Swap Meet Game Rules
Today is your neighborhood swap meet! Dozens of folks have hauled their unwanted stuff into
their driveways. Swap your old stuff you don’t want for… well, more old stuff, but old stuff you’d rather
have. Be warned, there are other bargain hunters out there too! Go too slow and you lose the deal. Go
too fast and you might miss out on the ultimate swap!
1) Your goal is to make a chain of connecting Swaps to trade your Starting „Stuff‟ for the Goal „Stuff‟.
2) Swap cards connect so that the items cancel out diagonally. The item on the bottom is traded for
the item on the top.
Starting Stuff
Swap Card
Swap Card
Swap Card
3) You earn points by completing a Deal: a chain of Swaps that ends with the Goal.
1) Separate Swap cards (marked with two sets of items) and Stuff cards (marked with only one item).
2) Shuffle Swap pile. Deal three cards out to each player. These cards form the players‟ starting hands.
Place remainder of Swap cards in a pile face down in the in center of playing area. These form the
Draw Deck.
3) Shuffle Stuff pile. Deal each player a single Stuff card face down. This is their Starting Stuff. Deal
one card face up in the center of the table. This is the GOAL. Place any remaining Stuff cards aside
1) Each player‟s turn consists of TWO actions: drawing a card, then playing a card.
1st – Pick up a card to your hand
Draw a new unknown card from the Draw deck.
Select a card from the TOP of a Discard pile (each player has a discard space in front of them).
2nd – Place a card from your hand
Start a Deal or add a card to your current Deal.
Place a Swap Card from their hand face-up on top of one of the Discard piles around the table.
2) After each player completes a turn, game play passes clock-wise around the table.
1) To earn points, you must complete a DEAL. Completing a DEAL means you’ve connected the
right Swap cards to link your Starting Stuff to the Goal.
2) To start a Deal, you must play your Stuff card face up in front of you. Then play ONLY THE FIRST
card from your hand to start the deal. The card must cancel diagonally with your original Stuff
leaving a new item displayed „right side up‟ on top of the card.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only play ONE card per turn, so a multiple card SWAP will take
several turns to complete.
3) The instant you play the final card in your Deal (the card with a top that matches the round‟s current
Goal) you earn your points.
4) During the each round of play, the minimum number of Swap Cards in a deal increases by one.
That means that it is OK to complete a deal with only one Swap card the first round. However,
during the second round your Deal must be at least two Swap cards long, etc. You can always
complete a Swap that is longer than the minimum, if you wish!
1) The player who completed the Deal earns one point per Swap card played to complete the Deal.
2) Collect all Swap cards except for those in player‟s hands. Shuffle them up and set the Draw deck in the
center of the table.
3) Collect all Stuff cards. Don‟t forget any that had been set aside for that round!
4) Shuffle the Stuff cards and deal out a new Goal face-up. Then deal each player a new Stuff card facedown.
5) Resume play with the player to the left of the player who finished the last Deal.
1) A round of play goes until a Deal is completed. Complete as many rounds as you can! What is the
longest Deal YOU can complete?
2) At the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins! Ties are OK, too.
1) Look on top of the discard piles for cards you can use; one person‟s trash is another‟s treasure.
2) Also, look out for cards OTHER people could use. Either take them before the other player can or bury
them with your Swap cards.
3) Be nice to your teacher and pay attention in class. Hey, how could it hurt?
4) If you‟re behind on points, you might want to skip a shorter Deal for a longer one that could net you
more points!
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