9303 PL96e Online Booklet
PL96e Li-Ion Battery Instructions
PAGlink Features:
• With the unique PAGlink system, up to 8 batteries
can be linked for charge or discharge.
• When linked, PAGlink batteries form a high-speed serial
network, allowing them to communicate with each other,
and to report to the camera/charger as one large battery.
• The PAGlink system will automatically select the most
suitable batteries for discharge, according to their charge
status, and maintain a continuous output.
• PAGlink batteries will automatically detect and adapt to a
multitude of camera battery status systems. PAGlink
batteries support SMB (Sony), I2C (IDX), reversed SMB
(RED) and analogue 0V to 5V (Anton-Bauer).
• Uniquely, power is available from the battery linking
contacts. This can be accessed using the PAGlink
PowerHub, an accessory power unit that provides 4 D-tap
• The system ensures that the maximum linked output
is kept to a safe level.
• Status and usage data, stored in the battery’s microprocessor can be accessed using the PAGlink Battery
Reader, making battery management easier.
• PAGlink batteries can deliver a current up to 12A when
linked (8A for an individual battery).
• The batteries are future-proof - their software can be
easily updated by the user.
• The PAGlink connector system uses superior highcurrent pin contacts (not blade contacts as used by
other manufacturers).
• Batteries in any state of charge can be linked in multiples
of 8 for charging. During charging, the least-charged
batteries are given priority. The charge status for each
battery is shown on its own display.
• PAGlink batteries feature a built-in run-time and capacity
display. When they are under load, the remaining run-time
can be shown. When the batteries are linked the run-time
for the total of all connected batteries is shown.
• All PAGlink batteries maintain an accurate state-ofcharge display by tracking their performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the
PAGlink PL96e Battery
& Capacity
• PAGlink batteries have an enhanced low temperature
• The PAGlink latching mechanism is external to the battery
and can be replaced without opening the sealed case.
• International Patents Applied For.
PAGlink Parallel Connection Feature
To release the battery, hold down the release button (1)
and slide the battery up (2).
Align the V-Mount connectors and push the battery down
until you hear a click (the lock is then engaged).
PAGlink Battery Terminals:
PAGlink terminals (rear)
PAGlink terminals (front)
Main battery terminals (base)
Description: PAGlink PL96e Lithium-Ion Professional Broadcast Battery,
Model No. 9303.
Connector: V-Mount compatible connector.
Display: PAGlink PL96e batteries incorporate a 5 LED state-of-charge
indicator, which shows capacity as percentage. On load, a run-time
prediction can be indicated in hours and minutes.
Construction: High-impact polycarbonate injectionmouldings designed to
protect the cells from impact damage. The cells have welded interconnections of custom-cut low-resistance nickel strap. Batteries are sealed and
non user-serviceable.
Cells: Premium grade Lithium-Ion sealed rechargeable cylindrical cells.
Voltage: 14.8V nominal. 12 cells connected in series/parallel. Each cell has
a nominal voltage of 3.7V.
Capacity: Nominal 6.5 ampere-hours.
Output Current: Rated maximum continuous output current 8 amperes
(12 amperes for two or more linked batteries).
Charge Voltage: 16.8V.
The battery incorporates the following safety shutdown systems:
• 3 over-current shutdown systems.
• 2 over-voltage shutdown systems.
• 2 under-voltage shutdown systems.
• 3 thermal shutdown systems (including non-resetting thermal fuse).
All protection circuits within the battery are designed to withstand the
leakage of electrolyte. This is achieved by using a special layout and a
coating of Parylene, the premier vapour-deposited conformal coating.
Temperature Range:
Charging: 0°C to +45°C (Optimum +10 to +40°C)
Discharging: -20°C to +50°C (Optimum +10°C to +40°C)
Storage: -10°C to +40°C (Optimum 0°C to +20°C)
Size & Weight:
Height: 133mm (5.2")
Weight: 726g (1.6lbs)
The battery may be charged within the temperature range 0°C to +45°C,
but for optimum performance, +10°C to +40°C is recommended. The battery
incorporates a precision temperature sensor which will inhibit charging if
its temperature is below 0°C.
Batteries incorporate a precision fixed end-of-discharge cutoff set to 12.5V,
as measured by the battery. This cutoff will only operate if the battery
capacity is less than 5%, eliminating unwanted battery operation due to
high current and low battery temperature.
Maximum continuous discharge current for a single battery is 8A, or
approximately 90W. The battery incorporates an accurate precision current
limit, and consumption above 8A (for more than 5 seconds)will trigger the
over-current protection, turning the battery output off.
If the battery is discharged at too high a rate, even momentarily, the
protection circuit may be triggered, disconnecting the battery output. High
current surges can occur when a tungsten light is turned on, which may be
sufficient to momentarily exceed the rating and trip the protection circuit.
Paglight has a Softstart lamp unit (Model 9938) to alleviate this.
If the battery has been shut down by its protection circuit it can be
recovered by simply removing it from the load and pressing the display
button, provided the battery still retains some charge. The battery features
a computer reset function. In exceptional circumstances, a computer reset
may be required. This is achieved by holding the display button in for
twenty seconds.
Where total continuous consumption is above 90W, two or more PAGlink
batteries should be linked. This will increase the maximum continuous
discharge current to 12A, or approximately 135W.
When batteries are linked, a single button-press on any battery displays the
charge status in terms of percentage for that particular battery. A second
button-press activates the time display, but when the batteries are linked,
this is shown in terms of the run-time for the entire stack, and hence each
battery will give an identical indication.
The battery may be discharged within the temperature range -20°C to
+50°C, but for optimum performance, +10°C to +40°C is recommended.
Width: 84mm (3.3")
Depth: 50mm (1.9")
When the battery has been discharged at a high rate it will become warm,
and it is advisable to let it cool before charging it. The operating time will
be shorter in conditions of low temperature, and discharging will be
electronically inhibited if the battery temperature is below -20°C.
PL96e batteries can be charged using the latest PAGlink chargers, the
previous generation of PAG chargers and V-Mount Li-Ion chargers of other
reputable manufacturers.
For long-term storage, the battery should be initially in the half-charged
Maintenance charging is not required during long-term storage.
The following models will charge PAGlink batteries, individually or linked,
from any state of charge:
• PAGlink PL16 Charger (9707)
• PAGlink Cube Charger (9708)
• PAGlink Micro Charger (9710)
The following models will charge PAGlink batteries individually or linked
(linked batteries must be within 40% state-of-charge of each other to be
charged fully. Note: each PL96e display LED represents 20% capacity):
• PAG Cube Charger (9702V)
• PAG RMC4X Charger (9702VR)
• PAG V4-iPC Charger (9700V)
• Constant-voltage, V-Mount Li-Ion chargers of other reputable
The following models will charge individual PAGlink batteries only:
• PAG AR Series 2 Charger (9792, 9793, 9795)*
• PAG Quasar Charger (9752, 9753, 9726, 9727)*
*Chargers manufactured prior to November 2008 will require a software
update to enable charging of PAGlink batteries via front PP90 sockets using
Charge Adaptor Model 9617.
Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature between -10°C and +40°C.
Long-term storage outside of this temperature range may reduce the
battery’s life.
The battery should be in a fully charged state before use. After extended
storage it is advisable to give the battery a top-up charge before use.
Run-Time & Capacity Indication
A single button press displays charge status in terms of percentage.
The LEDs light clockwise. When the batteries are linked, a single button
press will still show the status for the individual battery.
LED flashing
Run-Time Indication:
The display is also capable of indicating an estimate of remaining run-time,
on load. When the batteries are linked, the display will show the run-time
for the total of the connected batteries.
tive and there will be no voltage available at the terminals. The battery can
be reset by removing it from the load and pressing the display button.
Thermal Protection: Software protection inhibits charging if the battery
temperature is below 0°C. Return the battery to the charger when the battery
temperature rises above 0°C.
Software protection inhibits discharging if the battery temperature falls to
-20°C, or if it rises to +70°C. The output can be restored when the battery
temperature becomes within the specified range by pressing the button.
The second button-press activates
the time display. The ‘HRS’ LED will
flash twice.
The number of hours will be indicated by the number of lit LEDs:
each LED = 1 hour.
A thermal fuse is incorporated within the battery construction as a
‘backstop’ protection device, and this cannot be reset. In the unlikely
event of this fuse operating, please contact PAG or your PAG Distributor.
Construction: Cells are housed in high-impact polycarbonate injection
mouldings designed to protect the cells from impact damage.
Circuits are coated with Parylene, the premier vacuum-deposited conformal
coating, effectively ensuring protection against electrolyte leakage within
the battery case.
The ‘MINS’ LED will then flash twice.
The number of minutes will be
indicated: each LED = 10 mins.
In-Viewfinder Battery Status
Battery status can be shown as a percentage of available capacity in the
viewfinders of cameras designed to accept this data. Different data
standards are used by camera and battery manufacturers; PAG L96e
batteries automatically adjust the data output standard to support the
following: SMB (Sony), I2C (IDX) and analogue 0V to 5V (Anton-Bauer).
PL96e batteries can be programmed easily by the user to also provide
capacity data in the viewfinders of RED cameras. Press the display button
twice, holding down on the second press until the top two LEDs light. This
indicates that the battery is now compatible with the RED data protocol
(reversed SMB). When the battery is connected to a camera with a different
data protocol it will automatically adjust to communicate with that system.
To return to RED compatibility repeat the two-button-press process.
PAGlink Battery Reader
A PAGlink Battery Reader, Model 9647, is available to read data stored in
the battery’s microprocessor. Slide the Reader onto the battery contacts
and it will automatically display the battery state of charge as a
percentage. You can then use the up and down buttons to reveal the next
or the previous category. The categories are as follows:
State of charge as a percentage
Available capacity in ampere-hours
Cell temperature in degrees Celsius
Number of charge/discharge cycles
Full capacity in ampere-hours
Date of birth (manufacture)
Software version
This information is extremely useful for tracking battery usage and
performance, making battery management easier for you.
‘Software version’ will help tell you if the battery is running the latest
Product Software Updates
PAG batteries are firmware upgradeable. The program can be updated in the
field by the user, in a matter of seconds, without the need to open the
battery case. A software update tool can be supplied by PAG or your PAG
Battery Protection Features
Over-charge Protection: Charging will be inhibited if the battery voltage
exceeds a pre-set level.
Over-discharge Protection: When the battery voltage reaches 12.5V,
discharging is inhibited.
Over-current Protection: If a single battery is subjected to a current
greater than 8 Amps but less than 15 Amps, the output will be turned off
after 5 seconds. If the current is greater than 15 Amps, the output will be
turned off immediately. In either case, the battery display will be inopera-
Internal wiring is rated for high current and high temperature, and is
double-insulated for added safety and protection.
PAGlink Feature
Two or more PAGlink batteries may be linked to increase run-time and
current. The maximum continuous discharge current for the linked batteries
has been limited to 12A.
When the batteries are linked the PAGlink system forms a high speed serial
network which allows communication between the batteries, ensuring that
a safe protocol is followed under all circumstances.
The maximum number of PAGlink batteries that may be linked has been
limited to eight. If more than eight batteries are linked, the management
system will shut-down the supply, and no current will flow.
The PAGlink management system elects the battery nearest to the camera
(or load) to be the ‘master’ and ensures that this battery is always turned
on (but not necessarily delivering current). The system makes the most
efficient use of the energy available, and prevents a transfer of charge
between batteries.
As discharge progresses, batteries are electronically added to or subtracted
from the power rail to deliver the current required. The status of individual
batteries and total run-time can be viewed via the battery displays. As long
as the ‘master’ remains connected, batteries may be added to or removed
from the stack in order to achieve continuous running.
Safety & Disposal
When used correctly, Lithium-Ion batteries are a rugged, safe, clean and
trouble-free method of storing power. However, the user should be aware
that incorrect treatment could present a hazard. In the interest of safety,
and the protection of our environment, please read and observe the
following health and safety information.
GENERAL: Do not put in fire or mutilate - cells may burst or release toxic
material. Do not short-circuit. Do not continue to use the battery if there
is any change in the appearance of the casing.
CORROSIVE ELECTROLYTE: The electrolyte is an alkaline solution, which
can cause chemical burns to human tissue if leakage occurs. Wear protective gloves when handling all contaminated materials. In the event of
contact with the skin, flood copiously with clean water. If significant
amounts of electrolyte are involved, or if any has touched the eyes, seek
immediate medical attention.
ACCIDENTAL SHORT-CIRCUITING: Lithium-Ion cells can deliver power at
very high rates. PAG PL96e batteries incorporate several levels of internal
electrical protection, but severe mechanical abuse could result in damage
to the cells, and short-circuit internal to the battery. Arcing, excessive heat
and the liberation of combustible gas could result, with the potential for
personal injury or ignition of adjacent flammable materials.
SERVICING: The battery is sealed, and contains no user-serviceable
components. In order to maintain the quality standard for which you first
chose this product, return it to a PAG Dealer or the PAG Service
Department for servicing.
DISPOSAL: Expired Lithium-Ion batteries should be disposed of in
accordance with the appropriate regulations or legislation. Do not mutilate
or incinerate batteries. Do not dispose of batteries or cells in a charged
condition. PAG Ltd. offers a recycling service for expired PAG batteries,
which results in the materials being recovered for re-use.
Return batteries by prior arrangement to: PAG Ltd. 565 Kingston Road,
London SW20 8SA, United Kingdom. Batteries must be in a discharged
state, and clearly marked ”FOR RECYCLING”.
Notwithstanding any provision of any agreement the following guarantee is
exclusive: PAG Limited guarantees each PAGlink Battery it manufactures to
be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and
service for 2 YEARS from the date of purchase. This guarantee extends only
to the original purchaser. This guarantee shall not apply to fuses or any
product or parts which have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident or
abnormal conditions of operation.
In the event of failure of a product covered by this guarantee, PAG Limited
will repair and calibrate equipment returned to an authorised Service
Facility within the period of the guarantee, provided the guarantor’s
examination discloses to its satisfaction the product was defective. The
guarantor may, at its option, replace the product in lieu of repair. With
regard to any equipment returned within this period, said repairs or
replacements will be made without charge. If the failure has been caused
by misuse, neglect, accident or abnormal conditions of operation, repairs
will be billed at a nominal cost. In such a case, an estimate will be
submitted before work is started, if requested.
The foregoing guarantee is in lieu of all other guarantees, express or
implied, including but not limited to any implied guarantee or merchantability, fitness or adequacy for any particular purpose or use. PAG Limited
shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages,
whether in contract, tort, or otherwise.
PAG Ltd. 565 Kingston Road, Raynes Park, London SW20 8SA, UK
E [email protected] • T +44 (0)20 8543 3131 • F +44 (0)20 8540 4116 • www.paguk.com
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