Hustler Turf Super XR-7 User's Manual

S u p e r Z ™X R - 7 ™ & H u s t l e r Z ™X R - 7 ™
Hustler Turf Equipment
Hustler Turf Equipment
S u p e r Z ™X R - 7 ™ & H u s t l e r Z ™X R - 7 ™
Announcing the newest trend in Z-riders:
Hustler Z and Super Z Specifications
Engine Specifications
HondaKawasaki KawasakiKawasaki LCKohlerKohlerKohler EFI
23 25
No. of Cylinders
40.9 cu in (670 cc)
41.2 cu in (675 cc) 41.2 cu in (675 cc)
45.5 cu in (745 cc)
44.0 cu in (725 cc)
44.0 cu in (725 cc)
44.0 cu in (725 cc) Compression Ratio
8.1:1 8.1:1
Max. Torque
37.5 ft lbs @ 2500 rpm
37.0 ft lbs @ 2400 rpm 41.0 ft lbs @ 2400 rpm
43 ft lbs @ 2400 rpm
42.7 ft lbs @ 3000 rpm
47.1 ft lbs @ 2200 rpm
44.8 ft lbs @ 2200 rpm Starter 12-volt (.8 kw), solenoid shift positive engagement
Ignition Electronic
Charging System 12-volt, 15-amp
Fuel Filter Replaceable, automotive-type
Air Filter Heavy-duty air cleaner to extend the service interval for
excessive, dirty applications and improved performance
Cooling Air cooled. Fly-wheel fan
Governor Mechanical
Traction Drive System
Type Dual hydrostatic. Individual pumps power two direct-drive wheel
motors. Hydrostatic system operates on 10W40 motor oil. Super Z
features transmission drive (oil) cooler for increased system life.
Pumps Two variable displacement, axial-piston type. Each pump
powers one drive-wheel motor. Hydro-Gear BDP21 (Super Z),
Hydro-Gear BDP10 (Hustler Z)
Pump Drive V-belt drive from engine crankshaft
Hydraulic Lines Stainless-steel, high-pressure lines with Parker SealLok™ O-Ring Face-Seal fittings, Hydraulic lines and fittings guaranteed
to never leak!
Final Drive Direct-drive high-torque wheel motors. One for each drive
wheel. White CE 18 (Super Z), Ross MB 15 (Hustler Z)
Filter Spin-on type; 25 micron (Super Z), 40 micron (Hustler Z),
Ground Speed Infinitely variable:
Forward: Super Z:
0-15 mph (0-22.53 kph),
Hustler Z:
0-9 mph (0-14.48 kph)
Reverse: Super Z:
0-7.5 mph (0-12.07 kph)
Hustler Z:
0-5 mph (0-8 kph)
Steering Twin-lever SmoothTrak™ steering provides independent control
of each drive wheel. Speed, forward, reverse, brake, and turns are all
controlled with hand-operated controls
Turning Radius True zero degree. Turns within its own length. Counterrotating, independent drive wheels
With an extremely wide footprint, the lowest seat height in the industry,
and idealized placement of weight over the drive tires, Hustler Zs & Super Zs
both deliver superb machine balance, resulting in improved traction and
exceptionally responsive handling. In fact, the new Hustler Zs & Super Zs
handle better on slopes than any other midmount rider. Because of its heavier
construction the Hustler Zs & Super Zs will perform like a mountain goat on the
most intimidating inclines.
Service: Hydrostatic dynamic braking
Parking: Automotive-style drum brakes. When steering levers are
placed in neutral position, integral park brakes are automatically engaged
Mower Drive Single V-belt drive from engine with electric clutch. Spring
tension idler for extended belt life.
At the same time, the Z incorporates all the details of Hustler design,
the extra added touches that distinguish this mower from any other
Z-rider out there.
• Thicker foam padding on steering levers for ideal comfort in any operating position
• Seat and steering levers are adjustable to guarantee a perfect fit for nearly any operator
• Very high blade-tip speed for superior quality of cut and ideal
distribution of clippings
• Cutting heights from 1” to 5” in 1/4” increments.
• 1” spindle shaft for maximized durability
• Oil cooler with cooling fan on the Super Z
Demo a Super Z or Hustler Z today. Waiting for you will be the most durable,
most productive, most feature-rich Z-rider on the market. At one of the
industry’s lowest purchase prices among 60-inch-deck models – legendary
Hustler performance and reliability at a very affordable price.
Experience the difference.
Tires: Front: 13 x 6.50 – 6, rib tread
Drive: 54”in 23 x 9.50 – 12, turf tread
60 & 72”in 24 x 12.00 – 12, turf tread
Fuel System: 14.4 US gal (54.5 l)
Hydraulic Oil: Super Z
2 US gal (7.57 l)
Hydraulic Oil: Hustler Z
1.5 US gal (5.7 l)
Dimensions: Height: 39 in (99 cm)
W/54 in Deck
Length: Overall width:
Tire-to-tire width: Weight:
78, 80,81.5 in (198.12, 203.2, 207 cm)
55 in (139.7 cm) w/discharge chute up
52 in (132.08 cm)
1180 lbs (535.24 kg)
W/60 in Deck Length: Overall width: Tire-to-tire width: Weight:
78, 80,81.5 in (198.12, 203.2, 207 cm)
61 in (154.94 cm) w/discharge chute up
52 in (132.08 cm)
1212 lbs (549.75 kg)
Blade Tip Speed
W/66 in Deck Length: Overall width: Tire-to-tire width: Weight:
80, 82, 83.5 in (203.2, 208.28, 212 cm)
67 in (170.18 cm) w/discharge chute up
59 in (149.86 cm)
1254 lbs: (568.8 kg)
Blade Drive V-belt drive to all three spindles. Spring tension idler pulley.
W/72 in Deck Length:
Overall width: Tire-to-tire width: Weight: 81, 83, 84.5 in (205.7, 210.8, 214.6 cm)
73 in (185.42 cm) w/discharge chute up
59 in (149.86 cm)
1296 lbs (587.86 kg)
Safety Features Operator presence system connected to deck and
drive clutches. Stabilizer rollers at rear of tractor
Standard: Molded-vinyl seat with armrests. Fore and aft adjustment
Optional: Molded-vinyl suspension seat with armrests. Fore and aft
Construction: Mainframe is 1.5 in x 3 in x .187 in (3.8 cm x 7.62
cm x .47 cm) rectangular steel tubing with internal gusset in frame bend
Drive motors mounted to .179 in (.45 cm) welded steel. Front caster
wheels mounted with roller bearings on each wheel. Front caster forks are
.5 in (1.27 cm) steel
54 in: 18,400 fpm
60 in: 18,400 fpm
66 in: 18,900 fpm
72 in: 18,900 fpm
Spindles Machine ductile housing, 1 in (2.5 cm) diameter high carbon
steel shafts and sealed ball bearings. 3-year warranty on spindle bearings.
Flotation Suspended mower floats on four spring-assisted chains. 6 antiscalp wheels are standard.
Discharge Chute Molded rubber. Over-center design allows chute to be
folded up for improved trailering or to pass thru gates, etc.
Width of Cut
54 in: 54 in (137.16 cm)
60 in: 60 in (152.4 cm)
66 in: 66 in (167.64 cm)
72 in: 72 in (182.88 cm)
Trim Capacity (left side)
54 in: 0 in (0 cm)
60 in: 3 in (7.62 cm)
66 in: 4 in (10.16 cm)
72 in: 7 in (17.78 cm)
The spoiler is not just for looks: the Hustler Super Z™ is fast, at a scorching 15 milesper-hour, the fastest z-rider on the market. While the Super Z makes quick work of
even the largest, most obstacle-prone mowing jobs, it delivers a professional-grade
cut, a finish that belies the speed of the mowing. From the toughest front caster forks
in the industry to the day-long 14-gallon fuel capacity, the Super Z has been built for
speed. Large Hydro-Gear hydraulic pumps and White wheel motors draw power from
fuel-efficient, high-horse Honda, Kawasaki, or Kohler engines. An oil cooler protects
the hydraulics, dramatically extending the system’s life at top speed. And – with its
wide stance and low, low profile – the Super Z clings goatlike to slopes, stable and
sure, as flat-out productive as on the level straightaways.
The Hustler Zs bring along all the toughness, all the
durability, all the proven reliability of legendary Hustler
engineering. A patented automatic park-brake system
makes the mower’s starting sequence much more
natural and instinctive, and it greatly enhances the
mower’s overall safety: easier engagement of brakes
on slopes, simpler and safer dismounts with the engine
running. When the steering levers are placed in neutral
position (folded out), the automotive-style drum brakes
are engaged. Simplicity itself!
Like the Super Z, the Hustler Z™ has been built tough in an almost military way.
Heavy-gauge rectangular tubing for the mainframe, drive motors mounted to welded
steel, roller bearings for the front caster mounts, high-horse engines up to 725 CC, a
12-volt positive-engagement starter, dual hydrostatic traction drive with big HydroGear pumps and Ross high-torque wheel motors – the components of a mower with
long, hard use on its mind. No other mowers can match Hustler Zs in the unbending
strength of their frames, front forks, decks, and blade spindles, each supported by
warranties with serious teeth.
Everything about the Hustler Zs have been designed
for trouble-free long-term performance. The Hustler
Zs are simply the strongest, most ruggedly durable
midmount riders ever built.
Hustler Zs are quick out of the shop too, with the simplest maintenance requirements
in commercial mowing. As you’d expect with a Hustler, the warranties are anything
but fast – a full two-year bumper-to-bumper deal, parts and labor, with a lifetime
guarantee backing up the frame and leading edge of the deck. Even the hydraulic
hoses and fittings are guaranteed to never leak!
That loud boom which often accompanies the arrival of Super Zs in the
Deck Lift: Foot-operated deck height adjustment. Pin for setting height,
detent for transport position
Controls: Hand-operated choke/throttle, ignition switch, electric
mower clutch. Integrated parking brakes
Pay it no mind.
Indicators: Hour meter, engine warning light
Cup Holder: Two cup holders molded into the left side fuel tank.
Accommodates nearly any cup size including Big Gulp™
The XR-7 Deck with
attached mulching
kit for flawless
dual side
Mowing Decks
54”, 60”, 66”, and 72” Side-Discharge Decks
Type Free-floating mower using three blades with center blade to the
front. Mower is suspended at the corners. Includes 6 deck-mounted rollers
to improve flotation in rolling and uneven terrain.
Deck Lift Raise and lower deck from driver’s seat with simple footoperated deck height adjustment. Pin for setting height, transport
position. Change cutting heights, hop curbs and trailer more easily.
Construction 7 gauge deck plate with an 11-gauge deck plate doubler
with 7-gauge triplers at each spindle mount (nearly 1/2-in thick!) Solid
1-1/2 in x 1/2 in flat steel flat bars reinforce impact areas on trim edges.
7-gauge reinforced front edge. Lifetime warranty on leading edge of deck.
Steel deck housing is 5.80 in (10.16 cm) deep to provide room for highcapacity mowing. Molded rubber discharge chute.
Cutting Heights Foot-operated deck height adjustment. Pin for
setting height, detent for transport position. Height adjustment in .25 in
increments from 1 in to 5 in (2.55 cm to 12.7 cm).
Mowing Blades Heavy-duty, heat-treated, high-lift steel blades
54 in: 18.50 in x 2.50 in x .203 in flat blade, high sail Fusion™ blade
60 in: 20.50 in x 2.50 in x .203 in flat blade, high sail Fusion™ blade
66 in: 22.50 in x 2.50 in x .203 in flat blade, high sail Fusion™ blade
72 in: 24.50 in x 2.50 in x .230 in flat blade, high sail Fusion™ blade
BAC-VAC™ Catcher Rear-mounted, 9-bushel hopper is dumped from
the seat without leaving the machine. Blower is powered from right-side
deck spindle (no pony engine required). Hopper and blower can be added
or removed in seconds.
Mulch Kit Easiest-to-install mulch kit on the market! Recycles clippings
under deck allowing clippings to be cut and recut, then discharged down
into the grass. Reduces handling of clippings, improves appearance, and
recycles nutrients back to the soil.
Air-Containment Kit Can be used when catching or mulching
Striping Kit Steel roller mounts to rear of deck. Produces beautiful
striping patterns in lawn.
Flex Forks™ Shock-absorbing front caster wheel forks for a smooth ride
and a smoother cut.
Flex Seat™ a rocking chair for your mower.
Hydraulic Deck Lift Kit Raise and lower the deck with the flip of a
Hitch Kit Optional bolt-on hitch with 7/8-inch hole. Will accept any
standard ball.
ROPS Roll Over Protective Structure.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
The 9-bushel BAC-VAC™ fiberglass catcher
empties from the driver’s seat and features
a flow-through venting system
For more information :
Hustler Turf Equipment • Hesston, Kansas 67062 • 1-800-395-4757
Form No. 782698 4-07
Form No. 782698 4-07
A rocketing 15 mph top-speed
on the Super Z
Hydraulic oil cooler,
cooling fan and
spoiler on Super Z
Spring-assisted, footoperated deck lift
for easy adjustment
of cutting height or
for quick adaptation
to curb hopping and
Up top, the Super Z looks sharp and is a picture of ingenuity. It’s
incredible simplicity, durability, and patent-applied-for innovations
Customizable rear bumper
make this the finest mower ever put into the grass.
Flex Seats™ “like a rocking chair
for your mower”deliver greater
operator comfort preventing “back-slap”
caused by a rigid seat over uneven
terrain. This allows for greater
operator comfort at higher speeds.
Mow faster, get done sooner.
Compare the Hustler’s construction to the competitor’s. Hustler has
put more steel in all the right places. And we stand behind it with a
lifetime warranty on the tractor frame and the leading edge of the
deck – the part of the deck that takes the most abuse. Spindle-mount
Optional 9-bushel BAC-VAC™ catcher
Heavy-duty, remote air cleaner – standard equipment
More engine options including liquid-cooled and EFI
Fuel tanks with site gauge
Wider, angled fuel neck for easier filling
Increased fuel capacity to 14.4 gallons
areas are nearly 1/2-inches thick!
Digital hour meter
Separate choke lever with stainless steel cables for smoother operation
Versatility? The XR-7 deck will mow in any condition, any time of day
Rear-discharge decks with patent-applied-for counter-rotating blade design
and provide the finest finished appearance every time! These decks
are configurable for different mowing conditions – fine cut, rough cut,
mulch, catch, even Bahaiagrass is no match for the XR-7 deck.
Higher-torque electric clutch
Internal gussets at frame
bends for incredible strength.
Lifetime warranty!
Faster reverse speed
Improved, more reliable electrical system
More durable wheel motors – as much as 3 times the life
When the Hustler Z was introduced and then the Super Z shortly
Light-colored seat to keep your seat cooler
Hustler Zs and Super Zs have already built a reputation for the easiest maintenance in the
industry: fast, clean, and simple. With no daily lube points and fast, easy accessibility to all
maintenance areas, the Hustler Z keeps you on the job, out of the shop, in the money.
Height-adjustable steering levers for increased comfort
Optional suspension system for standard seat
• Maintenance-free sealed bearings on the front-caster-wheel forks and
the biggest ball joints in the industry, bar none
New! Optional FlexSeat™, like a rocking chair for your Hustler!
Seat pan has been raised for improved operator comfort
• Hinged foot and seat pans for easy service access
More comfortable, bigger grips on steering levers
Optional hydraulic deck lift
60”, 72” and 54” and 66” decks
A certified 2-post, foldable
ROPS (Roll Over Protective
Structure) is available for the
Hustler Z and Super Z.
• Single-belt drive for reduced maintenance (compare with dual-belt drive
on most competitive models.)
• Engine service points located at the rear of the machine - oil filter and
drain can be serviced with a single pan, with no danger of fluids spilling on belts
• Sealed bearings on the spindle shaft – lubrication required only once a year
• Simplicity rules! Raise the seat pan and deck pan and marvel at the lack of “stuff”!
Air containment kit
SmoothTrak™ steering – the smoothest,
most responsive steering on the market!
Patented, built-in automatic park brake system
Improved caster fork – dampened to
reduce wobble
Improved caster bearings –
three year warranty
Internal gusset for incedible strength
Blade design for better cut and
“Wavy” mulching blades for
improved performance
Increased leg room
State-of-the-art powder-coat paint for the best finish in the industry
thereafter, they started a mini revolution in the lawn care industry.
Larger-diameter deck-height pin for increased durability
Now, the Hustler Zs have been re-engineered to be even better with
Improved pump belt life
many refinements and improvements.
Easier-to-service spindle bearings – three year warranty
All the Hustler hallmarks are still here, though.
Improved design of deck-lift foot pedal for easier access to deck
Stainless-steel throttle and choke cables for smoother operation
• Best warranty in the business including:
Spend less time servicing, fewer grease points
• Lifetime warranty on the tractor frame
The Hustler frame is one piece from
front casters to rear bumper, not bolted
together like competitors’.
• Lifetime warranty on the leading edge of the deck
• A full 2-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty – parts and labor!
Longer-life idler springs
Stainless-steel high-pressure lines
with Parker Seal-Lok™ O-Ring Face
Seal Fittings — hydraulic hoses &
fittings are guaranteed for a lifetime
to never leak!
Optional rear anti-scalp wheels
• Hydraulic hoses and fittings are guaranteed to never leak
Easier blade servicing
• 3-years on blade-spindle bearings and front-caster-fork bearings
• SmoothTrak™ steering for the most nimble yet smooth steering
on a z-rider
Serviceless deck idler
Improved bearings in deck and pump idlers
• Patented automatic park-brake system built into the steering levers
• Foot-operated deck-lift system is much easier to use than
hand-operated systems
Mulch-kit design (patent applied for) that is the easiest to install in the industry
Molded-rubber discharge chute – tough, yet gentle on objects
More durable deck cover knobs
XR-7™ mowing decks! – mow anywhere, everytime! – for superior quality of cut,
unmatched versatility, awesome distribution — all this and the option of a striping roller
Optional adjustable striping
roller mounts to rear of deck.
Optional FlexFork™ – shock-absorbing front caster forks (not shown)
Fusion™ blades for less sharpening
Flex Forks™ deliver greater operator comfort
because bumps are smoothed out. They smooth
out the ride producing a more even cut especially
over uneven terrain. This allows for greater
operator comfort at higher speeds. Mow faster,
get done sooner.