HP 2W Quick start guide

HP 2W Quick start guide
Getting Started
Thank you for purchasing the Compaq iPAQ Connection Point CP-2W. The
Connection Point is designed to easily connect your PC's to the Internet
and each other using wireless 802.11b and Ethernet technology. You can
share a single Cable or DSL Internet connection throughout your home or
small office. You may also share files, printers, music, images and play
head-to-head games while protected behind the Connection Point's
built-in firewall.
This Quick Setup Guide will lead you through initial installation and
setup of your Connection Point. The guide assumes you will be installing
Connection Point in-between your Cable or DSL Modem and a PC with an
Ethernet adapter. Please consult the User Guide for additional
installation options including initial setup using a wireless client.
Please ensure you have the following before continuing with this Guide:
External Cable or DSL Modem with an RJ45 Ethernet port
Ethernet Adapter properly installed in your PC
CD Drive on your PC
Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator 4.0
or higher, or MSN Explorer
v M M M Y
Connection Point items:
IPAQ Connection Point CP-2W
Power Adapter
10ft Ethernet Cable
Utility CD
User Guide
Limited Warranty Information
Note: If you are running Internet sharing software on this PC, it must be
removed now in order for Connection Point to operate properly.
Consult your software s documentation for removal.
PC Client Setup
The configuration procedures for Microsoft Windows™
98, and ME are described below. Please refer to the User
Guide for information on setting up Windows 2000 and
NT 4.0 clients.
Click Start > Settings > Control Panel. From the Control
Panel, double click on the Network icon to bring up the
Network Control Panel.
Ë Control Panel I= [Of]
File Edit “View Favorites Toole Help |
<= Back + = - [+] | Qh Search [Folders 4 History | EF to) | Er
In the network components [oe _ e
list, double-click the TCP/IP FF re a pene
. . ontrol Panel EE
line which represents your Compe E Y
Configures network hardware and
ft .
Ethernet adapter. es = A
windows Update с
Technical Support ODBC Data Passwor ds PC Card
Sources [326] [PEMCIA]
Configuration | Identification | Acces: Control | = D
The following network, components are installed: -
PAS PX -compatible Protocol -> Compag 11 Mbps Wireleda | > ФЕ
IPS Per-compatible Protocol -+ Compaq MC2120 Fast EL Configures network hardware and software, [ ea My Computer 2
MRS PX-compatible Protocol -> Dial-Up Adapter
4 TCP/P -» Compaq 11 Mbps ‘wireless USE Adapter
(4 TCP/IP -> Compag MC3120 Fast Ethernet MIC
| +
Click on the IP Address Tab and select
"Obtain IP address automatically”.
Remove | Properties |
Primary Metuwvork Logon:
| Client for Microsoft Networks =| Cl ick "O K" to save
File and Print Sharing... |
De cription
TCP/IP iz the protocol pou use to connect to the Internet and -
wide-area networks, LEFF Fae es 21x]
Bindings | Advanced | Ме 05 |
DNS Configuration | Gateway | WINS Configuration IP Address
ОК | Cancel | An IP address can be automatically assigned to this computer.
IF your network does not automatically assign IP addresses, ask
your network administrator for an address, and then type it in
the space below,
f SpecivanlP address: ———————————————
Isa 192.168. 0 . 1
Restart your computer. A reboot is
necessary even if you were not
[Ш Ве connection tonebrorte média
Cancel |
Hardware Installation
Install Hardware
Power down Cable or DSL modem. Disconnect existing
Ethernet cable from PC.
Cable or
DSL modem
And connect to port labeled “Internet”.
Power on Cable or DSL Modem.
Connection Point Setup
Access CP-2W
Bring up your computer's web browser, such as
Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator.
Type cp.home in the address area. The login screen
shown below appears.
Enter Network Password HE |
e Please type your User name and password.
Site: cp.home
Realm Connection Point CP-2
User Hame |
Password |
[7 Save this password in your password list
Cancel |
Enter the User Name, "admin" (entirely in lowercase letters), and leave the
Password entry blank. Then click on OK.
Note: During the installation process you will be asked to reboot the
Connection Point. After this reboot, you may be prompted to login
again. Please reenter the above information and continue.
Install Hardware
Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to
Port labeled "1" and the other end to the existing
Ethernet port on your PC.
Plug in Connection Point power adapter.
The Power LED and LAN 1 Link light on the front panel should turn on
immediately. Other LED's may turn on as well.
Connection Point CP-2W Ша
link 100
Setup Internet Connection
The Basic Setup entry screen appears.
| avorites istory
. . E
Connection Point Home Page
Current Internet Status
MAC [00-30-AB-00-EB-91 |
IP Address [ (Dynamic) |
Renew Internet IP
Dynamic Internet IP
Dynamic Internet I? configuration via DHCP 15 the standard for most Internet Service
Click here to set the Connection Point to use Dynamic Internet IP (default).
Static Internet IP
Your Internet Service Provider may have provided you with Static IP information.
El lick horo ta cet the Cannertinn Paintta ice Static Internet ТР
Read through the below options. Choose ONE of the following Internet
connection types and proceed to the appropriate step.
O Dynamic Internet IP: This is the default setting of Connection
Point. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically assigns
you a public IP address (common among Cable providers) or you
are unsure of the other options, make no changes and proceed
with Step 6.
O Static Internet IP: Select this option if your ISP has provided
you a static public IP Address. Proceed to step 5b.
PPPoE: Select this option if your ISP utilizes PPPoE for connection
(common among DSL providers). A PPPoE login user name and
password will have been provided by your ISP. Proceed to step 5c.
Static Internet IP PPPoE Set SSID
This setting configures your Connection Point to use a
static public IP address. Your ISP must provide this static
IP address to you.
This setting configures your Connection Point to use the
Your Connection Point has a default wireless SSID setting
PPPOE protocol (common with most DSL services).
of ConnectionPoint”. To ensure that wireless traffic is
handled efficiently, please change this default to a unique
entry of 32 characters or less. If you have a current
wireless network, enter that SSID now.
Select "PPPoE" from the left column under the Basic
Select "Static Internet IP” from the left column under the Setup menu. The screen below appears.
Basic Setup menu. The screen below appears.
Select "SSID" from the left column under the Basic Setup
PENI = menu. The screen below appears.
| а = = - @ В A] Den Gross Jue E SW - BB
| mess [0 pag. 165. 11)
Enter SSID.
3 Connection Point CP-2W - Microsoft Internet Explorer
Basic Setup PPPoE
To enable а РРЕ he U
Sanica Pıyader below. The namalnicg delds ara optional
To enable a PPPoE broadband connection, enter the Usemame
and Password provided by your Internet Service Provider below.
ini ptional
| File Edit View Favorites Tools Help
| <a Back + = = x | LA | “O Search [3] Favorites <A History | Eh = pe | Address [8] http://cp.home
Basic Setup
Basic Setup SSID
Server 1
Use the SSID to identify your Connection Point device on the wireless networke
Server 2 (Optional)
Click here to access WEP encryption for wireless network security (advanced setting).
- -
= SSID llc onnec tionPoint
_SetssiD |
E ISP P All : tive.
Enter a static Internet IP Address as provided by your ISP. nter you ISP Username and Password entries may be case sensitive
E ice N if ISP. Otherwise, | lank.
Enter a Subnet Mask as provided by your ISP. nter a Service Name if required by your ISP. Otherwise, leave blan
Enter the IP address of a primary (and perhaps secondary) DNS server as
Enter an IP address for a Default Gateway as provided by your ISP. provided by your ISP Click "Set SSID" and then "OK" to reboot Connection Point
Enter the IP address of a primary (and perhaps secondary) DNS server as
Login again if necessary and proceed to Step 7.
provided by your ISP. gin ag y and p p7
Click "Set PPPoE" and then "OK" to reboot Connection Point.
Connection Point comes with WEP Encryption disabled. This means that
Login again if necessary and proceed to Step 6. your network is accessible by any 802.11b wireless client. WEP Encryption
can provide several levels of security and should be enabled to secure your
network. After completing the Quick Setup process, please see Chapter 4
“Wireless Security" to enable WEP Encryption.
Click "Set Static IP" and then "OK" to reboot Connection Point.
Login again if necessary and proceed to Step 6.
Finish Installation IPAQ
Connection Point CP-2W
Getting Started Guide
Load CD into CD-ROM.
Compaq iPAQ
Connection Point CP-2W
Simplify Your Life,
Connect Your World
Choose Install Firmware Update Utility" and follow the wizard
instructions. This utility will be used for future system updates or recovery.
Choose Product Registration. Register your Connection Point for
complete product support.
Congratulations! Your Connection Point is installed and functioning. It is
providing firewall protection to your home or small office network as you
share Internet access, files, printers, music, images and play head-to-head
games. Please consult the User Guide to bring additional Ethernet and
wireless clients onto your network.
For Connection Point support see the trouble shooting portion of the
User Guide or visit www.compag.com/athome/support/internetdevices/.
©2001 Compaq Computer Corporation. Compaq is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All Rights
Reserved. ©2001 Microsoft® Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft® and the Windows® logo are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Product names mentioned
herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Printed in China. 2001 Edition.
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