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The company
Tradition and innovation,
Modern Manufacture
Siedle Steel, Siedle Vario,
Siedle Select, Siedle Classic
Siedle Scope, Siedle indoor stations,
Siedle Individual
The company
Siedle Scope
White high-gloss
paintwork finish
Telecommunication, IP network,
TV and video, intelligent living
siedle kompakt
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The company
siedle kompakt
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The company
made in
sophistication. It has developed into a system that can
do much more than
simply talking to the visitor
and opening the door.
Our aim
has stayed the same since
the time of Portavox: to
develop communication
systems that meet the highest demands. Ultimately,
each visitor speaks to the
building that he wishes
to enter; he hears it and
is seen by it; he touches it
in order to make contact
and he allows himself to
be guided by it from the
property boundary to his
destination inside. Our
systems create an important
interface between man
and architecture.
We have therefore not just
stopped at the doorstep.
Nowadays, Siedle deals
with the threshold, the
junction between inside
and outside. After all, according to Gabriele Siedle,
the first female managing
director in the company’s
260-year history: “The
threshold is the point that
simultaneously separates
and joins things, that’s
what makes it so intriguing.
Whether it welcomes or
turns away is dependent on
who reveals their identity.
This paints a good picture
of what Siedle does at
tradition and
The Siedle enterprise, or
to put it completely and
correctly: S. Siedle & Söhne
Telefon- und Telegrafenwerke OHG, has been a
family-run business for
seven generations. We
produce everything that
serves the purposes of communication in and around
the building – this we have
been doing for more than
250 years and from the
same premises, in uncompromising quality and prizewinning design.
The Siedle story
began in the middle of the
18th century, when Mathäus
Siedle founded bells for
the clock making industry
on his Black Forest farm.
120 years later, his great
grandson Salomon Siedle
expanded the foundry with
a second field of business,
namely communications
In 1887, Siedle manufactured its first telephones
and quickly developed into
one of the great pioneer
enterprises of telephony in
Germany. Since the 1930s
the company has specialized in in-house and door
telephony, and in 1935 it
brought “Portavox”, the
first door loudspeaker, onto
the market. Since then,
Siedle has concentrated all
its efforts on further perfecting the intercom.
Seventy years after Portavox, communication at
entranceways has reached
an astonishing level of
More about this topic at
At the threshold
This is why we have been
promoting the examination
of the topic and have, for
example, initiated symposia together with the ETH
Zurich. Cultural researchers,
philosophers, sociologists,
architecture historians and
artists have been taking an
interdisciplinary approach
to dealing with the architectural, technical and social design of junctions.
It is about aspects of opening and closing and threshold media, but it is also a
question of safety, privacy
and communication. Last,
but not least, it is about
the important function of
representation and the appropriate reception.
Modern Manufacture
Of course, we make use
of machinery, automated
systems and manufacturing robots. Otherwise,
competitive production in
Germany would not be possible. Nevertheless, as was
the case in the times of the
bell foundry, even today it is
still the skills and diligence
of experienced, qualified
employees that ensure topquality products. This is
most obvious in the highend system Siedle Steel. The
most up-to-date technology
is used here – a high-power
laser, for example, which is
controlled directly from the
CAD program.
And yet no other product of
ours has benefited so much
from human craftsmanship.
By combining the latest
high-tech manufacturing
machines with the virtues
of traditional handcrafting,
unique pieces are created
with unequalled precision
and processing quality.
Siedle develops and produces exclusively in Furtwangen in the Black Forest.
Here, at the site of our
origins, we can be sure of
reaching that level of quality that distinguishes a
Siedle product. Here, we
can retain as many processing phases as possible
under our own control.
More than 80 percent of
added value is achieved
within Siedle’s own premises – this contributes to
quality assurance, but also
ensures job security for its
highly-qualified employees.
Quality and durability
Before a Siedle product
is brought onto the market, it must first undergo
a rigorous durability test.
In realistic simulations, it
has stood up to tropical and
Siberian temperatures, salty
sea air, beatings with a hammer, water baths, UV radiation and relentless use. Siedle
products prove their reliability
under extreme conditions.
Whether buttons, housings
or seals – each component
is categorically mistreated
before it goes into series
production. We set stringent
requisites in terms of functional safety, reliability and
longevity – Siedle specifications nearly always exceed
even legal regulations.
And yet, if anything
should in fact break: new
generations of units are
compatible with their
predecessors and spare
parts are still available
for systems that are decades old.
More about this topic at
Steel production: Modern Manufacture combines high-tech production with the
virtues of traditional handcrafting.
siedle kompakt
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The company
Siedle Steel
p. 06
Siedle Vario
p. 08
Siedle Select
p. 10
Siedle Classic
p. 12
Siedle Steel
Siedle Vario
Siedle Select
Siedle Classic
“Siedle is where
my home starts.”
Siedle Steel door station
with video camera, intercom system and call
button; solid brushed stainless steel
siedle kompakt
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Siedle Steel
siedle steel
p. 07
Siedle Steel
The appearance of the
perfect door station can
vary greatly depending on
personal style preferences,
individual requirements and
structural circumstances.
Consequently, Siedle Steel
does not prescribe any
specific design, but rather
a blueprint for individual
configuration: a range of
function modules, a clearly
defined Steel look and a
14 millimetre grid. The final
configuration is determined
by the user.
The Siedle Steel communication system was developed as a means of realizing our customers’ wishes,
plans and ideas. To this end,
Siedle developed a special
manufacturing process
which combines the individuality of one-off production
with the processing quality
of serial production. In this
Modern Manufacture, every
Steel system is configured
and constructed in line with
customer specifications − as
a one-off unit, but to an
exemplary standard of precision only achievable with
industrial production.
Maximum freedom
of application is one of two
design objectives targeted
with Siedle Steel: the customer decides the functions
and appearance of their
system. The other is the
achievement of perfection:
an objective which admits
no compromises. In terms
of technology: functional
excellence is a non-negotiable requirement. In terms of
material: all the fronts are
made completely of solid
metal and to an exemplary
standard of workmanship.
The design has no visible
means of fixture; flat surfaces, linear clarity and
precise edges highlight
the aesthetic merit of the
siedle kompakt
Traditional material in harmony with the clear-cut elegance of Steel’s aesthetic
appearance: door station in burnished brass, equipped with LED surface area light,
intercom system, large-area button and letterbox. The lettering is laser-etched into the
solid material.
In itself, the arrangement
of functional elements provides endless possibilities
for the user to design their
threshold. Is the system
to be set up to the right
or left of the door? Does
it require an electronic or
biometric access control
system? Video monitoring, letterbox or building
number? With spotlights
or surface area lighting?
We come up with the options – the decision rests
with you.
More about this topic at
A door station with letterbox – and any number of design opportunities from the
selection and arrangement of the functional elements.
variety in metal
The design quality
of Siedle Steel rests on a
solid foundation of consistency and authenticity. The design and the
functional scope it offers
are second to none. Steel
systems are among those
rare commodities which
define the peak of what
is feasible in their own
particular field. Nevertheless, the greatest possible
degree of freedom and
perfection are ideals which
recede further into the
distance, the closer we approach. Siedle Steel is an
open system − not just
for its users, but for its
creators, too. We are
working on it.
More about this topic at
Tailor-made: every Steel system is planned, configured and manufactured to
the customer’s wishes, on the basis of a geometrical design grid.
More about this topic
topi at
One of the prerequisites
for Siedle Steel’s many
design variants is that it is
of twin-level construction.
Only the mounting level
is screwed onto the background material, with no
visible sign of how the outer control level is secured.
There is nothing to disturb
the material aesthetics of
the flat surfaces.
There are six standard material and surface variants
available in solid metal. We
also enhance these design
options with the interplay
between the two levels.
Where the mounting level
is visible – at the edges and
through the precisely laserworked cut-outs in the
front panel – the colours,
structures and surface finishes of the two levels can
be the same, complement
or contrast one another.
siedle kompakt
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Siedle Vario
siedle kompakt
p. 09
Siedle Vario
siedle vario
the classic
Expansion and upgrading: as a free-standing pedestal, Vario can
also hold information plates, lighting and letterbox. When equipped
with LED light modules only, it functions as an ultra-flat path light.
Standardized: the use of LED light modules creates
energy-optimized environmental lighting − and perfectly
complements the Vario door station.
© Michael Lin Architect /Christian Richters / VIEW/arturimages
More about this topic at
Also in a variety of colours:
apart from the six standard
colours shown, Siedle Vario can
come individually painted in any
colour desired.
More about this topic at
Today, the building threshold requires more than
simply an intercom system
and a bell. From lighting
to access control, the entrance area imposes many
demands on a communication system.
The classic Siedle Vario
system fulfils all of these
offering unique variety
from a standardized design.
Siedle Vario covers just
about every conceivable
requirement when it comes
to entranceway communication. In the wall, on
the wall or free-standing,
six standard colours and
an unlimited choice of
non-standard shades, with
letterbox, lighting, video
monitoring or access control: Siedle Vario integrates
whatever functions are possible in the entrance area
within a single standardized
Design icon
The multiple prize-winning
system design ensures that
every combination addresses the most stringent design
aspirations. Siedle Vario is
the epitome of good modular-structured door communication technology. The
system has received multiple
design awards − and served
as a model for a whole product category.
The Vario principle
is as ingenious as it is simple: it is based on functional
modules and a design grid.
Within the grid, the modules
can be arranged in any combination. The result is always
a neatly arranged, aesthetically pleasing communication system. Everything is in
perfect alignment and the
proportions are right − even
when large information
plates or letterboxes are
Many first-generation Vario
systems (511 Series) have
had to stand up to many
years of use in demanding conditions. And when
new technologies are to be
put into use, for example a
connection with the public network telephone, in
many cases they have to be
replaced. Siedle has made
provision for such cases:
with the use of special
adapters the old systems
can now be simply replaced
with the current successor,
the 611 Series. This means
that the concealed housing
remains in place in the wall,
with no need for laborious
masonry or chasing works.
In many cases it is also
possible to continue to use
the existing wiring and
other components, depending on the installation
system and the desired
range of functions.
Your local Siedle partner will
provide you with competent
advice. Recommended companies are listed on the Internet at
More about this topic at
siedle kompakt
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Siedle Select
siedle kompakt
p. 11
Siedle Select
siedle select
linear clarity
Siedle Select is the new
product family for the
single-family dwelling. Its
linear clarity is based on only
six components, meeting the
requirements of small private
homes. Letterbox, newspaper
tube, lighting, movement
sensor, illuminated house
number, intercom, bell –
Select concentrates the main
functions in a uniform,
modern design language.
Its high-quality mix of
materials – translucent
plastic housing and solid
aluminium panelling – coupled with vast colouring
design freedom ensure that
Select makes an impressive
statement at the entrance –
irrespective of whether the
components are used in
combination or individually.
Variety of colours
Siedle Select is available
as standard in anodized
or white powder-coated
aluminium – as well
as in a silk matt paintwork finish in any RAL
colour desired.
More about this topic at
Intelligent details
The cushioned letter flap stays
closed, even in a strong wind.
A water-deflecting profile keeps
your newspaper dry once it is
Uniform – in any
The combination possibilities of the Select
components are every bit
as variable as their design
language is uniform.
The communication
technology can be integrated in the letterbox
or installed as a separate
door station. The LED light
is also ideal for fitting a
house number.
And with its simple surfacemounting system, the shell
of the building is always
left intact – an important
point, especially for energyefficient buildings.
siedle kompakt
p. 12
Siedle Classic
Siedle Scope
p. 14
Siedle indoor stations
p. 15
siedle classic
Siedle Scope
Siedle indoor stations
Specially developed
to replace TL 111 Series
door stations: a variant of
the current Siedle Classic
product line.
Video door station in high-gloss black paintwork finish.
Siedle Classic is the contemporary interpretation of the
classic door station. Like its
ancestor Portavox, the very
first door station, it is made
up of a metal front panel
with buttons and loudspeaker grill – but in terms
of its design, technology,
material and workmanship,
Siedle Classic brings you
the very latest and best that
modern engineering can
offer. With its traditional
distinctive design language,
Siedle Classic concentrates
on the essential functions
in the entrance area: calling, speech, vision and door
release. Just as classical is its
concealed-mounting concept which together with
its front-fastening concept
ensures a sleek, low-profile
look. Its concentration on
the essentials makes Classic
the ideal choice for those
who attach importance to
the solidity and intrinsic
value of solid metal, but
who require neither the
extreme design freedom
afforded by Siedle Steel nor
the functional diversity of
Siedle Vario.
Siedle Classic is available
in the same wide variety
of materials as our highend Steel system: you can
choose from brushed
stainless steel, anodized
aluminium, an attractive
brass-look finish and burnished brass, or paintwork
finish in any RAL or micaceous iron ore colour.
The TL 111 Series door
loudspeakers have been
manufactured in their millions since the 1960s. If it
is now time for modernization, you should only do
away with what absolutely
has to be replaced. For
this, we have developed
a variant of the current
Siedle Classic product line,
whose front panel screw
hole pattern is exactly
matched to the existing
screw holes. The integrated housing, installed
cables, network appliances
and indoor stations are all
retained. This makes replacement child’s play −
and laborious masonry
work superfluous.
Siedle Scope
Brushed stainless steel
siedle kompakt
p. 14
Siedle Scope
siedle kompakt
Siedle indoor stations
indoor stations
siedle scope
On the one hand, a cordless landline telephone
p. 15
On the other hand, a mobile video call station
One for all
Siedle Scope is a video call
station and a landline
telephone in one device.
And it’s cordless. That
means that wherever you
are, whether in the kitchen,
the bathroom, the garden
or the cellar… Scope gives
you a live update of who
is standing at the door.
Scope thus offers all the
functions of a video indoor
station, including a
hands-free function and a
door release button. At the
same time, Scope is a
fully-fledged landline
telephone with excellent
voice quality and countless
Comfort functions. One for
all. New freedom.
Scope, the mobile video
call station
– Large colour display
– Video monitoring with
zoom and swivel function
– Hands-free function
– In-house function control,
such as lighting, garage
door or blinds
– Can be extended: up to 8
handsets can be used in
Scope, the cordless landline telephone
– High range and excellent
voice quality thanks to
the DECTTM standard
– Compatible with telephones from other
manufacturers using the
GAP profile
– Hands-free function
– Ergonomically optimized
design and user guidance
– ECO mode with reduced
transmission power
– Telephone book, call
log and numerous other
telephone functions
© Architecture: Frank-Architekten, Winnenden/Photography: Zooey Braun/arturimages
Design variants
A solid metal cover panel in six variants defines the individual
appearance: stainless steel, aluminium, high-gloss white,
high-gloss black, chrome and gold.
More about this topic at
Siedle indoor stations are
every bit as varied as their
counterparts at the door.
They come with a receiver or
as a hands-free telephone,
for wall mounting or set-up
on a table, as the standard
model or with Comfort functions and with or without
video. What they all share
is their ease of use. Their
clean design lines, non-slip,
easy-on-the-hand materials,
clearly identifiable symbols,
signalling LEDs and − last
but not least − our refusal to
get involved in exaggerated
minimization − many such
details contribute towards
making them safe to handle.
But a call station is more
than just communication
technology. It is also part of
the building’s equipment.
As such, Siedle indoor stations can do more than
simply establish a connection with the door. They
flatter one’s sense of good
design, embody the pleasure
taken in beautiful objects
and display personal style
and taste.
More about this
his topic at
siedle kompakt
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Siedle Individual
IP network
p. 18
TV and video/
Intelligent living
p. 19
Compact Sets/
p. 20
siedle individual
The design concept of the
indoor stations combines a
plastic housing body with
individual panelling on the
front and back in genuine
stainless steel, aluminium or
precious wood veneer.
There are twelve standard
materials and colours for
the cover panels; and the
housing body with the receiver is available in black or
So from the combination
of both elements you have
countless opportunities to
design the indoor station
in line with your own individual wishes.
If this wide range of series
finishes is still not enough,
we will provide the cover
panel painted in any colour
from the RAL range that
you wish. We can also add
engravings and stamp on
logos. We will check out
any wish to see if it is viable
and will come back to you
with a specific offer.
More about this topic at
IP network
TV and video
Intelligent living
For many decades, what
was termed the 6+n system
represented the state-ofthe-art in door communication technology. Intercom
units of this type were installed in their millions. But
now many have been
in service for so many
years that they have to be
In many cases, however, it
is only individual appliances
which are faulty or have
become unsightly, especially
inside. To cater for such
cases we offer a special
replacement telephone,
the HTA 811 model. In its
design and function it corresponds to the standard
in-house telephone, but
it can also be seamlessly
integrated into an existing
6+n system. Its great advantage is that in the case of a
fault, it is only the affected
call station which has to be
replaced. The wiring, door
station, network components − everything still functioning can remain in use.
The HTA 811 offers all of
the advantages of sound
modern design: contemporary design language, simplicity of installation, ease
of handling and enormous
variety of design.
It is available in the same
material and colour variants
as all Siedle indoor stations.
More about this topic at
Simple to replace:
the HTA 811 upgrade
model replaces several
generations of old Siedle
in-house telephones.
The entrance as a television
programme: an interface displays the picture from the door
camera on the TV screen.
siedle kompakt
p. 18
siedle kompakt
tv and video
© Loewe Opta GmbH; Isaiah Love; plainpicture fancy
ip network
p. 19
Or just imagine: the door
station is connected to
your IP network. The call,
speech and video signals
from the door are fed into
the network and picked up
by a software client. The PC
then takes over all of the
tasks of an indoor station
− including video presentation, door release, switching functions and status
There is no longer any need
for additional in-house
telephones − although
they can be added at any
time − as DoorCom-IP, the
interface between the data
network and communicaSiedle DoorCom-IP: connecting the door and the PC
tions system, is flexible and
So, for example, in a building serving a variety of
purposes, an office can
handle the door communication system entirely from
its PCs, while the apartments used as living accommodation still make use
of the traditional in-house
If you don’t want to be disturbed by the doorbell when
you’re watching TV, you can
just relax without moving
from your seat. Siedle now
feeds the image from the
door camera into the TV set.
As soon as anyone rings the
doorbell, the image appears
on the screen; either as a fullscreen image or an insert in
the current programme (PIP),
depending on the specific
television set.
The speech and door release function is handled
either by the indoor station
in the intercom system or
a public network telephone
connected via the
DoorCom interface.
It is technically possible to
feed the signal into the
television through a special
interface, the bus video
demodulator (BVD). This is
installed in the control
cabinet where it decouples
the video signal from the
Siedle system’s data stream.
The bus video demodulator
delivers a neutral signal in
the FBAS format used by
many video systems.
As such, inputting in the
form of a TV programme is
one possible application, but
not the only one. It is also
possible for the images from
the Siedle cameras to be fed
into CCTV systems and video
monitors of all kinds.
Imagine the situation:
a visitor rings the doorbell and the telephone
connected to the public
network rings inside.
Instead of running to the
intercom system, you
reply from wherever you
are at the moment: on
the terrace, in the garden,
in the workroom, in the
basement... And when
you are out and about
you respond to the call at
your door via your mobile
Whether as a fixed line,
cordless or mobile – with
the Siedle DoorCom interface the telephone becomes a call station for the
door intercom. Nor does
this restrict you in your
choice of door station, as
DoorCom works with all
Siedle product series (with
the sole exception of the
Compact Sets).
More about this topic at
More about this topic at
More about this topic at
Siedle DoorCom:
connecting the door and the telephone
The connection to the lifestyle of the future: operating
panels assume the functions of the indoor station for the communication system (pictured: displays from Crestron and AMX).
Siedle provides intelligently
networked buildings with
the appropriate building
communication systems.
A special interface permits
the exchange of communication and control
signals with the building’s
automation and entertainment systems from leading
manufacturers. In the process, their visualization and
operating displays function
as the indoor station for the
door and building commu-
nication system. They pass
on the sound of the bell,
carry speech and the video
image, release the door
and also fulfil switching
With the wide range of its
functions and the variety of
its designs, Siedle is making
its contribution to the lifestyle of the future: from calling, seeing and speaking to
lighting and receiving mail,
and through to biometric
access control.
Along with this go a pleasing aesthetic appearance
in prize-winning designs,
tried-and-tested technology
and the quality, guaranteed
functionality and operating reliability of the market
leader. After all, the way
into the perfect lifestyle is
not based on compromises
at the threshold.
More about this topic at
siedle kompakt
p. 20
Compact Sets
compact sets
entry level
kompakt 01/2010
“siedle kompakt” provides an
overview of the world of Siedle
systems. You can find out more
about the company, the products
and contemporary communication
at the threshold from your Siedle
partner, at your nearest Siedle
centre or on the Siedle website.
S. Siedle & Söhne
Telefon- und
Telegrafenwerke OHG
Bregstraße 1
D-78120 Furtwangen
Phone +49 7723 63-0
Fax +49 7723 63-300 [email protected]
Concept and Art Direction:
Meiré und Meiré, Cologne
Edited by (person responsible):
Peter Strobel
S. Siedle & Söhne
Telefon- und
Telegrafenwerke OHG
More about this topic at
The Compact Sets represent the first step into
Siedle class – and the most
direct route to an intercom
system. They include all of
the necessary elements,
from the door station
through to the mains power supply. They are beautifully easy to install, with
the indoor and door stations being simply screwed
onto the wall.
The Audio Set fulfils the
basic functions of calling,
speaking and door release.
It offers all of the features
which define Siedle: highquality materials and manufacture, perfect functionality
Your Siedle partner will provide you with competent advice:
and contemporary design,
together with an excellent
price-performance ratio.
Bring video to your doorway! The Video Set makes it
easy for you with its highlydeveloped, reliable technology and ease of use. Every
time the doorbell rings or
the system is manually acti-
vated, the image from the
door camera appears on the
colour monitor − even in
the dark, thanks to the
integrated lighting. With
our Compact Sets coping
well with lines of the most
basic quality, they are ideally
suited as replacements for
your old doorbell system.
New publications:
“Architecture at the threshold”,
a magazine-catalogue hybrid,
lights up the past, present and
future of building communication
from the various perspectives of
architecture, technology, design
and culture.
You can obtain “Architecture at
the threshold” free of charge.
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