Accessories of Wall Mounts
We have developed a whole range of user friendly accessories to be added on as an optional accessory depending on the end use of the
wall mount.
Cooling : Roof mounted fan housing units with exhaust axial type fans of 90 CFM capacity or 19-inch rack mounted fan trays with 2/4
fan capacity to take care of heat pockets at specific locations. These units can be mounted any where all along the height of the
A/c Power : In the form of horizontal 19-inch rack mountable A/c distribution box in 2U height.
19-inch cable manager : Used for routing cables horizontally at the front end of the cabinet. This is an open system of cable
management with the use of metal loops.
Front panel mounting hardware : A set of hardware comprises of cage nut M6, captive screw M6, plastic cup washer provided in a
packet of 20 sets.These are required to mount rack mount equipments onto the cabinet.
Cantilever shelf : Front mounting shelves which bolts onto the 19” panel mounts directly. Available in 1U & 2U heights and 255mm and
400mm depths.
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