Polycom® CMA® Desktop for Windows® and Mac OS® X

Polycom® CMA® Desktop for Windows® and Mac OS® X
Polycom CMA Desktop for Windows and Mac OS X
High-quality, standards-based video collaboration for both Mac and PC users
The Polycom Converged Management Application™ (CMA ) Desktop application is a robust
and full-featured video software client that enables face-to-face communication across
environments and operating systems. Now with feature parity for Mac and PC, and the
addition of SIP Support, the CMA Desktop 5.2 solution is an easy, cost-effective, and secure
way to work from anywhere.
The CMA Desktop software is centrally deployed and managed by the Polycom Converged
Management Application (CMA) 5000/4000 system, a standards-based management
application which enables large-scale directory services, centralized provisioning, and
management for thousands of video endpoints, including high definition telepresence,
legacy video conferencing systems, and other video infrastructure components. Teams
and individuals are able to securely connect with any standards-based H.323 or SIP video
conferencing room, telepresence suite, Windows-based desktop, and other Max OS X
clients, giving them the ability to work with disparate and global teams from anywhere.
The Polycom CMA Desktop solution accelerates the benefits of mobile and desktop
communications across the entire organization by delivering high-quality video and voice
communications and standards-based content sharing. Easy to learn and highly intuitive,
CMA Desktop software allows users to simply point and click to call to collaborate with
colleagues over video from any place, at any time. Users can quickly verify contact availability
and status, initiate chat conversations through instant messaging, and conduct sidebar
conversations with multiple individuals.
Polycom CMA Desktop clients are managed and monitored within the same video
ecosystem as telepresence and traditional video conferencing systems, providing a powerful
solution that spans all video client environments. The client enables IT administrators to
have unprecedented provisioning, management, and reporting capabilities for successfully
deploying desktop video across the organization. Polycom CMA software centrally controls
user permissions through Microsoft Active Directory credentials, and manages endpoint
software. Up to 5000 registered clients, including a mixture of Polycom CMA Desktop,
telepresence, and traditional video conferencing systems can be supported.
About Polycom
Polycom is the global leader in standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions
for telepresence, video, and voice powered by the Polycom RealPresence™ Platform. The
RealPresence Platform interoperates with the broadest range of business, mobile, and
social applications and devices. More than 400,000 organizations trust Polycom solutions
to collaborate and meet face-to-face from any location for more productive and effective
engagement with colleagues, partners, customers, and prospects. Polycom, together with its
broad partner ecosystem, provides customers with the best TCO, scalability, and security—
on-premises, hosted, or cloud delivered.
For more information, visit www.polycom.com, call 1-800-POLYCOM, or contact your
Polycom sales representative.
• Secure business-grade video and audio
right from your Mac or PC desktop
• Centralized deployment and management
supporting up to 5000 registered clients
• Advanced provisioning for setting client
access rights and capabilities prior to
• Microsoft Active Directory integration
for simplifying management and
to help ensure access to accurate
contact information for everyone in the
• Ease-of-use with a powerful and simple
click-to-call interface
• Deployment is not restricted by the
user’s physical location, use in the
office or on the road with ease
• Consistent usability across the entire
video network reduces learning curve
and increases productivity
• Cost-effective way to video-enable the
entire workforce on one network with a
one-time fee
Polycom CMA Desktop Specifications
Software and Hardware Specifications
Protocols Used
HTTPS/XML Provisioning
AES – Media encryption
Polycom LPR™
H.323 Content, H.239 dual stream
SIP Content, BFCP
H. 224/H.281 far-end camera control
H. 225, H.245, H.241
H.460 NAT/firewall traversal
H.235 security
Supported Microsoft PC Operating Systems:
Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later
Windows XP Professional – 32 bit
Windows XP Home Edition – 32 bit
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition – 32 bit
Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1 or
later--32 bit, 64 bit
Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise, Business
Windows Vista Home Premium, Basic
Windows 7 – 32 bit, 64 bit
Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional
Windows 7 Home Premium, Basic
DirectX 9.0b – 10.0 compatible adapter.
Note: Only the English version of Windows OS
is supported.
Adobe® AIR® 2.0 or above
Windows OS Requirements
Windows PC Requirements
• Audio only: Intel® Atom™ CPU
• Basic (up to QVGA): Intel Core™ 2 Duo 2
CPUs 1.6 GHz
• Premium (up to VGA, Polycom
People+Content™technology): Intel Core 2
Duo 2.0 GHz, Intel Core i3 2 CPUs 1.6 GHz,
Intel Core i5 2 CPUs 1.6 GHz or higher
• H D Receive (up to 720p): Core 2 Duo 2
CPUs 1.6 GHz or higher (up to 15fps), Core 2
Duo 2.0 GHz or higher (up to 30fps), Core i5
4 CPUs 2.0 GHz or higher (up to 30 fps)
• H D Transmit (up to 720p): Core i3 4 CPUs
1.8 GHz or higher (up to 15 fps), Core i3 2
CPUs 2.5 GHz or higher (up to 15 fps), Core
i5 4 CPUs 2.0 GHz or higher (up to 30 fps)
• RAM: 2GB
• Storage: 200MB
• 256MB video RAM recommended for
Windows Vista, Windows 7
• Display: XGA, 16-bit color or higher
• Note: SSE2 processor extensions are
required for all processor types.
Mac OS Requirements
Supported Operating Systems:
• Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
• Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
• Models: Systems with x86 processor (with the
exception of MacBook Air®, unless CPU load
is low and ambient temperature is cool)
• Adobe AIR 2.0 or above
Mac PC Requirements
• B
asic (up to QVGA): Intel Core 2 Duo 2 CPUs
1.6 GHz
• Premium (up to VGA, People + Content): Intel
Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Intel Core i3 2 CPUs 1.6
GHz, Intel Core i5 2 CPUs 1.6 GHz or higher
• H D Receive (up to 720p): Core 2 Duo 2 CPUs
1.6 GHz or higher(up to 15fps), Core 2 Duo
2.0 GHz or higher (up to 30fps), Core i5 4
CPUs 2.0 GHz or higher (up to 30fps)
• H D Transmit (up to 720p): Core i3 4 CPUs 1.8
GHz or higher (up to 15fps), Core I 3 2 CPUs
2.5 GHz or higher (up to 15fps), Core i5 4
CPUs 2.0 GHz or higher (up to 30 fps)
• RAM: 2GB
• Storage: 200MB
• 256 MB video RAM
• Display: XGA, 16-bit color or higher
• Results based on test scenarios; actual
performance may vary based on software or
hardware configurations. The processor types
and speeds listed are for reference guides.
Polycom CMA Desktop software will have
equivalent capabilities on other processors
with equivalent performance.
Video Standards & Protocols
• H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264, H.239
• Multiple Monitor Support (must be supported
by video card)
• Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
• Video-only mode with tool bar operation
• Brightness control-automatic or manual
adjustment (provided by USB camera)
Audio Standards & Protocols
• 20 kHz with G.719
• 14 kHz bandwidth with Polycom Siren 14,
G.722.1 Annex C
• 7 kHz bandwidth with G.722, G.722.1
3.4 kHz bandwidth with G.729A to G.729a
Full duplex audio
Echo cancellation
Automatic gain control (AGC)
Polycom Siren LPR technology
Polycom Siren 14 at 24kbps, 32kbps and 48kbps
Network Access
• N
etwork 128 kbps and above ( Cable, DSL,
or LAN)
Supported USB Cameras
• U
SB 2.0 Web Cameras: Microsoft LifeCam
HD-5000, HD-6000, HD-7000, LifeCam
Cinema®, LifeCam Studio. Logitech® C100,
C210, C270, C310, C160, C600 and C905,
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, Logitech
QuickCam® Vision Pro for Mac®
• Integrated Cameras: iSight® built-in camera,
Lenovo® integrated Webcam
Supported Audio Devices
• L
ogitech USB Headset H330, H530,
Logitech PC Headset 860, Philips 3.5mm
SHM7110U Headset, Logitech ClearChat™
Comfort, Logitech PC Headset 860, Logitech
PC Headset 960, Somic Headset DT-893.
• Integrated Microphones; Lenovo integrated
webcam. Built-in microphone on MacBook®,
MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac®, and Apple
Cinema Display® (LED). Logitech QuickCam
Vision Pro and Logitech 2MP Webcam C600
• Polycom has fully qualified the Audio devices
listed above for interoperation with the CMA
Desktop video client on both Windows and
Mac OS. Other devices may also work with
CMA Desktop.
• Client-supported languages: English
• USB input device selection capability from
in-call window
• S
implified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
English, French, German, Japanese, Korean,
Russian, and International Spanish.
Polycom Worldwide Headquarters
4750 Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588
1.800.POLYCOM or +1.925.924.6000
© 2011 Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. POLYCOM®, the Polycom “Triangles” logo and the names and marks associated with Polycom’s products are trademarks and/or service marks of Polycom, Inc. and are registered
and/or common law marks in the United States and various other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. No portion hereof may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,
for any purpose other than the recipient’s personal use, without the express written permission of Polycom.
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