HP DC7700P User's manual

HP DC7700P User's manual
HP Compaq dc7700p Business PC
Improve desktop management and security
with built-in Intel® vProTM Technology.
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Innovate while
maintaining control…
Does this sound familiar? You're asked to innovate,
improve security and business processes, and lower
costs. Yet, studies show the cost of technology
support and maintenance alone can seize as much
as 89% of a typical enterprise IT budget. How can
your department meet management's goalsrealizing maximum security, efficiency and
profitability by leveraging technology-when most of
your time and money is spent handling:
• Manual inventories
• Undiscoverable assets
• Deskside visits
• Inability to manage systems that are powered
down or where OS is inoperable
• Manual security patches
• Lack of configuration compliance
There is a better way to manage your desktops, to
reduce the time and money spent on the “day-to­
day” and get you spending more time on the “big
picture.” It starts with the HP Compaq dc7700p
equipped with Intel® vProTM Technology.
…with the HP Compaq
dc7700p Business PC with
Intel® vProTM Technology
With the HP Compaq dc7700p with built-in Intel
vPro Technology and an IT Management Console,
the power to reduce the time and expense of dayto-day desktop management via secure, remote
access is literally at your fingertips:
Strengthen security with:
• Security configuration compliance
• Security update deployment without user intervention
• Automated security update process
• Isolation of infected PCs
Reduce manageability costs with:
• Remote asset inventory
• Remote diagnostics and repair
• Manageability configuration compliance
HP Compaq
Windows® VistaTM
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your reach.
HP Compaq dc7700p: Built-in security,
performance and IT productivity
Getting a handle on your IT enterprise management costs starts with the PC
itself. The HP Compaq dc7700p delivers results that will impress even the most
demanding IT managers, combining built-in manageability, stability and
security with the performance and flexibility necessary to meet business
demands and reduce IT complexity.
HP ProtectTools Security Suite
Provides an integrated console for easy setup and management of a wide
range of security features including passwords, embedded security, and Smart
Card keyboards.
HP Backup & Recovery Manager
Create factory image CDs and easily schedule data backups to network
drives, second hard drives, and optical media. Enables a quick recovery for
complete systems.
Real time data backup (RAID 1) capability
Factory-installed solution automatically writes data simultaneously to two hard
drives to ensure it is protected.
Support for new energy efficiency standards
80 PLUS power supplies and Energy Star 4.0 models provide more efficient
power conversion and reduced power consumption, helping save energy costs
and supporting more PCs per branch circuit.
80 PLUS: this efficient power supply gives you lower energy costs and quieter,
more productive work spaces by resourcefully converting AC power to DC
power and regulating fan activity at the BIOS level.
Energy Star 4.0: saves energy and complies to new Energy Star specifications
that place strict regulation on idle wattage time.
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Fast, accurate PC inventory
Even when PC is powered down or the OS is inoperable
Powered-down PCs hide from typical software-based inventory solutions, which
are dependent on the PC being powered up and the OS being operational.
Reduce time and money spent on manual
inventories to account for down or crashed
PCs not recognized by your software-based
management solution.
HP Compaq dc7700p desktops equipped with Intel vPro Technology rely on a
secure, hardware-based, out-of-band (OOB) communications channel that is
always available, enabling third-party software to poll systems for information
even if a PC is powered off, its OS is down or its management agents are
• Secure remote power-up lets authorized staff power up remote PCs, perform
any necessary tasks, and remotely power down again.
• PC inventory is complete within minutes instead of days, saving time and
ensuring compliance with government regulations.
• Inventory is more accurate than completely software-based solutions,
counting all machines connected to the network, regardless of power or
OS state.
HP Compaq
Windows® VistaTM
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Manage hardware and software assets
Tracking software licenses and equipment status across multiple departments is
a challenge. Turn that challenge into an opportunity to better budget for
upgrades and save money on license fees with the HP Compaq dc7700p.
Third-party software stores hardware and
software asset information in tamper-resistant,
nonvolatile memory where it can be accessed
by authorized staff from the IT management
The same “always-available” hardware-based, OOB communications channel
that allows for quick PC inventory also helps enable:
• Time savings by remotely polling all network-connected HP Compaq
dc7700p Business Desktops for unique hardware IDs and software
versions, regardless of power or OS state.
• Automatic updates to ensure PC compliance with policy-prescribed
• Fewer deskside visits to identify failed hardware parts that need to
be replaced.
• Potential cost savings on license fees with accurate software inventories.
• Improvements in life-cycle management with better budgeting and planning
tools for equipment upgrades.
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Remote diagnostics and repair
The HP Compaq dc7700p with built-in Intel vPro Technology sends a
policy-based alert to the IT Management Console.
Use the HP Compaq dc7700p
with Intel vPro Technology to:
• Significantly reduce on-site service calls for
problem resolution
Before the user can even make that help desk call, the IT department is
working on the problem using remote hardware-based diagnostic and repair
capabilities including:
• Remote Boot: Integrated drive electronics redirect (IDE-R), allows authorized
technicians to change the PC's boot device to a standard image.
• Console Redirection: Provided through serial over LAN (SOL), where
technician can note problems with the boot process as the BIOS, OS and
drivers attempt to load.
• Issue Identification and Resolution: Replacement drivers or missing .DLL files
can be pushed down-the-wire to bring the PC back into a managed state.
• System Re-imaging: Quickly restore PCs by pushing existing images
out remotely.
• Remotely repair PCs even if user OS and
applications are infected
• Increase end-user productivity through less
PC downtime
• Free up IT resources for additional projects
HP Compaq
Windows® VistaTM
System security may be
but it doesn’t have to be
at the top
of your “to-do” list.
Proactive security updates
HP Compaq dc7700p Business Desktops make deploying security updates
and patches easier, faster and more secure than ever with built-in Intel vPro
technology that allows encrypted, remote power-on and update capabilities.
Use the HP Compaq dc7700p
with Intel vPro Technology to:
• Reduce vulnerability by reducing time
required to deploy patches
• Shift work to off-hours when it won't
interfere with users
• Increase automation and speed of updates
• Improve service efficiency and quality
The secure OOB communications channel lets third-party applications
check the desktop's software version information, determine if anything
needs updating, and make appropriate updates and patches-regardless of
the PC power- or operating-system state. And your peace-of-mind is
safeguarded because:
• Secure, remote power-up lets IT turn on PCs from the IT console, so updates
can even be pushed to devices that were originally powered off at the start
of the maintenance cycle.
• Remote control is not allowed without user name and password from
IT administrator.
• Password communication and commands can be encrypted between the
client and console.
• Software version information is stored in tamper-resistant, non-volatile
memory, always accessible to third-party management and security
Specialized Design
Like all HP desktop solutions, the HP Compaq dc7700p is
created from the inside-out with quality features and ingenious
design components befitting today’s progressive, competitive
business environment.
Tested for quality
HP desktop platforms undergo on average more than 130,000
hours of rigorous testing. Multiple engineering teams conduct
various types of testing throughout the product development cycle
and throughout the product lifecycle. This ensures HP Business PCs
will work efficiently while making lifecycle planning and
budgeting simple, maintaining consistent work environments and
keeping support costs to a minimum.
Optional Dual Display Capability
Maximize screen real estate by using a multi-monitor configuration to extend
your screen desktop across both monitors, or display multiple programs on
separate screens for increased productivity.
for multiple pr
Multiple screens
Standard High Definition Audio,
optimized for VoIP
High Definition audio with echo cancellation, beam forming and noise
reduction provides high quality sound and cancels excessive background
noise, ensuring increased audio flexibility, performance and quality for today’s
needs and tomorrow's innovations.
Support for new energy efficiency standards
80 PLUS power supplies and Energy Star 4.0 models provide more efficient
power conversion and reduced power consumption, helping save energy costs
and supporting more PCs per branch circuit.
1,000 systems running with Energy Star 4.0
compliant 80 PLUS power supplies could result
in a cost savings of over $11,500 annually.1
HP Compaq
Windows® VistaTM
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Quality component
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and productivity.
Energy-efficient design
An ingenious thermal case design and engineered fan curve settings help
keep each PC not only quiet, but also at a cool operating temperature,
promoting more efficient energy usage.
Small footprint: Perfect for Healthcare environments
When workspace is at a premium, such as in nursing stations and exam
rooms, the optional HP Integrated Work Center combines any VESA compliant
17- or 19-inch flat panel monitor with the ultra-slim form of the HP Compaq
dc7700p Business Desktop.
Efficient, NFPA 99 compliant power supply
lowers costs and allows flexible use of HP
Compaq dc7700p in patient areas!
Tool-Less chassis
The dc7700p is housed within a tool-less chassis for rapid IT access for
upgrades and repairs.
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your total cost of
First-to-develop, first-to-market
It’s no coincidence that HP is first-to-market with a
PC equipped with Intel vPro Technology. HP drives
the industry in hardware management applications,
offering time-tested products that have been
steadily upgraded and enhanced, from that first
patent in 1995 through this century’s longstanding
strategic alliance with Altiris.
HP Client Manager 6.2: Delivers two free Altiris
out-of-band management solutions that enable
collection-based management-including asset
information, alerts and power management-of
remote computers equipped with Alert Standard
Format (ASF) and Intel Active Management
Technology (iAMT).
HP Client Suites
Bundles of HP- and Altiris-created solutions that
What does this mean to you? With the HP
provide significant TCO-reduction compared to
Compaq dc7700p, you not only benefit from HP’s
manual client management processes, no matter
tradition of engineering excellence, but you can
what your level of IT maturity. The HP Client
also tap into our comprehensive portfolio of mature, Foundation Suite (HP CFS) is an entry-level product
proven PC-management solutions that reduce the
for smaller organizations or those just beginning to
complexity of system management, thereby
automate PC management processes.
reducing your overall total cost of ownership.
Longstanding partnership
with Altiris
The HP Client Premium Suite (HP CPS) is for
organizations that require full client hardware and
software lifecycle management and also includes:
• Altiris Audit Express
The HP/Altiris partnership was the first of its kind in • Altiris Client Management Suite Level 1
the industry – a unique alliance that extends
• HP OpenView Connector
beyond sales and marketing to include joint
development and technology sharing. This provides • Altiris Connector Solution
a proven, long-running history of best-of-breed
Rapid Deployment Pack
solutions for HP partners and customers:
A fast, easy server deployment solution that
facilitates the installation, configuration, and
HP Client Manager (HPCM)
deployment of high volumes of servers through
Enables centralized hardware management of most either a GUI-based or a web-based console, using
HP and Compaq client computers from a Web
either scripting or imaging technology.
browser. Included in both HP Client Suites and
available for separate download, it uses the same
HP Systems Insight Manager Connector
Altiris infrastructure as other management solutions, Consolidate deployment and management from
so only one infrastructure with one unique database one HP Systems Insight Manager consoles. The
needs to be set up and maintained.
connector integrates with HP client manager and
functions to better monitor, access and troubleshoot
clients remotely and efficiently.
Your path to a flexib
le network starts
with out-of-band solu
tions for nothing
HP: Pioneer in client and server management
Out-of-band solutions like the Intel vPro Technology platform are nothing new to HP. Remote server
management through our iLO and iLO2 management processors already allow IT professionals to
administer, troubleshoot and restore servers independently of the operating system. HP leveraged this
remote server management expertise to develop HP OpenView Solutions, a three-tiered portfolio of
products and technology that take advantage of the hardware-based capabilities of Intel vPro technology
to enable remote, out-of-band, integrated hardware and software management:
Upgrading is easy!
HP OpenView Client Configuration Manager 2.0 Basic Edition: a free, easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy,
Existing infrastructure,
Web-based solution for managing Windows® PCs and HP Thin Clients. Perfect for medium-sized
agents, collected data
enterprises or remote divisions of larger companies with up to 10,000 PCs, the basic edition provides:
and acquired software
patches are preserved
• Hardware and software inventory collection
when migrating between
• Remote PC control
these three products!
• HP alert monitoring
• HP hardware driver and BIOS updates
• Free add-on support for two out-of-band management solutions
HP OpenView Client Configuration Manager 2.0 Premium Edition: an upgrade – available by purchasing
and installing a new license key – that includes all the functionality of the Basic Edition, plus:
• Operating system deployment and settings migration
• Patch management
• Software distribution and usage metering (for HP Thin Clients)
HP OpenView PC Configuration Management: a sophisticated and automated suite of enterprise-class
products based on a single, policy-driven architecture that continuously monitors and manages complex,
distributed and changing IT environments.
HP Easy Financing
Ideal for businesses with tight budgets and real world demands, HP Easy
Financing for business provides a number of options: short term, long term,
own it or rent it you decide. Visit www.hp.com/go/easyfinancing to
learn more.
HP Total Care
HP Total Care services bring desktop users the full circle of HP's personalized
services for every stage of a computer's life. From choosing, to configuring, to
protecting, to maintaining - all the way to recycling a computer - HP stands by
its customers along the way. The purchase of a desktop from HP allows you to
choose the exact amount of support you need.
HP Total Care includes service and support, software and driver downloads,
set-up assistance, responsible hardware recycling, on-site repair, online classes
and much more.
Savings calculations based on PCMark 05 benchmark testing results. Internal testing, customer results will vary. Variables include
customer determined percentage of sleep state, idle state, productivity state, and peak usage state. Also, manufacturing variability
will affect the savings a customer may see. HP advises customers to test a system with an 80% efficient power supply in their
environment to determine potential savings.
Customers not using a sleep state should see higher savings as idle state draws more watts.
To learn more, visit www.hp.com/go/desktopfamily
© 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without
notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying
such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not
be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
4AA1-1323ENA, 03/2007
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