficiency. Scan, then save, print or copy and move
on to the next task.
• High processing speed makes short work of large files. The HP
Designjet 4520 Scanner comes standard with an embedded
operating system and an Intel Pentium® 4 processor. The 2.6
GHz processing speed, 1 GB memory, and 40 GB hard disk
enable faster scan and copy performance.
• Powerful scan resolution creates high-quality images with
realistic colors and precise lines. Use the HP Designjet 4520
Scanner to create scans that have a level of detail that is
comparable to the originals. With a resolution of 508 dpi
optical and up to 9600 dpi enhanced from three CCD
cameras, and a 0.1 percent line accuracy, your scanned
files are indistinguishable from new output, and reproduce
the original documents precisely. The monochrome Dual
2D-Adaptive enhancement technology produces clean and
crisp scans even from poor-quality originals.
• Produce large-format color and black-and-white scans from
wide or thick, rigid originals. Add scanning functionality to
produce electronic files and hard copies of color and blackand-white documents. The scanner accepts originals up to
43 in (1092 mm) wide and 0.6 in (15.2 mm) thick, so you
can handle oversized and heavyweight originals even those
mounted on foam board. The 42 in (1067 mm) scan area
captures wide-format images for easy printing, copying, and
saving. The scanner does not limit scan length.
• Low support cost. Service certain parts more easily yourself
and rely on HP’s award-winning service.
Create an integrated HP scan-copy-print
1 Only valid for connection with the HP
Designjet 4020/4520 Printer series.
• Closed-loop color calibration gives you consistent color
reproduction. Every scan, copy, and print contains the same
colors as the original document. Create and store your custom
media profiles to obtain outstanding color accuracy - print
after print. and JPEG with embedded ICC profiles, offset
emulation, HP CMYK Plus, Black Point compensation, and
PANTONE® calibration (PS only).
• Integration with the printer enables excellent ease of use,
copy quality, and performance.1 The Designjet 4520 Scanner’s
integrated copy system features real-time printer, media,
and queue information in the scanner user interface, copy
accounting in the printer, and copy job priority capability.
• Preconfigured drivers and network connectivity integrate your
entire HP production system. With the HP Designjet 4520
Scanner, you don’t have to worry about device compatibility.
The preconfigured drivers and built-in network connectivity
make it easy to print and copy directly to your HP Designjet
5x0/800 series, 1000 series, 40x0/45x0 series, 5x00 series,
T610/T11x0 series, Z2100/Z3x00 series and Z6100 series
products. Eliminate user retraining by including this scanner in
your HP design-and-production solution.
• Easily save scanned files in PDF, TIFF, JPEG2000, and DWF file
• Easy to integrate with a variety of third party applications. These
range from scan applications and raster-to-vector conversion to
document management.
Scan, copy, and print at the touch of a
• Use the touchscreen graphical display for easy, intuitive
operation. Even untrained users can produce great copy and
scan results from the intuitive, 15 in (381 mm) touchscreen
display. The graphical interface walks the user through the
appropriate procedure to produce the type of document or file
that you need. Rather than mixing different brands, simply add
the HP Designjet 4520 Scanner to the HP Designjet products
that you already know and trust.
• Use advanced copy features to streamline your job. The
advanced copy functions of the HP Designjet 4520 Scanner
help you make copies quickly and easily. Enlarge or reduce
images and adjust margins to create the ideal image. Use the
nesting option to save media, and make large enlargements
easily with the paneling option. You can also perform batch
scanning with auto-naming and track your output by using the
integrated accounting features.
• Seamless network connectivity for easy access. The HP
Designjet 4520 Scanner fits seamlessly into your production
setup and your network. Using 1000Base-T networking and
TCP/IP protocols, you can communicate across a network on
the keyboard that comes standard with this stand-alone or addon scanner.
HP Designjet 4520 Scanner
1. The built-in scanner accepts
originals up to 43 in (1092 mm)
wide and 0.6 in (15.2 mm)
2. Scan resolution of 508
dpi optical and 9600 dpi
3. Scanning speed of 3 in (76 mm)
per second for color and 10 in
(254 mm) per second for mono
originals (400 dpi Turbo).
4. Intuitive, 15 in (381 mm)
touchscreen display with
graphical interface.
5. Includes Read/Write DVD to
save scanned documents on
DVDs and CDs.
6. 2.6 GHz processing speed, 1
GB memory, and 40 GB hard
disk for faster scan and copy
7. Fast preview enables greater
control over final output.
8. Intuitive software provides
easy-to-use scanning, copying,
and network printing.
9. High scanning quality and
speeds/excellent 3D scanning
8. 5.
2. 3.
HP Designjet 4520 Scanner at a glance
HP Designjet 4520 Scanner
• 42 in (1067 mm) mm scan area
• Accepts originals up to 0.6 in (15.2 mm) thick
• 508 dpi optical and 9600 dpi enhanced scan resolution
• 3 in (76 mm) per second color and 10 in (254 mm) per
second black-and-white scan speed (400 dpi Turbo)
• 2.6 GHz processing speed, 1 GB memory, and 40 GB hard
Optional service and support
• HP Installation Services with Network Setup (1 unit)
• HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support, 3 years
• HP Same Day 9x5 Onsite Hardware Support, 3 years
• HP Same Day 13x5 Onsite Hardware Support, 3 years
Specifically designed for large departments in Enterprise
and Public Sector environments or reprographic houses that
print nonstop in centralized production environments
Superior technology for superior results
• Three digital cameras scan at a resolution of up to 508
dpi optical and 9600 dpi enhanced, with 0.1 percent line
• Full, vivid color with 24-bit color and 8-bit graytone
• High-speed, 400 dpi Turbo color scanning at 3 in (76 mm)
per second and 400 dpi Turbo monochrome scanning at 10 in
(254 mm) per second
• Scan media up to 43 in (1092 mm) wide and up to 0.6
in (15.2 mm) thick, for handling oversized, heavyweight
originals–even cardboard
• Color image processing technology provides color correction
and 2-D filters for color sharpening, color softening, and blur
Complete functionality and control
• Preview your image for a high quality, precision job
• Copy, enlarge, reduce, or adjust colors and settings, for
perfecting even your originals
• Scan to file or DVD/CD in the most common file formats
including PDF, TIFF, JPEG2000, and DWF
• Print your scanned jobs in unattended batches with the printslist feature
• Print locally or print through the network to HP Designjet 5x0,
800, 1000, 40x0/45x0, 5x00, T610/T11x0, Z2100/Z3x00,
Z6100 Printer series
• Use the nesting option to save media
• Make enlargements easily with the paneling option
• Track your output using the integrated accounting features
• Perform batch scanning with auto-naming
Graphical display
Convenient, easy-to-use interface
• Touchscreen running embedded operating system
• Intel Pentium 4, 2.6 GHz processor and 40 GB of memory for
scanned jobs
• Small keyboard included for easy data entry and network
• DVD/CD reader/writer included for efficiency and versatility
• Fast network connection (TCP/IP)
Support and service
One-stop support and service
• One-year onsite warranty
• Additional support options include physical installation with or
without network configuration, three-year warranty extension,
and a one-year post warranty
• 24-hour online support via www.designjet.hp.com provides
troubleshooting tips, driver downloads, user forums, and
• Toll-free phone support with product experts
Compatible HP Printer series
HP Designjet 500/510
HP Designjet 4500/4520
HP Designjet Z3100/Z3200
HP Designjet 800
HP Designjet 1000/1055
HP Designjet 5000/5500
HP Designjet Z2100
HP Designjet 4000/4020
HP Designjet Z6100
HP Designjet T1100/T1120
HP Designjet T610
HP Designjet 4520 Scanner
One-year limited hardware warranty
CM770A HP Designjet
Supported Printers
C7769B HP Designjet
C7770B HP Designjet
C7769C HP Designjet
C7770C HP Designjet
C7769F HP Designjet
C7770F HP Designjet
C7769G HP Designjet
C7770G HP Designjet
CH336A HP Designjet
CH337A HP Designjet
C7779B HP Designjet
C7780B HP Designjet
C7779C HP Designjet
C7780C HP Designjet
C6074B HP Designjet
C6075B HP Designjet
Q1273A HP Designjet
Q1274A HP Designjet
CM765A HP Designjet
CM766A HP Designjet
Q1271A HP Designjet
Q1272A HP Designjet
CM767A HP Designjet
CM768A HP Designjet
Q1251A HP Designjet
Q1253A HP Designjet
Q1252A HP Designjet
Q1254A HP Designjet
Q1251V HP Designjet
Q1253V HP Designjet
Q1252V HP Designjet
Q1254V HP Designjet
Q6711A HP Designjet
Q6712A HP Designjet
Q6683A HP Designjet
Q6684A HP Designjet
Q6687A HP Designjet
Q6688A HP Designjet
CK837A HP Designjet
CK839A HP Designjet
CK838A HP Designjet
CK840A HP Designjet
Q6675 HP Designjet
Q6677A HP Designjet
Q5669A HP Designjet
Q5659A HP Designjet
Q5670A HP Designjet
Q5660A HP Designjet
Q5669A HP Designjet
Q6659A HP Designjet
Q5670A HP Designjet
Q6660A HP Designjet
Q6651C HP Designjet
Q6652C HP Designjet
Q6653C HP Designjet
Q6654C HP Designjet
For a complete list of supported printers, visit:
Technical specifications
Scan speed
Color (200 dpi/400 dpi Turbo): 3 in/sec (76 mm/sec)
Black-and-white (200 dpi/400 dpi Turbo): 10 in/sec (254 mm/sec)
Scan/copy resolution
Enhanced mode: 9600 x 9600 dpi with variable resolution settings from 50 dpi in
increments of 1 dpi
Best mode: 300 x 300 dpi
Normal mode: 200 x 200 dpi
Draft mode: 150 x 150 dpi
Maximum scan width
42 in (1067 mm)
Maximum scan thickness
0.6 in (15 mm)
1 to 10,000%
Maximum copies
1000 copies
Copier settings
Type of original, image crop and align preview, lightness, saturation and RGB controls,
sharpen/blur, mirror copy, enlarge/reduce, paneling, tiling, nesting, accounting, batch
Straight-through scan paper path for sheet and cardboard originals
Non-abrasive paper, vellum, mylar, sepia, blueprints, plastic, film, plastic laminate, foam
board, cardboard. (No plywood, stone plates, metal plates or abrasive, dirty, rough, sharp
edged, metal clamped, or burned surfaces or transparencies)
Processing and memory
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 1 GB memory, 40 GB hard disk
1 Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) port, 1 FireWire (IEEE-1394a compliant) port
HP Macroinstaller with Windows drivers for HP Designjet 5x0/800 series, 1000 series,
40x0/45x0 series, 5x00 series, T610/T11x0 series, Z2100/Z3x00 series and Z6100
series products
Dimensions (h x d x w)
70.8 x 33.4 x 54.3 in (1800 x 850 x 1380 mm)
75.2 x 26.8 x 24.2 in (1910 x 680 x 615 mm)
204 lb (92.5 kg)
269 lb (122 kg)
What's in the box
Scanner, stand, touchscreen (panel PC), keyboard, quick reference guide, setup poster,
documentation CD, system recovery DVD, customer service guide, FireWire cables (x2),
Ethernet cable, power cord
Environmental ranges
Operating temperature
Recommended operating temperature
Storage temperature
Operating humidity
Recommended humidity Acoustic
Sound pressure, active
Sound pressure, standby
Sound power, active
Sound power, standby Power consumption
Power requirements
HP Care Pack Services
64 to 90° F (18 to 32° C)
59 to 86° F (15 to 30° C)
-4 to 131° F (-20 to 55° C)
20 to 80% RH
25 to 75% RH
46 dB(A)
41 dB(A)
6.3 B(A)
5.8 B(A) 300 watts maximum
3.5 watts
Input voltage (auto ranging): 100 to 240 VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, 5 A max
USA and Canada (CSA certified), EU (LVD and EN60950-1 compliant), Russia
(GOST), Singapore (PSB), China (CCC), Argentina (IRAM), Mexico (NYCE), Korea (KATS)
Compliance for Class A ITE products: EU (EMC Directive), USA (FCC Rules),
Canada (ICES), Australia (ACA), New Zealand (MoC), China (CCC), Japan
(VCCI); Certified as Class A product: Korea (KCC), Taiwan (BSMI)
3-Year Next Business Day Onsite Service
Installation Service with Network Setup
3-Year Same Day Onsite Service (9x5)
3-Year Same Day Onsite Service (13x5)
© 2004, 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and
services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional
warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
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4AA2-4847ENUC, March 2009
Ordering information
4520 Scanner
500 24-in Printer
500 42-in Printer
500ps 24-in Printer
500ps 42-in Printer
500 Plus 24-in Printer
500 Plus 42-in Printer
500 Plus ps 24-in Printer
500 Plus ps 24-in Printer
510 24-in Printer
510 42-in Printer
800 24-in Printer
800 42-in Printer
800ps 24-in Printer
800ps 42-in Printer
1050c Plus Printer
1055cm Plus Printer
4000 Printer
4000ps Printer
4020 42-in Printer
4020ps 42-in Printer
4500 Printer
4500ps Printer
4520 42-in Printer
4520ps 42-in Printer
5500 42-in Printer
5500 60-in Printer
5500ps 42-in Printer
5500ps 60-in Printer
5500 42-in UV Printer
5500 60-in UV Printer
5500ps 42-in UV Printer
5500ps 60-in UV Printer
T610 24-in Printer
T610 42-in Printer
T1100 24-in Printer
T1100 44-in Printer
T1100ps 24-in Printer
T1100ps 44-in Printer
T1120 24-in Printer
T1120 44-in Printer
T1120ps 24-in Printer
T1120ps 44-in Printer
Z2100 24-in Photo Printer
Z2100 44-in Photo Printer
Z3100 24-in Photo Printer
Z3100 44-in Photo Printer
Z3100ps GP 24-in Photo Printer
Z3100ps GP 44-in Photo Printer
Z3200 24-in Photo Printer
Z3200 44-in Photo Printer
Z3200ps 24-in Photo Printer
Z3200ps 44-in Photo Printer
Z6100 42-in Printer
Z6100 60-in Printer
Z6100ps 42-in Printer
Z6100ps 60-in Printer
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