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FC-AL Hub Rackmount
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Figure 1
Select a secure location in the rack. The FC-AL hub requires only one EIA of rack space. Remove filler panels as needed
and mount the hub as follows:
Step 1:
Unpack the rackmount kit.
Unpack the rackmount kit and check the contents
for the parts shown in Figure 1. If parts are
missing, contact an HP sales representative.
Step 2:
Prepare the hub for mounting.
screw through the center of the retainer and
into the hole on each side of the hub. See
Figure 2.
• For a new or existing hub, record the MAC
address located below the 10Base-T port on the
hub. This unique address identifies the hub.
• For a new hub, unpack the hub and discard the
rubber feet from hub contents.
• For a hub that has been used as a standalone:
1. Move the hub to its new location and peel
off the rubber feet attached to the bottom of
the hub.
2. Replace missing mounting ear brackets.
Attach the brackets to the outside front
corners of the hub using three M3x.5 screws
for each and turning the angled end of the
bracket outward. See Figure 2.
3. Replace missing nylon retainers on the left
and right sides of the hub. Insert one M3x.5
Figure 2
Step 3:
Verify hub operation.
2. Align the mounting ear brackets on the hub
with the rear holes in the assembled rails, and
fasten with two 10-32 x .625 screws.
Before racking the FC-AL hub, make sure it is
1. Plug one end of the PDU cable into the hub
and the other into an appropriate power source
(100 VAC or 240 VAC).
2. At the completion of the hub self test (15 sec.),
the Power LED should be on and the Fault
LED off.
• If the hub passes the self test, unplug the
cable and continue with the installation.
• If the self test fails, see the troubleshooting
section of the HP Fibre Channel Arbitrated
Loop Hub Service and User Manual.
Figure 4
Step 4:
Mount the rails.
1. Slide a sheet metal nut on the outer back
column at the selected rack location. Insert the
tab of the left rail in the adjacent slot so that the
holes on the rack, nut, and rail are aligned.
Step 6:
Install the plenum shroud.
1. Slide the plenum shroud onto the rails from the
front of the rack.
2. Align the plenum shroud brackets with the
front holes in the assembled rails and secure
with the two remaining 10-32 x .625 screws.
Figure 3
2. Attach the other end of the rail to the inner
front column using another sheet metal nut and
the same procedure.
Figure 5
Step 7:
NOTE: Do NOT attach screws at this time.
Attach the PDU cable to the receptacle on the hub
and to the cabinet power source (PDU). Verify
that the hub passes the self test.
3. Repeat items 1 and 2 to install the right rail.
Step 5:
Mount the hub on the rails.
1. Slide the hub into the rails with the FC ports
facing the rear of the cabinet.
Plug in the hub.
Replace filler panels over the plenum shroud to
complete the installation.
To attach FC-AL devices, refer to the Hewlett-Packard Fibre Channel
Arbitrated Loop Service and User Manual (A3724-90006).
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