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The Rexcan series provide high quality and easy to use
3D scanners to industry.
is specialized to capture the deep and obscure areas
of even complex objects, resulting in highly accurate 3D representations
of the real-world.
High Performance 6.0 Mega Pixel
Wide CCD Cameras
Synchronized 3-Axis Turn Table
Equipped with high-end CCD cameras for
precise & accurate measurements.
Additional third axis provides versatile
scanning angles for complex objects.
Fully Automated Scanning
Solution "ezScan8"
New API for Customized
Upgraded SW for faster and more convenient
scanning experience.
Provides more versatility for inspection,
measurement, and more especially via
integration with robotic arms.
Simple and completely automated
For small and detail rich objects
Our most flexible, most precise
High Performance 6.0 Mega Pixel Wide CCD Cameras
Synchronized 3-Axis Turn Table (TA-300+)
Fully Automated Scanning Solution "ezScan8"
New API for Customized Integration
2.3 / 6.0 MP
Scanning Area (FOV)
100, 200, 400 mm (2.3 MP) / 125, 250, 500 mm (6.0MP)
Point Spacing
0.036 ~ 0.185 (mm)
315 x 270 x 80 (mm)
Scanner Only
2.3 (kg)
Scanner Only
Moving Stage
3-Axis Movement
Pay Load
10 kg
325 X 305 X 240 (mm)
18.5 kg
Open Up
Your New Third Dimension
2 Rotate / 1 Swing
W x D x H (mm)
19 Inchon-ro 22-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2193-9600 / [email protected]
03. 2016
What's New about
The Rexcan CS2+ from Solutionix provides fully automated 3D scanning solutions for both
medium and large sized objects. The Rexcan CS2+ comes in sleek, compact design that can
fit on your desk to maximize workspace utilization.
First Choice for All Applications
The Rexcan CS2+ adopts a twin-camera mechanism used in high-grade industrial 3D scanners.
Also, the Rexcan CS2+ provides users with automatic scanning & measurement functions
with predefined paths that are loaded for fully automated scanning processes.
The Rexcan CS2+ works hand-in-hand with the all new ezScan8 software. Its intuitive user
interface combined with enhanced automatic scan functions allow anyone to operate the
scanner without difficulty.
Intelligent automatic scanning solution - Next 10 View
Users can complete the scanning process quickly and easily.
ezScan8 and Rexcan CS2+ automatically generate up to 10 scanning
paths while detecting unscanned areas.
One-click calibration process
Quality Inspection
Compare measurements to the nominal CAD model and
create color coded deviation maps of the errors in 3D.
Identify and find solutions to any potential structural &
functional defect by modeling the system or product
in a virtual environment.
Application Field
3D correction & improvement
Turbine blade inspection
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)
Once the calibration panel is installed, clicking the calibration wizard will
guide you through an automated calibration process. Confusing and time
consuming calibrations are no more. Now users can experience one-click
automatic calibration easy enough for anyone in the office.
Application Field
Digital simulation
Computational fluid dynamic (CFD)
Finite element analysis (FEA)
Boosted scanning speed with the all-new
3-axis turntable(TA-300+).
Solutionix’s exclusive TA-300+ 3-axis turntable combined with the tilted
scanning sensor can effectively capture areas beyond the pre-existing
limits. It can scan objects up to 10kg and because of the additional third
axis, overall scan time is reduced by 40%.
Reverse Engineering
Scan to 3D Printing
Reverse engineer free-form surfaces and geometric
objects from the point cloud data back to a variety of
native CAD formats.
Produce detailed pieces in various materials with seamless
data integration.
Application Field
2D Drawing / 3D Modeling
Styling & design modifications / system engineering
Tooling design / manufacturing
Application Field
Rapid prototyping
Direct manufacturing
Healthcare / entertainment
Flexible scanning area with customized angles
The Rexcan CS2+ comes in two models providing a field of view (FOV)
from 100mm - 500mm. In addition, the detachable scan head enables
users to scan even larger objects.
Enhanced scan data processing
Versatility for industrial use
ezScan8 provides superior scan data processing with an
improved algorithm capable of handling larger scan data. The
new Clipping View function gives more accurate and refined
data, and the intuitive 3-Point align function makes scan data
integration simple and convenient.
The Rexcan CS2+ gives users increased versatility for
rigorous industrial scanning needs. Large or small, easy
or complex, the Rexcan CS2+ can be used with its
TA-300+ turntable or it can be integrated to use with
robotic arms or tripods for enhanced flexibility.
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