Tutorial: Input Grades in Blackboard

Tutorial: Input Grades in Blackboard
Tutorial: Input Grades in Blackboard
Get into the Grade Center
The following steps will lead you to the Full Grade Center page (❶ - ❽).
❶ Enter the URL: blackboard.indstate.edu
❷ Enter
username and
❸ Click on Login
❹ Find Course List
❺ Select the target course in
which you would like input
❻ Locate Control Panel
❼ Click on Grade Center
❽ Click on Full Grade Center
Get to Know the Full Grade Center
The following picture shows you some of the features in the Full Grade Center. And each feature
has a descriptive listed below the picture (❶ - ❹). For more information regarding to other
features, please refer to other tutorials.
❷ Views
❶ Action Bar
❸ Sort Columns By
❺ Icon Legend
❹ Order
❻ Edit Rows Displayed
❶. Action Bar
Create Column: Click to create a column that represents a gradable item in your course.
Create Calculated Column: From the drop-down list, select one of the following calculated
Manage: From the drop-down list, select an option to manage Grading periods, Grading
Schemas, Grading Color Codes, Categories, Smart Views, Column Organization, Row Visibility,
or Sending Email.
Reports: From the drop-down list, you can create a report or view grade history.
Filter: To narrow your view of the Grade Center data, click Filter to expand the field and select
options including Current View, Category and Status from the drop-down lists.
Work Offline: Access features that allow you to work with Grade Center data outside of
Blackboard Learn.
❷. Views
Interactive View: Click the Action Link next to the Grade Center title to change your view of
the Grade Center. In the interactive view, you can type grades directly into each table cell. Use
the arrow keys or the Tab key to navigate, and press the Enter key to submit a grade. This is the
default view for the grade center.
Screen Reader View: In the screen reader view, the data appears in a simplified grid. The table
is static and you type grades on the Grade Details page accessed from a cell’s contextual menu.
❸ Sort Columns By: From the drop-down list, select one of the following options for sorting
the columns: Layout Position, Categories, Due Date, Date Created, Points Possible, or Display
❹ Order: From the drop-down list, select whether to place the columns in descending or
ascending order based on what is chosen in the Sort Columns By list.
❺ Icon Legend: Explanation of the symbols used in the cells.
❻ Edit Rows Displayed: You can change the number of rows appearing in the grid. In the box,
type a number between 5 and 50, and click Go.
Create a Column
Now that you are in the Full Grade Center, the following steps will show you how to create a
column (Step ❶ - ❻).
❶ In the Full Grade Center
page, locate and click on
Create Column
❷ Enter Column Name,
i.e., Exam 1, Quiz 1
❸ Enter Points Possible
❹ Set a Due Date
❺ Leave all the three options set to the
❻ Click on Submit
Locate the Created Column
The following steps will show you where to find the column you just created (Step ❶ - ❷).
❶ A prompt confirmation message
will be provided after the previous step.
❷ Find the column on the
far right of the Grade Center
Input Grades
The following steps will guide you to enter grades for students in the targeted column (Step ❶ ❸).
❶ Move the cursor over to the desired
cell and click.
❷ Type the value and press the Enter key on the
❸ If Enter key is not pressed, and the instructor
clicked elsewhere on the screen, a dialog box will
be displayed and the instructor would need to
make decision
after Entering Grades
After entering grades for the targeted column (e.g., 123), students will be able to see that grade in
their grade book and see when it was graded.
Download Final Grades
In order to download final grades, you will have to meet the following rules first:
I: Change Grade Display to Letter (Step ❶ - ❸)
NOTE: If you already have grades display in letters, please ignore the following steps and
proceed to II: Set the Column as External Grade
❶ Locate the existing column for final grades.
(Blackboard sets up a default “Total” column that will sum
all assignment grades and assign a grade based on default
calculations. However, this is customizable. Please
contact OIT for assistance with customizing your grade
center.) Name for the column may vary. In this example,
the name of the column is Final Grade.
❷ Clink here for the drop-down
menu and click on Edit Column
Information to proceed.
❸ Click on the drop-down menu and Change
the grade Primary Display into Letters.
II: Set the Column as External Grade (Step ❶ - ❷)
❶ Click here for the drop-down
menu and click on Edit Column
Information to proceed.
❷ After clicking on
Edit Column
Information, there
will be a green
checkmark before
the column name.
And that means the
column has been set
as external column.
Once you have set the external grade primary display to letter, you may now
proceed to download the final grade following through step ❶ - ❸.
❶ From the drop-down menu
under Manage, click on
Download Final Grades
❷ A pop-up window
will appear on your
screen and click OK to
open the Excel file or
Click Save File to save
it on your computer.
❸ The downloaded Excel file will have the following items:
1. There is more than one way to access to Blackboard, create a column, input grades
and calculate grades.
2. This tutorial only demonstrates the most direct ways of completing tasks above.
3. For accessing more sophisticated instructions, you may:
a. Visit our Support and Training website at:
b. Contact us via one of the following methods:
Phone: (812)237-7000
Email: [email protected]
Office: Parsons Hall 103
M - Th 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm
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