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Product Name Hypertec Accessories


Suitable for both laptops and tablets


Extends battery life by improving cooling


Weighs just 6 ounces

Heavy Duty

Supports devices up to 5.4kg


Just 8” x 2” x “ 1” folded


Composed of 70% recycled materials

Height Adjustable

11 o

to 60 o

– 6 increments

Mobile knowledge workers spend long hours hunched over laptops in hotel rooms, airports, and conference centres. Now there is a way to take the comfort of a fullsize PC on the road.

The Cricket Laptop Stand elevates the screen for cool computing and comfortable viewing. Cricket props up your laptop, allowing you to adjust screen height as desired, also allowing air to circulate and heat to dissipate. The stand is adjustable to safely accommodate all screen sizes.

Best of all, Cricket is extremely portable… it folds up to fit in a pocket or computer bag, making it an ideal computer accessory to take anywhere your laptop travels.

Features y Adjustable height – press button to adjust screen height y Enhances airflow – keeping notebook cool y Extremely portable – easily fits in a pocket or computer carry case y Ergonomic computing – elevates screen to comfortable viewing height, enables use of full-size keyboard for more efficient computing y Can also be used with tablet PCs – raises screen at angle to desk for greater readability and more comfortable writing angle. y Folded size 8” x 2” x 1”

11 o

to 60 o

(in six increments) y Laptop/Tablet PC compatibility <5.4kg

Part Codes 12pt Arial Bold

IN-CRKTCLHY Cricket Laptop Stand


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