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Mobility Solutions
Stay in Contact Throughout Your Facility
Cost-Effective Solutions that Meet Your Needs
Mobility is essential to staying connected to your customers and
your team. Mobility enables you to be as productive away from
your desk as when you are at your desk. The ability to go anywhere
and to do anything in your facility—while staying connected to
your communication and messaging system—is a reality, thanks
to Toshiba’s powerful line of wireless telephones and soft phones.
Access internal extensions, external lines, as well as voice mail
from anywhere on campus that has coverage. Furthermore, you
can still take advantage of the system’s advanced calling features.
Toshiba WLAN mobility solutions maximize value by using your
existing WLAN infrastructure. Specific models operate directly
via SIP, and therefore do not require any additional equipment
or gateway solutions. Toshiba cordless digital telephones provide
a low cost extension from your existing Toshiba digital series desk
phone. The cordless phone emulates the desk phone, so that you
do not lose functionality while away from your desk. Both solutions
make very cost-effective mobility applications possible with
Strata® CIX.™
Strata CIX
Polycom SpectraLink Wireless Telephones
Toshiba Cordless Digital Telephones
Polycom® offers a complete portfolio of SpectraLink® Wireless
Telephones for the workplace. The phones are fully integrated with
Toshiba Strata systems and dedicated to meeting the communication
needs of mobile workers. Also, SpectraLink
Telephones operate within your facility’s
micro-cellular architecture or over your
WLAN. You can leverage your existing
investment by converging voice and data
applications on the same WLAN.
Toshiba gives you the ability to take full digital desk phone
functionality with you, whether it’s down the hall, into the
conference room, or across campus. These cordless telephones
allow you to access some of today’s most advanced desk phone
features, such as desk phone extension numbers, call forwarding,
Caller ID and multi-line access. You can even
switch between your cordless and digital
desk telephones during a call. Toshiba
provides spread-spectrum and narrow band
and DECT technology options to safeguard
your phone’s frequency range and deliver
maximum security.
Toshiba SoftIPT Client
Toshiba FeatureFlex Personal Call Handler
Toshiba gives you the power to stay connected using SoftIPT®
soft phone clients that run on your laptop, tablet PC, or PDA via
your LAN or WLAN. You can
roam anywhere WLAN and
the Internet take you and
maintain voice and
data functionality.
Toshiba delivers “twinning” capability via its FeatureFlex®
Personal Call Handler, which rings your desk phone and cell
phone simultaneously to ensure you can always be reached.
Furthermore, it provides a number of choices for handling
incoming calls including scheduled-based call handling,
caller-based call handling, and various sequential and
simultaneous ring options.
uMobility Fixed Mobile
Convergence (FMC)
Toshiba’s uMobility solution empowers
mobile workers to cost-effectively make
and answer their PBX calls from virtually
anywhere. The user’s smart cell phone
functions as their PBX extension both while
in the office via the wireless LAN and while
out of the office via a cellular network.
Polycom SpectraLink 6020
Wireless Telephones
For use with SpectraLink 6100 and 6300 dedicated wireless infrastructure systems.
Polycom SpectraLink 8002
Wireless Telephone
For use with customer-supplied WMM compatible WLAN infrastructure. SIP Interoperable.
Polycom SpectraLink 8020/8030
Wireless Telephones
For use with customer-supplied WLAN infrastructure and Polycom SVP Server. Option for either SIP interoperable
or gateway solution.
Toshiba DKT2204-CT
Cordless Telephone
900Mhz Spread Spectrum digital telephone and basestation with 800 mAh rechargeable battery, AC Adapter, belt clip,
and wall mount option.
Toshiba DKT2304-CT
Cordless Telephone
900Mhz Narrow Band digital telephone and basestation with 750 mAh rechargeable battery, AC Adapter, belt clip,
and wall mount option.
Toshiba DKT2404-DECT
Cordless Telephone
1.9 GHZ DECT 6.0 digital telephones and base station with NiMH rechargeable battery, AC adapter, belt clip, and
wall mount option. Optional repeater also available.
SoftIPT Windows PC Compatibility
Microsoft Windows XP® Service Pack 2 or later
SoftIPT Windows Mobile
Microsoft Pocket PC 2003
Microsoft Windows Mobile® Pocket PC 5.0/6.0
Microsoft Windows Mobile® Smartphone Edition 5.0/6.0
SoftIPT Outlook Integration
Microsoft Outlook® 2002/2003
FeatureFlex Personal
Call Handler Compatibility
Toshiba Stratagy Enterprise Server software or later on the Toshiba Media Application Server (MAS) or
MicroMAS-H. MicroMAS-D does not support this application.
uMobility FMC Compatibility
uMobility is certified as interoperable with Toshiba’s entire family of Strata CIX IP business communication systems.
Smart phone client software is available for Symbian/Nokia, Windows Mobile and soon iPhone and Blackberry devices.
Mobile operators supported include Alltel, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. uMobility is compatible with
Wi-Fi equipment and VPN concentrators.
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division
9740 Irvine Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618-1697
To locate an Authorized Dealer, call: (800) 222-5805
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