HP PhotoSmart R817 User's manual

HP PhotoSmart R817 User's manual
HP Photosmart Digital Cameras
Technical Backgrounder
Theatre Mode
What is HP Theatre Mode
Theatre mode is a special photography mode in your HP Photosmart R817 or R818 digital
camera that is designed to easily let you take effective photographs in a “Theatre” like setting
such as a theater, museum, sporting event, church. Typically, when people take photos at an
event like a school play – the camera flash fires and the image captured is of the backs of the
heads audience members. The stage is usually a dark distant scene. If you remember to turn
off your flash – then usually the camera will switch to a long shutter time and the photograph
will be blurry either because you moved the camera or whatever you were photographing
In HP Theatre mode the camera is programmed in a way that will enhance the ability of the
camera to capture that distant stage scene without motion blur and without photographing
everybody around you. Because a Theatre is a very challenging environment for a camera,
not every photo will turn out so be sure to take several. Since the camera sound, focus assist
light and flash is off – you won’t bother fellow audience members.
How does HP Theatre Mode work?
In Theatre mode, the camera is set to operate in several special ways.
Flash, auto focus assist light and sounds are turned off.
Shutter speed is allowed to automatically vary, but is prevented from dropping too far to
prevent motion blur and the aperture is opened for maximum light gathering.
The ISO rating of the camera is increased beyond what is normally available, increasing
the camera sensitivity to light.
Camera exposure metering is optimized for the rather special lighting circumstances in
a Theatre – such as a bright stage in a dark room.
HP Adaptive Tone Mapping is utilized to further enhance and balance the contrast of
this special scene.
HP Adaptive Noise Filtering and Sharpening are optimized for the low light situation.
Some of these setting could be set using manual, shutter or aperture modes – but not all of
them – and it would take a number of special settings. HP Theatre mode does it all
Some Examples
The following images show the effect of theatre mode. All photos were taken without using a
tripod and the HP R817 camera.
This pictured was taken with the camera set
to Auto mode, but with flash forced off to
prevent it from firing. While the camera
adjusts for the proper exposure, the long
shutter time means that the photo is blurred
because the people on the stage moved and
the camera moved slightly during the photo.
The same scene taken in Theatre Mode on
the HP Photosmart R817 camera.
Note how the feeling of a theatre scene is
preserved and how the people on the stage
are properly exposed but not blurred.
This picture shows the results of using
Theatre Mode on the HP Photosmart R817 to
take a photograph using the optical zoom
function on the camera. Using optical zoom
in this situation is even more challenging as
less light is gathered by the lens and motion
of the camera is accentuated. This is a shot
that would be very difficult if not impossible to
get using a traditional camera.
Will HP Theatre Mode always work?
No. HP Theatre mode is very powerful and it will allow you to take photos, hand held, and
using zoom, of events you probably could never photograph before – certainly without the use
of a extremely fast lens and a tripod. But it is important to remember that a Theatre is a very
challenging photographic environment. The images will probably appear more grainy than a
photograph taken in normal lighting. If the subject of the photo is move very rapidly – they will
likely be blurred. For best results- photograph the scene when motion is at a minimum or is
coming toward or away from you and take lots of photos to capture that one you really want.
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