HP C9025-80024 User manual

HP C9025-80024 User manual
Setup Poster
HP Deskjet 3740 series
Plug in supplied power cord, then turn on printer.✽
Remove packing material.
✽ You must use the supplied power cord.
Load white paper. Slide paper guide
firmly against paper.
Pull pink tab to remove clear tape.✽
Connect USB cable.✽
✽ A black ink cartridge might not be included with
your printer. It is not required to operate the printer.
✽ A USB cable might not be
included with your printer.
Do not touch or remove copper strip.
Close top cover.
Insert print cartridge(s).
Press firmly.
Insert CD, then follow onscreen instructions.
Wait for the Congratulations screen to appear.
Printed in <country> 03/2004
© 2004 Hewlett-Packard Company
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
If you see one of these screens, then
follow the steps shown.
Windows Me
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Select hpf3740p.inf.
No screens?
1. Click the Start button, then
select Run.
Need more help?
2. Click the Browse button.
3. Select HPPP CD in the Look in
drop-down list.
4. Select Setup, then click the
Open button.
5. Click OK, then follow the
onscreen instructions.
If the installation fails...
Verify the following:
Printer is turned on.
If the problem persists:
Remove the CD from the computer's
CD-ROM drive, then disconnect the
printer cable from the computer.
Restart the computer.
Temporarily disable any software
firewall or close any anti-virus
software. Re-start these programs
after the printer is installed.
Insert the printer software CD in the
computer's CD-ROM drive, then
follow the onscreen instructions to
install the printer software.
After the installation finishes,
restart the computer.
Cable connections are secure.
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