With Verizon SureResponse™ personal emergency
response service, you and your family can feel confident
and secure knowing help is just a call away.
ersonalized emergency service 24 hours a
day with the touch of a button.
ureResponse Care Agents can access your
location and personal information by GPS.1
• The security of knowing your SureResponse
device is always connected to America’s most
reliable high-speed wireless network.
uickly connect with your local emergency
responders, loved ones, local businesses
and more.
• Customizing your authorized contacts, personal
history and location information is simple.
Contract Term
Monthly Call Access
2 years
Monthly Call Allowance
60 minutes
Per-Minute Rate
After Allowance
Calls to the SureResponse Care Center are free and do not count against your
monthly allowance. Monthly allowance is decremented by convenience calls;
minutes begin once the convenience call is connected to the call recipient and
the Care Agent disconnects.
To learn more, visit
1Location availability is based on network coverage. Network details and coverage maps are available at
2SureResponse is not eligible as part of a Share Everything Plan.
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©2012 Verizon Wireless
A Verizon Safeguards Product
Peace of mind—wherever you go:
The SureResponse device is stylish, compact and
water resistant. It is ideal for any lifestyle and any
life scenario. It has a display to view time, a built-in
speakerphone and up to one week of standby battery
life between charges. It’s easy to use on the go with the
included wrist strap, belt clip, lanyard (for wearing as a
pendant), and travel charger.
SureResponse docking station charger for the home:
The SureResponse System comes with a docking station
that charges the device and includes a pre-installed
battery backup in case of power failure and a paging
feature for devices misplaced in the home.
wrist strap
belt clip
travel charger
SureResponse docking station charger
SureResponse is provided by Verizon Wireless (VAW) LLC
One Verizon Way Mail Code VC61N037
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Note: Using the SureResponse Online Caregiver Portal
is not required. SureResponse Care Agents also have
this information.
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©2012 Verizon Wireless
Get a customized experience with the SureResponse
Online Caregiver Portal:
• Add, remove and update lists of caregivers.
• Authorize caregivers to locate your device.
• Receive alerts about your device.
• Call your device (calls are connected by a
SureResponse Care Agent).
• Enter personal information for emergency responders.
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