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teli layout one - Aegis Electronic Group
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Key Features
GIGABIT ETHERNET (IEEE802.ab 1000base-T): The CS6910G conforms
to the AIA GigE Vision™ protocal making it compatible with standard Gigabit
Ethernet hardware, ports and cables. It also enables extremely high-speed,
high-bandwidth image processing plus camera control via a host PC over a
CAT5e cable running up to 300 feet (100m).
HIGH-SPEED COLOR IMAGES: The CS6910G is the first Gigabit camera
to utilize the Super CCD™ Honeycomb Color Sensor resulting in SXGA
(1280 x 960) RGB 24bit color capture at lightning fast speeds up to
30 frames-per-second. Compared to traditional CCDs, the Super CCD™
yields superior color reproduction with higher sensitivity, a wider dynamic
range and an improved signal-to-noise ratio.
FULL FEATURED PERFORMANCE: The CS6910G is ultra-compact for
space-sensitive applications yet offers a comprehensive feature set including
Image Re-Transfer Control (to resend defect packet), Progressive Scan,
Trigger Control, Electronic Shutter, Gamma Correction, Multiple Video
Formats and economical use of standard C-Mount Lenses.
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Image Sensor
1/4 type CCD
(Diagonal: 5.0(H) x 4.53(V) (mm)
Active Cells
648(H) x 486(V) x 2
Scanning System
3.8(H) x 3.8(V) (µm)
Sync System
Aspect Ratio
Standard: 3000 lux F8, 5100K (SXGA Full 1/30s)
Minimum: 30 lux F1.4 (SXGA Full 1/30s)
Gamma=0.45, Gain:+6dB, Video Level: 50%
Electronic Shutter
Random Trigger
Video Out
TRG (Trigger) Control
1/15000 - 8s
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External Input Signal
Pulse Width Mode/Exposure Time
Based on IEEE802.ab (1000Base-T)
Maximum: 1 Gbps
Video Format
SXGA Full (1280 x 960)
SXGA Half (1280 x 960)
VGA Full (640 x 480)
Video Mode
Cable Type
Cable Length
Based on AIA GigE Vision™
30 Frames Per Second
30 Frames Per Second
RGB 24 bit (3 x 8)
Twisted Pair Cable (CAT 5e)
100 meters (300 feet)
32°F - 104° F (20-80% Humidity)
Operation Guaranteed
32°F - 113° F (20-80% Humidity)
Video image capture applications for the CS6910G include highspeed color-based machine vision, Intelligent Traffic Systems,
factory automation, microscopy, robotics, inspection, scientific and
many others.
15 Frames Per Second
Performance Guaranteed
Lens Mount
Typical Applications
55(W) x 55(H) x 63(D) mm
What is the GigE Vision™ Standard
GigE Vision™ is a new camera interface standard developed
using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol. GigE Vision™
is the first standard to allow for fast image transfer using low cost
standard cables over very long lengths. With GigE Vision™, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.
The standard was developed by a group of companies representing every sector of the vision industry. The Automated Imaging
Association (AIA) oversees the ongoing development and administration of the standard.
2.16(W) x 2.16(H) x 2.48(D) inches
200g (7.1 ounches)
GigE Vision offers many benefits including:
• High bandwidth (1000 Mbps) allows large uncompressed
images to be transferred quickly inreal time
• Uncompressed data transfer up to 100 meters (300 ft) in length
• Standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware allows single or multiple
camera connections to a single or multiple computers
• Low cost cables and standard connectors
• Highly scalable to follow the growth of Ethernet bandwidth.
As 10GigE becomes mainstream, GigE Vision will be the
fastest connection in the industry
• Standard hardware, cables allow easy, low-cost integration.
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