HP xb31 User manual

HP xb31 User manual
Ceiling Mount User’s Guide
Be sure to install the
four holes into the structural ceiling
u Drill
projector into a solid,
structural ceiling member:
Attach the ceiling rod to the ceiling with the
four cylinder screws.
HP recommends that a
competent carpenter or
electrician install this
ceiling mount.
Mount the projector to
the ceiling mount bracket
with the three bracket
4 Ceiling Mounting Procedure:
Structural Ceiling
Cylinder Screw
Before installation, refer to the
“Adjusting the Projected
Image” section of the Projector
User’s Guide for the projection
distance based upon the desired image size. Use this
projection distance to locate the
ceiling mount.
Three Bracket Screws
Ceiling Rod
x Make necessary roll and yaw adjustments to the
Attach the ceiling bracket to the ceiling rod with
the round thumbscrew. Height adjustments can
be made by using different holes on the ceiling
rod and ceiling bracket.
v The total adjustment range is15.75 to
25.6 inches (40~65cm). Adjusments can be made
in one inch (2.5cm) increments.
Round Thumbscrew
Ceiling Bracket
v Adjust the appropriate ceiling projection image mode from the “Management” menu tab in the
on screen display.
P/N 36.85807.001-A
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