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Series 3



A classic top loading briefcase especially made for 17” laptops

This high capacity briefcase features a top loading design for easy access. Ideal for the oversized laptop, the 3108 will also accommodate your documents and accessories. Store and transport all your essentials in style and comfort!

Includes 12 months i-TRAK™ service.




Series 5 and above

Series 5 and above

Main features

To fit laptops up to

Number of compartments

Techair® Protection Technology i-TRAK™ (months)

Lifetime Warranty

Active Sleeve®

Wet Skinn®

Materials and Constructions

TAN3108 HY Top loader

Material 600D

Laptop Compartment Size

External Size

42 x 29.3 x 5.1 cm

48.5 x 33.5 x 12.5 cm

Weight (kg) 1.9

Other Features

Adjustable Shoulder Strap Detachable Shoulder strap

Other pockets


Clothing Space

M-Port™ Printer/ Projector Compatible

Speed Adjuster Strap

Cable Friendly


Trolley Strap



2 in 1 convertible use

Telescopic Handle Mobile Phone Pocket Music Player Pocket

Accessory panel * Shower proof

* phone, music player, business cards and CD pockets, ticket and pen holders


Classic briefcase/laptop size up to 17"/3 compartments/document friendly/trolley strap/ i-TRAK™ 12 months.

Our patented air-cell protection.

Surrounded by interconnected pockets of compressed air, your laptop is safeguarded against vibrations and shocks.

A unique world-wide tracking system. Unique i-TRAK™ codes make your luggage and laptop unique and identifiable if you lose or forget them.

Series 5 and above

An adjustable laptop compartment!

More than one size of laptop will fit in one bag which allows for upgrade, blind buy or gift buy.

2 sizes:1 for the 14" to 15.4" laptops, 1 for the 16"/17" laptops

Series 5 and above

Bring your “personal space” with you! Skinn® is an innovative way of personalising your laptop bag and extend its capabilities.

tech air , delivering unrivalled protection and bags of style

We provide unique solutions to make sure being mobile can be as exciting and secure as ever

Discover how techair® protection technology, i-TRAK™ and many more innovations make your bag unique.

Our Series of models cater for every need from the classic briefcase and stylish messengers to the ergonomic backpack.

Hypertec Ltd, 2 Swangate, Charnham Park, Hungerford, Berks, RG170YX. Tel: 0870 243 5603 Email: [email protected] Web: www.hypertec.co.uk

TechAir® is a patented technology. Patent Nos GB 2 311 512, GB 2 340 484, US 5 884 768 and EP 0 797 939


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Questions and Answers

What is the maximum laptop size that the Hypertec 3108 can accommodate?
The Hypertec 3108 can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches.
How many compartments does the Hypertec 3108 have?
The Hypertec 3108 features three compartments.
What is the material used to construct the Hypertec 3108?
The Hypertec 3108 is made from durable 600D Polyester.
What is the weight of the Hypertec 3108?
The Hypertec 3108 weighs approximately 1.9 kilograms.
What is the Techair® Protection Technology?
Techair® Protection Technology is a patented air-cell protection system that safeguards your laptop against vibrations and shocks.
What is the i-TRAK™ service and how long does it last?
The Hypertec 3108 comes with 12 months of i-TRAK™ service, a unique worldwide tracking system that helps identify lost or forgotten luggage and laptops.
What is the Active Sleeve® feature?
The Active Sleeve® feature allows you to adjust the laptop compartment to accommodate different laptop sizes, ranging from 14 to 17 inches.
What is the Wet Skinn® feature?
The Wet Skinn® feature enables you to personalize your laptop bag and extend its capabilities.

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