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Turn Your Phone On/Off:
1. To turn on your phone, press and hold the power/home key.
(You might need to unlock the side lock key.) The phone may take
several seconds to turn on.
2. To turn off your phone, press and hold the power/home key.
View Your Phone Number:
1. Touch Screen Navigation
2. Power/Home Key
3. Volume Keys
4. Side Lock Switch
5. Shortcut Key (Camera or
Voice Recognition)
Open the main menu and touch Settings > General > Phone Info
Place and Receive Calls:
Place a Call:
Open the slider, enter a phone number, and touch Call.
Receive a Call:
When your phone rings and/or vibrates, touch Answer.
Note: If the side lock key is locked (up), you can open the slider to
answer your phone. If you have a Bluetooth® headset connected, you
can touch Answer with Bluetooth or Answer.
Tip: Can’t talk right now? Touch Ignore or just press the side volume
key down to silence the ringer.
Check Minutes of Use:
Check your current minutes of use.
1. Dial #668 (MOU) within your local area
2. Press the Send Key
Tip: This call is free from your wireless phone.
Setup Voicemail:
1. Make sure your phone is turned on and that you are in a
coverage area
2. Press and hold 1 to dial your wireless provider's voicemail
3. Follow the prompts to set up your voicemail
Change Your Phone’s Battery:
Insert Battery:
Press down on the back cover at the bottom and slide the cover up to
remove. Insert battery so that the contacts on the phone and battery
are touching.
Remove Battery:
Press down on the back cover at the bottom and slide the cover up to
remove. Remove the battery by lifting the top from the phone and
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Install a Memory Card:
1. Remove the battery door.
2. Open the memory card door hatch.
3. With the gold contacts down, put the memory card into the
slot and slide it into place.
4. Replace the battery door.
Caution: Do not remove your memory card while your phone is
writing files to it.
Pair With Another Bluetooth Device:
Before you try to connect your phone with another Bluetooth
device, make sure the other device is in pairing or bonding
mode (see the user’s guide for the device). You can connect
your phone with only one device at a time.
Find it:
1. On the Bluetooth screen, touch the circle on the switch to
turn Bluetooth power on. Your phone begins searching for
devices near you.
2. When you see the device you want, touch it.
Tip: When Bluetooth power is on, your phone can automatically
connect to a handsfree device you have used before. Just turn
on the device or move it near the phone.
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