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HotZone™ Electric Radiant Heater
The Hottest And Only
True Spot Heater on the Market!
With a HotZone™ heater, raise the temperature of a targeted area by as much as 20 degrees!
HotZone™ can be utilized in a wide variety of applications and look good without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.
• Restaurants • Decks & Patios • Workshops • Smoking Areas • Waiting Areas • Garages • Outdoor Living Areas
• Checkout Lanes • Construction Sites • Drive-through Windows • Lobbies • Warehouses • Uses Are Endless!
Electric Universal Fixed
Mount Heater
The HotZone™ Electric Universal Fixed Mount
Radiant Heater is intended for a wide variety of
indoor and outdoor uses. The heater comes in
1500W and 3000W models. The highly efficient
1500W, 120V heater with the patented IRLens™
raises the temperature of people or objects in a
14 square foot area, eight feet from the heater, by
15 degrees or more. The Universal Fixed Mount
Radiant Heater attaches to wall or ceiling junction
boxes with its universal adaptor (included.) The
heater direction can be adjusted up or down to
stay focused on the area to be heated. Operating
costs for the 1500W heater are 15 cents an hour
when electric power costs 10 cents/KWh.
HotZone™ Universal Fixed Mount Heater
Dare To Compare
HotZone Electric Radiant Heaters
from Schaefer:
Deliver focused radiant heat to a spot.
Deliver heat from a distance.
Have extremely low operating costs.
Are silent and attractive.
Glow an attractive cherry red.
Are compact and lightweight.
Available in silver vein hammertone finish and
special order colors.
Broad range of styles and sizes available.
Have long element life expectancies.
Are made in U.S.A.
For more information about the highest intensity, most energy-efficient, and only true infrared spot heater on the
market today, go to or contact your Schaefer representative.
Phone: 1.800.779.3267 • Fax: 320.251.2922 •
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