HP X510 User's manual

HP X510 User's manual
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If, like many small business firms, you are sharing a broadband connection among
a group of loosely connected PCs or Macs (peer-to-peer networking), you need the
peace of mind of a secure backup solution for your files and an easy way to share
those files with your colleagues and clients. The HP StorageWorks X510 Data Vault
gives you all that and more. While there are many reasons to make the HP Data Vault
your backup solution, here are the top four:
Automated backups, easy file restoration, hot swapping and quick setup (plug in the power cord,
connect Ethernet cable, press the power button and it is ready to go in 60 seconds).
2 E X PA N S I O N
Four internal bays, one external eSATA port and four USB ports (one front, three back).
Disaster recovery, HP quality and security features that prevent unauthorized access.
Efficiently use all of your disk space with built-in disk management and de-duplication technology.
In sleep mode, the HP Data Vault consumes only one watt of electricity, and you can program when
connected systems will power up and shut down—saving on energy costs.
vau lt
the small business solution
With the HP Data Vault, your business can automatically centralize, share and access data remotely using any
internet-connected computer. It offers a streamlined way to protect, manage and share digital content with colleagues
and business partners.
Store it!
Secure it!
Share it!
The HP Data Vault comes with
empty bays for internal storage
expansion and offers external USB
and eSATA ports for additional
capacity. Use the HP Data Vault to:
• Easily add more storage
• Automatically back up
and organize your data
• Better utilize disk space with
sophisticated folder duplication
and data de-duplication
The HP Data Vault provides
automated backup for up to 10 PC
clients and Macs on your network,
and it offers full system protection
and easy data restoration in the
event of a hard disc drive failure.
Use the HP Data Vault to:
• Protect critical files and
survive a major data loss
• Easily restore files, folder
or an entire PC
• Manage access to shared
The sharing features of the
HP Data Vault allow for better business
collaboration. You can remotely synch,
manage and share content with your
• Access and share business
files remotely
• Save time with local file sharing
• Stream professional photos,
graphics, music and videos
HP Data Vault models
HP Data Vault models
in in
Product #
Product Name
HP StorageWorks X510 1TB Data Vault
HP StorageWorks X510 2TB Data Vault
HP StorageWorks X510 3TB Data Vault
vau lt
features and benefits
With the HP Data Vault, you can automatically centralize, share and access
data remotely using any internet-connected computer. The HP Data Vault also
offers a streamlined way to protect, manage and share digital content with
colleagues and business partners.
User Benefit
Folder duplication
instead of RAID
Every file in a folder tagged for file duplication
is written to two separate hard drives on the
HP Data Vault
Redundant data storage for maximum peace of mind; more
effective than RAID because only those folders needing duplication
are duplicated, instead of an entire hard disk drive (HDD)
Expandable storage
Add internal storage capacity with any
off-the-shelf 3.5” SATA I or SATA II drive.
Add external storage by using the 4 USB ports
(1 front, 3 back) and one eSATA external port7
Allows you to increase storage capacity as your business grows
(6 TB internally and up to 13.5 TB with external storage options)
Media streaming
Includes media streaming services that
comply with all UPnP AV standards1
Share professional audio and video content directly from the
HP Data Vault
Energy efficiency
Smart, energy-saving hard disk drive spin
speed and minimal power consumption
Efficient power management reduces overall operating cost
Backup software
The Microsoft® Windows Home Server®
operating system provides the needed
software for file and drive backups. Mac
CPU’s use Time Machine as the backup
Saves money—the HP Data Vault comes with backup software
licenses, so you don’t need to buy additional backup software,
as with other competitive products
Software integration
Provides fully integrated installation of
all utilities and software from one CD
Quick and easy setup; exceptional ease of use; integrated control
panel simplifies browsing, configuration, data backup and help
PC file and drive
image backup
Automatic file backups can be set to run on a
schedule; entire hard disk drive image can be
copied and easily restored over the network
Critical business files can be scheduled for back up; helps protect against PC and Mac hard disk drive failures, viruses, and spyware
infections; simple recovery process with no need to locate multiple CDs
HP Data Vault backup
Easily back up your HP Data Vault to an
external USB hard disk drive2
Quickly create additional file copies if the HP Data Vault is used
for primary storage; take the external hard disk drive offsite for
disaster prevention
Offsite online data
Includes access to Amazon’s S3 online
storage service.3
Recover data easily if disaster strikes, collaborate with remote
partners or archive information to assist with compliance or
record keeping4
Remote access to files
Provides remote access to files from any
computer connected to the Internet—and
access for authorized visitors to view and
retrieve approved files or photos. Includes
access to Amazon’s S3 online storage service.3
Quickly access files when working from home or when traveling;
tight control of file access for remote partners
(4) Hard disk drive bays
USB 2.0 Ports (1 front, 3 rear)
eSATA port
Hard disk drive status indicator
light-bars (user-variable brightness)
Logic, power supply and fans
USB 2.0 Ports (1 front, 3 rear)
Power, network and health indicators
Power button
AC inlet
Automatic backup5
With the HP Data Vault, you can restore files, folders or even an entire hard drive
from centrally-stored backups. The HP Data Vault automatically searches your
network and discovers PCs with Windows Home Server® connector software
installed, and then backs them up entirely. The HP Data Vault will back up files
for a Mac as well, working in conjunction with Time Machine. We’ve also
incorporated new image recovery features for Macs.
HP Data
Vault set up
Setting up the HP Data Vault
is easy. The unit comes with
a power cable, Ethernet
(RJ-45) cable, software and
documentation. The set up
poster included with the HP
Data Vault illustrates the two
simple steps (hardware and
software) to get started.
You will need:
•One or more computers running Microsoft® Windows®
Vista, Windows® XP,
Windows® MCE or Mac®
OS X 10.5 or later (for any
Macs on the network).
Note: Up to 10 PC clients
and Macs are supported.
•A router with DHCP enabled
to provide an automatic IP
address to the server
•A broadband connection,
such as DSL or cable, for
remote access functionality
•A 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps
(Gigabit Ethernet) wired
network connection
Hardware set up
Simply plug the power cord
into the HP Data Vault and
the other end into an electrical
outlet. Connect one end of the
Ethernet cable to the HP Data
Vault and the other to an
Ethernet port on your router.
Press the power button on the
back of the HP Data Vault, and
it is ready to go in 60 seconds.
Software installation
The first installation must be
on a Windows computer.
Subsequent installations can
be on a Windows or Mac
computer. Insert the software
installation disk into a network
computer and follow the online
instructions to install the HP
Data Vault. Repeat the software
installation on each network
computer running either
Windows® or Mac® OS X 10.5
or later.
For better efficiency, Microsoft® Windows Home Server® backup software supports
de-duplication—it recognizes identical files (across all computers) and will only
save a single copy of redundant files, while keeping track of multiple versions by
date and originating PC.
Examine backup options
•Open the Windows Home Server® Console. From a
PC, double-click the HP Data Vault desktop shortcut
and select the Windows Home Server® Console icon,
or double-click the Windows Home Server® system tray
icon, and log on. From a Mac, click on the HP Data
Vault icon located in the Menu Bar and click “Launch
Home Server Console.”
•Click the Computers & Backup tab in the top navigation
bar. You will see a list of computers on your office
network that are eligible for backup.
•Click your PC. On the Actions Bar, explore the different
actions available, including View Backups, Backup
Now, Configure Backup and Remove Backup.
Listing of one computer’s daily backups
Set up a user account
•While in the Windows Home Server® Console, click
the User Accounts tab. When the “User Accounts
Setup” window appears, click OK.
•Click Add, then complete the Add User Account
•Check the Remote Access box to enable remote
access (a strong password is required for remote
User Accounts first use wizard
Ret r ieve
REmote access4
Once configured, your HP Data Vault has a unique Web address, enabling the
server administrator to give anyone a username and password to remotely access
the HP Data Vault through the Web. Authorized users can access files on the
HP Data Vault when they are away from the office. It is even possible to manage
the HP Data Vault remotely.6
Enable remote access
•Open the Windows Home Server® Console. From a
PC, double-click the HP Data Vault desktop shortcut
and select the Windows Home Server® Console icon,
or double-click the Windows Home Server® system tray
icon, and log on. From a Mac, click on the HP Data
Vault icon located in the Menu Bar and click “Launch
Home Server Console.”
•Click Settings in the upper right corner of the Home
Server Console.
•Click Remote Access in the left menu.
•Click to Turn On remote access. The Remote Access
wizard will attempt to configure your router. If you
encounter problems, see “Configuring your
broadband router” in the Windows Home Server®
Console help section.
Remote Access configuration menu
•A wizard will prompt you to select a Domain Name Provider and create a domain name (which will be your Web
address). This will be your website for accessing your HP Data Vault server from the Internet. For example, if you
registered MyBusiness.hpshare.net for your HP Data Vault, you would type that address into your Internet browser
address bar to connect to your server. Additionally, this address is part of the URL (Web address) for accessing a
photo album on the HP Photo Viewer.
HP X510 Data Vault Series Networking
Remote Users
Remote Users
www.(your custom
custom web
web address).com
HP Data Vault
HP Data Vault*
to to
sh a r e
REmote media streaming1
The Web Media Streamer is a Web application that lets you access media on
your HP Data Vault from any place with an Internet connection—coffee shops,
hotel rooms, a customer’s office, and more.
Remotely stream photos, music or videos
• In order to stream digital media, you will need to
enable remote access by following the instructions
detailed on page 6.
• Enter the URL (Web address) of your HP Data Vault
in the address bar of an Internet browser.
• Click on Media Streamer.
•Log in using your HP Data Vault username and
• In the Web Media Streamer window, select Music,
Photos, or Videos in the top-left corner.
• Explore the options for playing music, viewing
photos and watching videos.
• For videos, note the pull-down menu in the top-right
corner. The pull-down menu will present converted
videos that are suitable for streaming, either over
your local network or remotely.
Access streaming media via a web browser
S ec u r e
Protect your network
An important feature of the HP Data Vault is that it consolidates and reports
on the health of your business network and all attached PCs through a pop-up
notification on the menu bar of your PC. This consolidation makes it easy to see
the health of all of your computers at a glance and, if there is a problem, to
quickly diagnose the cause.
The HP Data Vault
• Keeps your software up-to-date
• Secures your router
• Supports data encryption
• Accesses the status of firewall protection
• Arrives with 3 months of free McAfee Total Protection Service
• Offers easy configuration and management of user accounts
• Enforces a password creation policy (weak, medium, strong)
Review the health of your network
• Open the Windows Home Server® Console. From a
PC, double-click the HP Data Vault desktop shortcut
and select the Windows Home Server® Console icon,
or double-click the Windows Home Server® system tray
icon, and log on. From a Mac, click on the HP Data
Vault icon located in the Menu Bar and click “Launch
Home Server Console.”
• Click the Network tab in the top navigation bar.
You will see a list of potential issues on your business
network that require your attention.
• Click on the McAfee Total Protection tab to review
common security tasks, scan your systems and view
quarantined files.
Total protection and network health interfaces
HP Resources
One spot with all the product
information you need.
1.Requires Digital Media Adapter (UPnP). Some files may be protected by a
Digital Rights Management System, which may prevent the streaming of those
files. Media files purchased and downloaded from Internet movie download
sites are most likely protected. DVD movies cannot be streamed.
4.Internet service required and not included.
2. External hard disk drives are sold separately.
6.To remotely access a home networked Windows PC, the home PC must be
running Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Media Center, Windows
XP Tablet, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Business, or Windows
Vista Enterprise.
3.Amazon S3 online data storage service with subscription. For complete terms
and conditions, including payment options for additional add-in services with
Amazon S3, go to http://aws.amazon.com/s3/.
For more information go to www.hp.com/go/datavault
Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Windows Home Server is
either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
© 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change
without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements
accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional
warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
4AA2-8893ENUC, September 2009
5.PC backup requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or later operating
systems. Mac backup requires the Time Machine software and Mac OS
10.5 or later.
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