Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Doc No–Ab/TDS/UTL-175
Rev No: 00
Abdos Labtech Pvt. Ltd.
Freezer Thermometer
Valid for Catalog No. U20610
1. Description/Specification
1.1 Description: Freezer Thermometer
1.1.1 These thermometer can be used as probe to investigate and protect frozen and chilled
samples from potential spoilage.
1.1.2 Monitor temperatures inside your freezer or refrigerators with the added convenience of
sound & flashing LED lights to alert out of range temperatures.
1.1.3 Suction cup attaches the probe inside freezer/refrigerator while the thermometer secures
to the outside with hook & loop tape.
1.1.4 Large digital display shows freezer/refrigerator temperature plus ambient temperature.
1.2 Design: NTO Hand Cleaner
1.3 Performance Specifications:
L x W x H (mm)
No. Per Case
136 x 19 x 28
1.4 Color: White
1.5 Quality control:
Testing of various characteristics in accordance with the valid Specification
1.6 Other information:
1.6.1 Set freezer range: (-9.5ᵒ to -23ᵒC).
1.6.2 Set refrigerator range: (2ᵒ to 8ᵒC).
1.6.3 Can be used as Fahrenheit ᵒF or Celsius ᵒC
1.6.4 Includes one AAA battery.
1.6.5 Probe cable measures 0.9 m; probe measures 5 mm OD x 17 mm L
Technical Data Sheet
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