Hypertec 2110V2 User's Manual

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7-10 inch compatible classic case

A modern and versatile classic bag ideal for 7-10 inch laptops as well as a great variety of accessories from the latest Wii to digital cameras or frames.

This lightweight and compact bag is refreshingly classic with its shade of black and contrasting front metal buckle.

Mini-looking, this bag still has an extra folio and organizer compartment with capacity for A4 documents, power adaptor or console remotes.

Main Features

TAN2110V2HY 7-10" classic case 8713525976003

To fit laptops up to

Number of compartments

Techair® Protection Technology i-TRAK™ (months)

Active Sleeve

Lifetime Warranty

Materials and Construction




Material Lightweight

Laptop Compartment Size

External Size

22-27.5 x 20 x 3.5 cm

33 x 30 x 12 cm

Weight (kg) 0.993

Other features

Adjustable Shoulder Strap Detachable Shoulder strap

Accessory panel * Other pockets

* phone, music player, business cards and CD pockets, ticket and pen holders



Document Friendly Cable Friendly

Shower proof

7-10” Classic Case/3 compartments/Lightweight Nylon/i-TRAK™ 12 months/ Active Sleeve

Our patented air-cell protection.

Surrounded by interconnected pockets of compressed air, your laptop is safeguarded against vibrations and shocks.

A unique world-wide tracking system. Unique i-

TRAK™ codes make your luggage and laptop unique and identifiable if you lose or forget them.

An adjustable laptop compartment More than one size of laptop will fit in one bag which allows for upgrade, blind buy or gift buy. Fits 7”

– 10” laptops!


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