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Pigs in Pants
4 pig boards, 40 pants cards (4 of each of 10 pants).
Setting up
• Each player chooses a pig board (on which they will place the pants
that they collect during play) and places it in front of them.
• Each player is dealt two cards, which they hold in their hand.
• Four pants cards are place face up in a line in the centre and the
remaining cards are placed face down in a pile next to them.
To collect the most cards on your pig board by matching the cards in your
hand with the other cards in play.
To play
The youngest player begins by looking at the cards in their hand to see if
they match any of the other cards in play.
• If one or both of the cards in the player’s hand match any of the face
up cards in the centre, or on another player’s board, they collect those
cards and place them on their own board, along with the matching
card(s). When collecting cards from another player’s board, the whole
pile of cards is taken from that player and players may shout “I’m going
to pinch your pants” or “I’m going to nick your knickers”.
• If one or both of the cards in the players hand match each other, or the
top card of their own pile, they may add the matching cards to their
• If the cards in their hand do not match any face up cards, the player
shouts “No knickers” and places one of their cards with the line of face
up cards in the centre.
At the end of their turn, the player makes their hand back up to
two cards by taking cards from the face down pile.
Play then passes to the next player.
The game ends when no one is able to match any further cards.
The winner
The winner is the player with the most pants cards on their pig board
when the game ends.
Alternative Play
In this more strategic variation, players may only play one card from their
hand in any given turn, unless the cards in their hand match each other.
The player must therefore decide which is the best card to play.
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