Some fun tricks with the TCA1 TriggerCap

Some fun tricks with the TCA1 TriggerCap
Some fun tricks with the TCA1 TriggerCap
More information on the TCA1 setup can be found in the section, “ setting
up Key Triggers”
Recording Chords :
1) Hold a chord on the fingerboard. Press the “REC” hotkey and see the “REC” LED
flash. While holding the chord, tap one of the Trigger Pads and the chord will
appear there.
If you only hear one note, go into the SENSORS/ EVENTS screen for that TPad
and set the PlayFunction from BASIC to ALL. Now you’ll hear the full chord. You
can tap the chord with one finger and play a bassline or melody on the
fingerboard with the other hand. Set up all six TPads with chords this way.
You can also turn one of these chords into a sequence in the
SENSORS/EVENTS by setting the PlayFunction to “SEQUENTIAL” to make the
chord a sequence. Also, in the SENSORS/EVENTS screen you can change the
note-duration from milliseconds to MIDI-clocks so you can adjust the sequencetiming with the onboard metronome. Press the softkey where it says gate-time
and see the asterix(*) appear after the number to indicate MIDI-CLOCKS.
Then, go to the SENSORS/TIMING screen to set the Hit-Mode to TIMED so the
TPad will play out its notes using the onboard metronome rather than timing the
notes from your touch. Set the BPM where you like it in the UTILITIES/CLOCKS
These little (up to 8-note) sequences may be also single-stepped by setting the
PlayFunction to ALT-UP, ALT-DN, or ALT-RANDOM.
Bend individual strings from the TCA-1
1) Set up a Ztar Song (preset) such as “6STRING” that has each fingerboard
string on a different MIDI channel.
2) In the SENSORS screen, tap a TPad to select it. Set the MODE to EVENTS.
3) In the EVENTS screen set the PlayFunction to “ContCtl”
4) At the bottom of the EVENTS screen set the (only one) Event to PitchBendUp and set the MIDI channel to the channel of the corresponding fingerboard
string. If you set up all the TPads to match the fingerboard strings this way
you’ll be able to hold a chord and bend individual strings by pressing the
proper TPads.
accessories cont. -
Breath Controller Setup
To adjust the sensitivity of the Breath Controller use the little air stop-valve mounted in
the airline where it enters the Breath Port on the instrument. This is a bypass valve for
the breath-sensor and when it’s completely closed the all of your breath-pressure is
routed to the sensor. Adjust this until you find the sweet spot that works best with your
technique and the particular synth/patch setup.
Volume/Expression Pedal
We're looking for a 50 KOhm 3-terminal pot wired to a 1/4" stereo phono plug with the
center tap being the ring terminal. 25 KOhm pots don't quite swing all the way. 100
KOhm pots are fine but no one seems to use them. The Yamaha FC-7 is ideal. Music
Industries I think has a not-so-rugged pedal which is electrically about right. Kurzweil resells these. Also, I've seen them in Guitar Center at various times. The Roland EV5 has
a different pot with different wiring but still works a little. I'd assume the Boss pedal is
about the same but I haven't tested it. Also, I think a Korg expression pedal works.
Sustain Pedal
Normally Open momentary footswitch wired to a 1/4" mono plug.
Battery Pack connections, charging
If you have a MIDI connector on your battery Pack:
Connect the Battery pack to the “Controller Jack on the PB1 Power
Adapter. Plug the charger in to the DC power input on the PB1. The
functions of the LED indicators are described on the back of the charger.
If you have a DC plug on the end of your Battery pack, simply plug the
battery into the charger and turn it on.
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